Orchestre N’Goss-Brothers – Self Titled
N’Goss production GB88/1001

It seems they are from Gabon and made a name for themselves
in Congo during the eighties. Not much is known about the group.
John Peel played some of their songs early ninetees. Soukous of
quite decent quality though .. Listen and
make up your own mind ..

Ze komen kennelijk uit Gabon en scoorden redelijk in Congo
tijdens de jaren tachtig. Niet veel is bekend over deze groep.
John Peel heeft enkele van hun nummers gedraaid in de vroege
jaren negentig. Aardige soukous die het beluisteren
waard is, kijk zelf eens wat je ervan vindt ..

John Peel Wiki

tracks ;

01 – Okula biri ngossanga
02 – Felicha
03 – Petite manada
04 – La fu ba mono


Orchestre International Akweza de Libreville,african 360.123, 1979

Akweza de Libreville, front

Sparkling guitars on this splendid album from Gabon.
The weekend’s fair in Utrecht brought us some
goodies among which this ultra danceable
slice of black shiny vinyl. I can’t tell you
anything useful about them,
just listen.


1 Oyem 78
2 Gamba ntce yami
3 Diane ley
4 Emeno n’isindina
5 Boutsiane


Orchestre “Afro Succès”direction Hilarion Nguema -Collection Afro-Rétro vol.1,Sonafric 55101, 1978

Orchestre Afro Succes, front

First time we have us some music from Gabon. From
it’s capital Libreville. It’s the sound of Hilarion Nguema
and his Orchestre ‘Afro Succès’. Rumba based West
African chillin’ groove and something different for your
saturday night. The album looks mint but b-side sounds
quite unclear at moments, older recordings, it’s sad.
more info, check.


1 Espoir
2 Libreville
3 Je demande divorce
4 Décision approuvée
5 Ce n’est pas difficile
6 Tawole messam
7 Makokou
8 J’ai dormi la porte ouverte