Kakaiku’s Guitar Band – Adadam Paa Nie vol. 3
Obiara Meto Bi !!
Ambassador ARML 20 B / Executive LPEX 007



Een van de dingen die het maken van een blog als de GG boeiend
houdt, is de diversiteit ervan. Sommige blogs specialiseren zich in
een bepaalde muzieksoort, ik vind het juist fijn zo eclectisch mogelijk
te blijven. Hierdoor gebeurt het wel eens dat een bepaald genre even
niet aan bod komt. Door het commentaar van Martin werd ik er gisteren
weer aan herinnerd dat het tijd is voor een Ghanese post. Van Kakaiku’s
Guitar Band hadden we reeds volume 1 en 2 dus is het vandaag de beurt
aan ‘Adadam Paa Nie vol. 3’. Hij kraakt wel een beetje hoor maar dat moet
je met dit soort platen voor lief nemen. Ondanks dat veel luister plezier..

One of the things that make maintaining a blog like the GG fascinating is
its diversity. Some blogs specialize in posting one type of music only, I
especially like to keep this page as eclectic as possible. Variety is the fruit..
well you know. This sometimes results in the fact I forget or neglect a
certain genre for some time. Through Martin’s comment yesterday I
remembered it is time for a Ghanaian post. From Kakaiku’s Guitar Band
we already had volumes 1 and 2 and so today we have ‘Adadam Paa Nie
vol. 3’. It does have quite some background noise but hey, we’ll have to
take that with records like this. Listen to it with pleasure anyway..

tracks ;

01 – Obiara meto bi
02 – Dora mene wo beka ntam
03 – Kofi sammy
04 – Meni sika nti menko wu
05 – Ade ahia me
06 – Ma ebeye biara wobeka wo ho asem
07 – Onuado
08 – Medi de na ma wu
09 – Ebinom wonni aye
10 – Afekubo


Youssou N’Dour et le
Super Etoile de Dakar – Daby Volume no.7
A la Mémoire de Marc Samb
“Hommage à Marco”



I didn’t use it for years but after re-installing the old tape-deck
to record Musica Angola, I dived into the archives for some old
tapes. Here’s another one I found back. A tribute to Marco, or
Marc Samb, the trumpeteer who found his untimely death in
an accident. The Super Etoile sounds wonderful on this 1983
release. Great vocals and instrumentation..

Na jaren in de kast te hebben gestaan heb ik deze week m’n
oude tape-deck weer eens geïnstalleerd om die Musica Angola
tape te kunnen digitaliseren. Nu vond ik nog wat oude tapes
waaronder deze. Een ode aan de in een ongeluk gestorven
trompettist Marco, ofwel Marc Samb. De Super Etoile klinkt
geweldig op deze uitgave uit 1983. Pracht vokalen etc..

tracks ;

01 – Daby
02 – Sing
03 – Mouridoulaye
04 – Deugue la vérité
05 – Wally ndiaye
06 – Adouna


l’Ensemble Abricot – A la Bananeraie
Disques Célini 1968



Do you know that great Soundway Records collector named ‘Tumbélé’?
It is on there I first heard l’Ensemble Abricot with ‘Chonga’, a marvelous
guaguanco from Martinique. This week I stumbled upon this record
on which we find ‘Chonga’ and a bunch of other latin songs by this
wonderful band. From Martinique’s 1968, not to be missed..

Ken je die geweldige compilatie cd op Soundway Records genaamd
‘Tumbélé’? Het was op die cd dat ik voor het eerst kennis maakte met
‘Chonga’, een heerlijke guaguanco van l’Ensemble Abricot uit Martinique.
Deze week botste ik op deze elpee waar die track vanaf komt. De plaat
bevat nog een aantal prachtige latin songs van deze fijne band.
Uit Martinique’s 1968, een album om niet te missen..

01 – Chonga
02 – Pliche ti nin
03 – Sandra
04 – Cuando sali de cuba
05 – Bienvenue
06 – El boogaloo esta en algo
07 – Baila guaguanco
08 – Conver vergencia
09 – Se quedo boogaloo
10 – El rey
11 – Festaval compas


Emile Trébeau, son Accordéon et son Ensemble
Sous le Ciel des Antilles
Hit Parade HPR 44


Over het algemeen zijn we hier bij de Global Groove vooral
aanhangers van het lied. Instumentale platen maken toch
minder kans geplaatst te worden. Een enkele keer mag
hierop echter een uitzondering worden gemaakt. Als het
een plaatje als deze betreft waarop de accordeon de rol
van de vocalist heeft overgenomen bijvoorbeeld.
Deze plaat is nog als gloedje nieuw..

In general here at the Global groove we are supporters of
the song. Instrumental records make a significent smaller
chance of being posted. A single time however an exception
is made. If it concerns an album on which the acordeon took
over the place of the vocals for instance.
this record is in mint condition..

tracks :

01 – Appolo
02 – Dansez le mazouk
03 – A l’ombre des palmiers
04 – Quand même
05 – La vie à raid
06 – La vie à chè
07 – Sois patiente
08 – A mauvais vent
09 – La pli ka tombé
10 – Biguine du folklore guadeloupéen


Dona Ivone Lara

Sorriso de Criança, EMI / Odeon 1979

Sorriso Negro, Atlantic 1981



She was born april 13, 1921. Dona Ivone Lara da Costa
had some health problems and went to the Rio de Janeiro
hospital on her 97th birthday this year. Three days later
she passed away. Rest in peace Dona Ivone. She wrote a
couple of samba hits during her life, Acreditar, Sonho Meu,
Alguém me Avisou and Tiê were the most famous ones.

Ze werd geboren op 13 april 1921. Dona Ivone Lara da Costa
had al geruime tijd last van bloedarmoede. Op haar 97ste
verjaardag kreeg ze toenemende hart en ademhalingsklachten.
Ze werd opgenomen in het ziekenhuis in Rio de Janeiro en overleed
drie dagen later. Rust in vrede Dona Ivone. Ze schreef enkele grote
samba hits waaronder Acreditar, Sonho Meu, Alguém me Avisou
en Tiê. Samba minnend Brazilië zal haar nooit vergeten..

tracks Sorriso de Criança ;

01 – Sorriso de Criança
02 – Cantei só pra distrair
03 – Adeus a solidão
04 – O meu amor tem preço
05 – Quisera
06 – São paulo, chapadão de glória
07 – Sonho meu, Liberdade, Acreditar, Tiê, Andei para curimá
08 – Amar como eu amei
09 – Confesso
10 – Por querer liberdade
11 – Muro das lamentações



tracks Sorriso negro ;

01 – A sereia guiomar
02 – De braços com a felicidade
03 – Alguém me avisou
04 – Unhas
05 – Me deixa ficar
06 – Nunca mais
07 – Sorriso negro
08 – Adeus de um poeta
09 – Os cinco bailes da historia do rio
10 – Meu fim de carnaval não foi ruim
11 – Tendencia
12 – Axé de ianga


Jackie Mittoo – Macka fat
Studio One 1971



Vorig jaar oktober plaatste ik deze van de grote Jackie Mittoo.
Op de een of andere manier is het tiende nummer, “Division
One” ergens verdwenen. Nu dus nog eens en dan wel compleet.
Scraps was zo goed mij hierop te wijzen, dank daarvoor..

Last october I posted Macka Fat from the great Jackie Mittoo.
Unfortunately somehow one track got lost, it was the tenth
called “Division One”. So one more time and now complete.
Thank you Scraps for pointing me on this mistake..

tracks ;

01 – Henrey the great
02 – Good feeling
03 – Macka fat
04 – Lazy bones
05 – Fancy pants
06 – Something else
07 – Happy people
08 – Purple heart
09 – Whoa whoa
10 – Division one
11 – Ghetto organ
12 – Dad is home


el Gran Angelo y su Conjunto Modelo
Juan Pachanga, Laslos Records 1985



We had us one of his records in october 2008 already. Almost
nine years ago, it was a fine record which didn’t get the right
attention then. Today we have another one by Angelo y su
Conjunto modelo, nice son montuno from Cuban origin.
I don’t know about you but I really love it..

We hadden reeds in oktober van 2008 een van zijn platen.
Op de kop af negen jaar geleden alweer, het was en topper
die onterecht weinig respons opleverde. Vandaag nog zo’n
Cubaans hoogstandje van Angelo en zijn Conjunto Modelo.
Lekkere son montuno, ik hou ervan, en jij ..?

tracks ;

01 – A bailar montuno
02 – Cantando mi son me muero
03 – Francisco guayabal
04 – Congri con chicharron
05 – Monte adentro
06 – Aprendi soñando
07 – Soy campesino
08 – Ya llego fantomas


Cumbias, Cumbias, Cumbias
Various Artists, Discos Fuentes 1995

Cumbias, cumbias, cumbias, front

I received requests for more cumbias with acordeon, let’s see..
In 1995 Discos Fuentes took a dive in their vaults and came out
with this collection of cumbias. They did a good job polishing
the sound of the old songs, they are as good as new again and
sound as if they were recorded only yesterday. 16 very strong
numbers of which I’m sure you’re gonna play them very much.
Do not miss, get and spread straight away..


01 – Los Corraleros de Majagual – Cumbia saramuya (Eliseo Herrera)
02 – Los Cumbiamberos de Pacheco – Al amanecer (Alberto Pacheco)
03 – Combo Sampuesano – Cumbia monteriana (Miguel Duran)
04 – Los Gavilanes de la Costa – Los gavilanes (Eusebio Campillo)
05 – Carlos Roman y su Conjunto – Cumbia negra (Ramon Ropain)
06 – Abel Antonio Villa y su Conjunto – Remolino de oro
07 – Nafer Duran y su Conjunto – A orillas del magdalena
08 – Combo Sampuesano – La bacana (Marciano Torres)
09 – Andrés Landero y su Conjunto – Cumbia en la india
10 – Los Gavilanes de la Costa – Lorenza (José Castro)
11 – Morgan Blanco y su Conjunto – Cumbia de colombia (Ednodio Mena)
12 – Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto – El aguacero
13 – Los Corraleros de Majagual – Cumbiamberita (Ignacio Paredes)
14 – Los Guacharacos – Baila rosita (Emilio Oviedo)
15 – Lucho Campillo y su Conjunto – Me dejaste solo
16 – Julio de la Ossa y su Conjunto – Cumbia candela


Rodriguez – Cold Fact
Sussex 1974

Rodriguez, front

It seems the story of Rodriguez is made a little bigger
than it actually was in the movie “Searching for Sugar Man”.
Still, it’s a wonderful thing to watch and the album ‘Sugar Man’
is one you really should hear, enjoy listening,
..and watching..


01 – Sugar man
02 – Only good for conversation
03 – Crucify your mind
04 – This is not a song, it’s an outburst:
or The establishment blues
05 – Hate street dialogue
06 – Forget it
07 – Inner city blues
08 – I wonder
09 – Jane s. piddy
10 – Gomorrah (a nursery rhyme)
11 – Rich folks hoax
12 – Like janis


Okukuseku International Band of Ghana
Vol. 3, Muomaife Records 1978

Okukuseku, front


A very popular highlife group in our little music community
is without doubt this one. Sammy Kofi and his Okukuseku
International Band of Ghana worked from Lagos Nigeria.
It’s on Muomaife Records and from 1978. Recorded in a
christian radio studio I do not wish to know what the
lyrics mean. I do know I like it very much musically.
Great rhythms, Sammy Kofi’s wonderful voice,
more sweet highlife, don’t miss..
Track #3 has two small pops,
I’m sorry about that.


01 – Bz mi dua nie sae
02 – Abua zni dua nyane na pra no tio
03 – Sanka me wo adekye bi sen obia
04 – Mede meho aba munye mami


Muchachas Borrachas, August 23

Muchachas Borrachas

If you are in Amsterdam or somewhere nearby on saturday
august 23, come and check us at Muchachas Borrachas.
A night with South American films and music in Rialto.
I’ll be playing sweet tropical sounds with dj’s Moshe
and Lexus, hope you’ll find the opportunity..

Eternel Docteur Nico & Orchestre African Fiesta – Merveilles du Passé 1967, African 360.159, 1986

Docteur Nico, front

One of Africa’s greatest solists of all time was without doubt
Docteur Nico Kasanda. His work was one of great sensibility,
undeniable grandeur and unmatched beauty. It is a shame
his music was kept in the dark for whole populations of the
western world for ages. It is only since the birth of the digital
highway this unique material from Africa’s past gets spread
world wide and slowly more people start listening tot this rich
piece of cultural inheritance. Please help to reanimate almost
forgotten treasures like this. Download it and play it for your
parents, your brothers and sisters, your
children and your friends.


1 Bougie ya motema
2 Runeme mama
3 Yaka toya mbana
4 Tour d’afrique
5 Chantal
6 Yo soy tu dolor
7 Sule
8 Para bailar
9 Pauline
10 Saouda
11 Impercoque
12 Mwa kasanda
13 Pokwa paris


Bopol Mansiamina – Ça c’est quoi ? Shakara Music

Bopol, front

Hello world, it is saturday morning this 9th of march,
spring is not there yet and that shows. Rain, rain and
more rain is pouring from the sky. Winter took far too
long to pass this year and we’re all glad temperatures
are rising slowly, we’re not there yet but it gets better.
The best we can do is take an advance on summer by
listening to some warm soukous for instance. Bopol
Mansiamina is the man I have in mind and he’s back
with this album on which we find some of the finest
artists. On guitars next to Bopol himself we’ve got
Lokassa ya M’bongo and Dally Kimoko. On bass
it’s Bopol once more and he’s also taking care of
vocals with Wuta May, Ballou and Jean Papy.
Denis Hekimian on drums, nothing can go
wrong here. In the mean time we’re
making good progress with the
new and improved GG..
Hang in there a
bit more..


1 Ça c’est quoi ?
2 Mu karame
3 Makwandungu
4 Patience
5 Maizo