Afro Cuban All Stars – A Toda Cuba le Gusta
World Circuit 1997



01 – Amor verdadero
02 – Alto songo
03 – Habana del este
04 – A toda cuba le gusta
05 – Fiesta de la rumba
06 – Los sito’ asere
07 – Pio mentiroso
08 – Maria caracoles
09 – Clasiqueando con rúben
10 – Elube changó


Les léopards de St. Pierre
Meilleur Ensemble Martiniquais 1970
Parade 1970


Isn’t this fun ? Tumbèlé, mazurka, bolero, guaguanco, merengue,
biguine, compas and calypso by Les Léopards de St. Pierre, Martinique.
Third entry by this hot group and hopefully not the last. On Nouveautés
Disques, Hit parade from 1970. Get it & spread it..

Kijk, dat gaat lekker los, Tumbèlé, mazurka, guaguanco, merengue,
biguine, compas and calypso gespeeld door deze ene super groep.
Les Léopards de St. Pierre, Martinique. Dit is de derde schijf die we
van ze hebben en als het meezit niet de laatste. Op Nouveautés
Disques, Hit Parade uit 1970, verdorie wat een fijne plaat..

tracks ;

01 – Intro
02 – Coza ï na
03 – Mazouk Léopards
04 – Jaloux
05 – Si tu lo tiene
06 – Dansez an bel merengue
07 – Helena
08 – Appiyé
09 – Petite fille
10 – nector pati
11 – Didi


Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto – Dundunbanza

Arsenio Rodriguez, voorkant

titels ;

01 – Dundunbanza
02 – No me llores mas
03 – Tengo que olvidarte
04 – Llévatelo todo
05 – Vuelvo a la vida
06 – Pueblo nuevo se paso
07 – El tabernero
08 – No puedo comer vistagacha
09 – Me siento muy solo
10 – Ta benito eh
11 – Sou tu destino
12 – Los sitios hacere
13 – Mi convicción
14 – Deuda
15 – El rumbón de luyano
16 – En su partir
17 – Guaraguí
18 – Pobre mi cuba
19 – Con amor se borra otro amor


Monguito el No. 1 – Yo No Soy Mentiroso
SAR 1979

Monguito, voorkant

Hier hebben we nog zo’n pracht plaat op SAR en geproduceerd
door Roberto Torres. Monguito ‘el Unico’ is een van de mannen
die er vanaf het begin bij waren. Toen de son montuno net was
uitgevonden door de grote Arsenio Rodriguez was Monguito al
op zijn album ‘Primitivo’ te horen. Één van de meest gedownloade
elpees op deze pagina overigens. Arsenio heeft helaas niet meer
kunnen meemaken hoe groot zijn creatie later nog zou worden.
De grote meester overleed eind 1970. Monguito maakte nog
vele platen, luister naar ‘Yo No Soy Mentiroso’.
Ik lieg het niet..

Today we’ve got us another wonderful album on SAR and produced
by Roberto Torres. Monguito ‘el Unico’ is one of the guys who were
there from the very beginning . When the great Arsenio Rodriguez
had just invented ‘Son Montuno’, Monguito was already there and
participated on ‘Primitivo’, one of the most downloaded albums at
this page by the way. Arsenio didn’t live to know how big his sound
became in a later stage unfortunately, he died in 1970. Monguito
made a bunch of records later, listen to ‘Yo No Soy mentiroso’.
I’m not lying..

titels ;

01 – Mi son, mi son
02 – Punteame bien el tres
03 – Guaguanco sabroso
04 – Yo no soy mentiroso
05 – Un pedacito
06 – Este rumbon


Michi Sarmiento y su Combo Bravo
Salsa Picante ! , Discos Fuentes

Michi Sarmiento, voorkant

Michi Sarmiento’s platen zijn zeer lastig te vinden, zelfs in Colombia.
Gelukkig hebben wij onze trouwe vriend Sanjay die met zekere
regelmaat die kant opgaat om deze op te sporen. Hier hebben we
zo’n elpeetje. Het bevat diverse stijlen binnen de salsa, porro-salsa,
bomba, guaracha, mongolo, guaguancó, paseaíto en boogaloo.

Michi Sarmiento’s records are hard to come by, even in Colombia.
We are lucky to have our loyal blog-friend Sanjay who travels there
frequently to hunt down these treasures. The album we have here
today contains a variety of salsa styles, porro-salsa, bomba, guaracha,
mongolo, guaguancó, paseaíto and boogaloo, enjoy listening..

titels ;

01 – Caleñita
02 – Mi querida bomba
03 – El negro simón
04 – El pueblo soplaviento
05 – Mosaico – amparo arrebato
– la batea
– che che cole
06 – El pescador feliz


Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro –
Clásicos del Son vol. 1, Areito 1987

Septeto Nacional, front

Areito label 1987

My buddy René went to Cuba with his daughter, they
travelled around for two weeks and came home with
some real nice lp’s. Take this one by Septeto Nacional
de Ignacio Pi؜ñeiro, I fell for it straight away. What a
stunning record, the son is just breathtaking. I don’t
know about you, better get it and listen instantly,
once you’ve heard it there’s no turning back.
Thank you so very much René,
you’re the best..


01 – Compay gallo
02 – Palomo
03 – Soy de matanzas
04 – El son hay que llevarlo en el corazon
05 – Tudo en conjunto
06 – Las cuatro palomas
07 – ¿Por que me guardas rencor?
08 – La mujer de antonio
09 – El viandero
10 – Consulate como yo
11 – Solamente una vez
12 – Noche de conga ( tu maningo )


Michi Sarmiento y su Combo Bravo –
Cum Cumbele, Discos Fuentes 300608

Michi Sarmiento, front

Goodmorning groovers, what have we got cooking for you today ?
Michi Sarmiento and his Combo Bravo are here to make you
dance around the room. On this album they combine various
styles. Guaguancó, Paseo, Son Mozambique, Cumbia, Bomba,
Cumbelé, Descarga and Paseaíto are brought easily by this
great band. I am crazy about the song ‘Hong Kong’, but the
whole lp is a joy to listen to. A little scratchy but
not too much. Get it and spread it as usual.


1 Arepa de arroz
2 Corazon herido
3 Navidad con michi
4 Cumbia raja
5 Mi bomba
6 Cum cumbele
7 Hay que aprender
8 Hong kong
9 El arroyo de macuya
10 Dejame vivir


Arsenio Rodríguez – Primitivo

Arsenio Rodríguez, front

One of the key figures in latin music was this great man.
Arsenio Rodríguez is considered father of the modern afro-cuban
sound. His musical roots lay in the Congolese rituals of his
family, instilled in him by his grandfather who was a slave,
and it is said that he brought many of the toques used to
adress deities into son. He was a predigious composer –
his sones remain dominant in the repertoire – and his group,
which he expanded with first congas and later an extra trumpet,
more percussion and piano, became the most influential of the
1940’s. Rodríguez also changed the structure of son, expanding
the montuno with a descarga section of improvised solos.
Arsenio Rodríguez ( 1911 – 1970 ) was blind from age eight,
he was kicked by a horse. He was a superb tres player and one
of Cuba’s all time great bandleaders and son composers. Arsenio
grew up in a ‘solar’, a small neighbourhood community. It was his
custom to play the guitar, his neighbours would join in both
vocally and instrumentally, using sticks, pieces of chairs, boxes
or anything they could find to create a musical sound. On such
a night, someone used a cowbell as their contribution to this
primitive music and it was from this that the cowbell evolved as
part of the instrumentation of today’s Latin-American rhythm
sections. ( Rough Guide and backsleeve )
Congolese composer Grand Kalle was called the father of rumba,
he became inspired by Cuban artists like Arsenio Rodríguez, so now
we can see the circle close, afro-cuban getting round and round.
tracks like Independence cha cha and Africa Boogaloo are typical
examples, from Congo to Cuba and back,
music works miracles don’t you think..
listen to Arsenio Rodríguez,
( do we hear Monguito
there ? )


1 La pasion
2 Me engañastes juana
3 Lo que dice justi
4 Rumba guajira
5 Coplas de españa
6 Que mala suerte
7 Fiesta en el solar
8 Me equivoque contigo
9 A gozar mujeres
10 No lo niegues
11 El lema del guaguancó
12 Guaguancó de puerta tierra


Eddie Palmieri y su Conjunto ‘la Perfecta’El Molestoso, Alegre Records 1963

Eddie Palmieri, front

This is the second lp by latin pianist Eddie Palmieri and his group
‘La Perfecta’. They were the originators of a sound called ‘trombanga’,
introducing two trombones and a flute instead of trumpets. This contributed
a lot to their early sixties succes in the New York latin scene. Later it was
also used by artists such as Willie Colon and Manny Oquendo among others.
The vocals on this 1963 album are taken care of by Ismael Quintana. Enjoy..


1   El molestoso
2   Asi es la humanidad
3   Lazaro y su microfono
4   Contento estoy
5   Sabroso guaguanco
6   Yo sin ti
7   Co un amor se borra otro amor
8   En cadenas
9   La gioconda
10  No critiques


Conjunto Chappotín – Perlas del Son,Areito

Conjunto Chappotín, front

Conjunto Chappottín and his Stars was founded in 1950: African
Cuban tres-guitarist, composer and bandleader, Arsenio Rodriguez,
known as el Ciego Maravilloso, or the Marvelous Blind One, had settled
in New York to recover his vision. He decided from there that his All Stars
band, which he left in Cuba during his 1948 move to New York, should be
transferred into the professional care of his first trumpetist, Felix Chappottín.
From that moment, the original Arsenio Rodriguez All Stars band was
transformed into Conjunto Chappottín y sus Estrellas. The group was Led by
Felix Chappottín with Luis (Lili) Martinez Grinan as the arranger and Miguelito
Cuni the lead singer. Under the leadership of Felix Chappottín, only to be
compared with Louis Satchmo Armstrong, the band rose to international
fame, moving and amusing dancers in different parts of the world.
( info from AfroCubaWeb )

I bought this lp from a friend who used to collect Cuban music with passion.
One day when he was in need of money, he sold me his entire collection
with the idea to buy it back some other time. Unfortunately Dirk has left
this world a couple of years ago. I am taking care of the music, keeping it
together and sharing some of it with you, like today. Hope U like.

I found that the same lp was also released with
a different cover, as shown in small picture,
don’t know which one was the original.


1   Romance fatal
2   Que se fuñan
3   Cienfuegos tiene mi guaguanco
4   Canto al monte
5   Yo si como candela
6   Nosotros los amalianos
7   Jala la pata
8   Pa bachatear
9   Y del vedado que
10  Yo soy tiburon
11  Los jovenes de la defensa
12  A bailar con la guajira


Carlos Embales – Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro,Siboney / Egrem 1990

Carlos Embales, front, cd size

Most of time, Bolero is too sweet for my ears but Carlos Embales
brings it with some little rough edges that make it exactly right.
Embales is famous for his rumba but for this occasion he treats us
with Bolero, Guaguancó, Pregón and Son, his beats are imbeatable.


1 Me duele el corazon
2 El final no Llegara
3 Mayeya o no jueges con los santos
4 Sola y triste
5 La vida es una semana
6 Coco may may
7 Imperdonable
8 Cardenas
9 Llego el dulcerito
10 Crei que era mia
11 Llora como llore
12 Tu, mi Afinidad


Carlos Embale, Egrem / Areito

Carlos Embale, front

Rumba is pure Afro-Cuban music for only voices and percussion.
It began with harber workers singing and dancing in their spare
time in the docks of Havana and Matanzas, playing rhythms on
cargo boxes. It comes in three styles, Guaguancó, Yambú and
Columbia. Carlos Embale is one of the main performers of the
guaguancó style, enjoy this rare LP.


1 Timbalaye
2 Mañana te espero, niña
3 Donde estabas anoche
4 El mulato rumbero
5 Oh! Humanidad
6 Llora como llore
7 Tonache
8 Chambeleque
9 Genial compositor
10 Gongorongon


Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto vol. 2,Ansonia

Arsenio Rodriguez, front, cd size

What have I picked for you today ?
This is truly a fantastic album. Arsenio Rodriguez is back
at Global Groove with volume 2, I don’t know the year on both volumes,
if you do ? Let us know please. The cover picture, clearly made in a
studio is quite hilarious. The sound however is superb.
One of the best Cuban LP’s I’ve ever heard !


1 Necesito una mujer cocinera
2 Quien soy
3 Papa Upa
4 Maldita droga
5 Jugando al siló
6 Cuba llora
7 Sueltala
8 Lo que le pasó a Luisita
9 La realidad
10 Quiero mucho a mi suegra
11 No he visto a caridad
12 Adios Carmelina


Arsenio Rodriguez ysu Conjunto, Ansonia

Time for some Cuban music. One of Cuba’s most famous bringers
of Afro-Cuban, is Arsenio Rodriguez, his songs are still being
played today. Arsenio lost his sight at the age of seven, but his skills,
playing the ‘Trés’ stand firm. Singers on this album are; ‘Raffi Martinez’,
‘Israel Castro’, ‘Candido Antommattei’ and ‘Chewi Rivera’.


1 El reloj de pastora
2 No importa la distancia
3 Comprendo que sufres
4 Yambú en serenata
5 Linda Cubana
6 Hachero pa’un palo
7 El divorcio
8 Frutas del Caney
9 Santa Cecilia
10 Sabor de pachanga
11 Errante y bohemio
12 Pucho Marquez