Oko’s No.2 Guitar Band – Self Titled
Ambassador AML 001

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For the lovers of Ghanaian highlife we have this album
with Charles Oko-Agyeman. It is on Ambassador, no year
of release is noted. This is the first time we see Charles
Oko-Agyeman. If you want to know more, just click on
the history picture. Enjoy listening ..
btw, track #2 is a version of ‘the Peanut Vendor’.


01 – Ebeye yie
02 – Owuo aye me bi
03 – Mete ho yi
04 – Mfomso mpa
05 – Kae dabi
06 – Afriyie siaw
07 – Daben na onipa benya ahoto
08 – Owuo gegya hwan
09 – Pa bone kye
10 – Obi nkyen ye tena na
11 – Akoko asense
12 – Aboa atetea


Chief I.I. Ayeni – Ebako Alie
Iruobe Records 1985

Good morning, “What Chief I.I. Ayeni is trying to do is take
that basic African thing, twist it, refine it and change it into
something new. A traditional musician from Ora in Bendel
State, he composes and arranges all the material for his
albums. Whilst Chief Ayeni may feel his music is changing
only ‘step by step, bit by bit’ the contrast between his 1st
two albums is remarkable. The first traditional sound
musician in Afenmai in Bendel State. This new one
‘Ebako Alie’ is something else again, harder, hotter,
funkier, altogether more aggressive and very
personal blend of many West African styles,
with an added nod in the direction
of Africanism. ” (liner notes)

We are very lucky to have this rare Etsakor highlife album.
First, it is super rare and hard to find, Discogs doesn’t know
it as far as I could find. Second, yesterday I was on Utrecht’s
Mega Record and CD fair. For the first time after two years of
canceled fairs we were finally allowed to dig some crates again.
It was build up day for the traders and today the whole thing
is canceled due to Covid numbers again. A very sad day for all
traders and visitors. Everything ready to go and then a no go.
It feels unfair that I came home with a bag full of records,
one way or the other, let us listen with extra pleasure ..

We hebben enorm veel mazzel dat we deze zeldzame Etsakor highlife
plaat vandaag hebben. Ten 1e, hij is echt heel zeldzaam en zelfs
Discogs kent hem niet. 2e ding is, gisteren was ik op de opbouwdag
van de Platen en cd beurs in Utrecht. Voor het eerst in twee jaar
mochten we weer eens lekker ‘crate diggen’. ‘s Avonds nog besloot
de organisatie de beurs alsnog af te blazen wegens de hoog oplopende
Covid cijfers. Een heel trieste dag voor alle platendealers en bezoekers.
Alles klaar om te gaan en dan alsnog gecanceled. Het voelt oneerlijk
dat ik met een tas vol platen thuis kwam, maar ja, hoe dan ook,
laten we maar met extra veel plezier luisteren dan ..

Record Fair Canceled !


Ohua-Nugbese 1981

01 – Imi eken reuvba emi
—- Ikeke bogbi ‘keke evie
02 – Alake lovbi ozalla/Ebako alie


Aibor Bello and his Aloagbaye – Vol. 7
Ijebor Records 1979

When looking at our most scratchy and dusty records, we
can’t go around the Etsakor section. Many of these Nigerian
records have led an intense life in which they were played so
much it has left its traces. This is the second album we have with
Aibor Bello and his Aloagbaye. In fact it is not that scratchy.
Rare Etsakor stuff, listen ..

Als we dan toch kijken naar krakerige platen kunnen we niet
heen om de afdeling Etsakor Highlife. Veel van deze Nigeriaanse
platen hebben een intens bestaan gehad waarin ze veel gedraaid
zijn en dat heeft z’n sporen nagelaten. Dit is de tweede elpee
die we hebben met Aibor Bello en zijn Aloagbaye. Eigenlijk
is ie nog zo slecht niet, luister ..


Vol. 5 1977

01 – Oku nagbode osimile remeraye
—- Late pa bello iwafiabo, the dad of aibor bello
02 – Osime khaigbagbeme


C.K. Mann, Kofi Yankson & the Masters
Abotar Mu A
Essiebons 1981

Next in row in this dusty old record show we’ve got this
1981 album with C.K. Mann and Kofi Yankson & the Masters.
Not only the vinyl is dusty, the sleeve of this record is also
quite worn out. Music wise however it is still worth at
least a couple of spins. Imagine listening by the fireside.
Terrible quality …

De volgende plaat in deze stoffige oude serie is dit album
uit 1981 met C.K. Mann, Kofi Yankson & the Masters. Niet
alleen het vinyl, maar ook de hoes is tamelijk uitgewoond.
Muzikaal gezien daarentegen is hij het zeker waard enkele
malen beluisterd te worden. Stel je gewoon een
haardvuurtje voor waarbij je luistert.
Kraakt als de nete ..

01 – Abonsam enyi ato
02 – Asem todo ye yaw
03 – Bokoo (instrumental)
04 – Biribiara wo ne mber
05 – Maame ne wu yi
06 – Mboa fi nyame ho
07 – Egya wo pe nye ho
08 – Chechekule


Akaba-Man and the Nigie Rockets
Akaba ’80’ Special
Son of Man Records 1980 ?

Good morning, this week we’ll treat you with some dusty old
records. Let’s start with this obscure funky Edo highlife album.
Akaba-Man and the Nigie Rockets are the ones to set the ball
rolling. According to the back sleeve it contains only two tracks,
‘Akaba-80 part 1′ and Akaba-80 part 2’, in fact part 1 already
has two separate songs and part 2 as well. Being some 40 years
of age the album sounds quite dusty indeed and at the end of
side one the needle keeps hanging in a certain groove. ( I don’t
know how you say this) One way or the other, quite enjoyable
record from Edo Nigeria’s early eighties ..

Goeie morgen, deze week gaan we eens een stel oude stoffige
platen uit de kast halen. Laten we beginnen met deze obscure
funky Edo highlife plaat. Akaba-Man and the Nigie Rockets
mogen het spits afbijten. Volgens de achterkant van de elpee
betaat hij uit twee nummers, ‘Akaba-80 part 1′ en Akaba-80
part 2’, maar feitelijk bestaan beide kanten uit twee nummers.
De plaat is zo’n 40 jaar oud en klinkt dan ook tamelijk stoffig en
aan het eind van kant 1 blijft ie ook nog even hangen. Hoe dan
ook, behoorlijk vermakelijk werk uit Nigeria’s vroege 80’s ..

01 – Akaba-80 part 1, a
02 – Akaba-80 part 1, b
03 – Akaba-80 part 2, a
04 – Akaba-80 part 2, b


Mike Ejeagha & his Premiers Dance Band
Onye Ndidi, Philips 1975

Life at oldage is quite enjoyable.
His numerous fans call him gentleman. But his name is
Mike Ejeagha. He is a folklore musician known for his
story telling prowess, using music. Infact, it is a slang
among the Igbos to say Akuko n’egwu Mike Ejeagha
to a story teller. His musical career started 56 years
ago as he watched two guitar players around his
compound at the coal camp Enugu in addition to
paying attention to anything musical.
As he learnt the guitar,
he was also playing read more

Mike Ejeagha, Nigerian story teller, made a big pile of records.
Until now we had some from the eighties, but today we go back
as far as 1975. he had his first successes in the sixties, hopefully
we’ll find those some fine day. Gentleman Mike Ejeagha was the
mentor of Celestine Ukwu, wonderful Igbo Highlife ..


Jaa’m Mma Na Ndu 1983
Ugo Mma 1982
Akuku Negwu vol. 3 1985
Onye Mkpesa 1987
Akuku N’egwu Original vol. 2 1984
Akuku N’egwu Original vol/ 1 1983
Celestine Ukwu posts

01 – Onye ndidi n’eli azu ukpo-o
02 – Suzzana merringue
03 – Ikpechakwa-a kam-kpe-e
04 – Welu nwayo sobe ihe uwa-a
05 – Agbata obi onye bu nwanne ya
06 – Nwa bu onyinye chukwu


Sir Waziri Oshomah & his Oyoyo Sound International
Conscience – Oyoyo Series IV
Supremedisk 1993

When most people think about the music of Nigeria, the first thing that
comes to mind is probably afrobeat, the darkly funky African jazz stew
popularized by bandleader Fela Kuti, himself a Yoruba from the southwestern
region of the country. Or perhaps they might mention other Yoruba musicians
such as King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey, the twin pillars of the southwestern
juju style. Maybe their thoughts would glide more towards the eastern extreme
of the country, where Igbo highlife stars such as Stephen Osita Osadebe, read more ..


All Titles

01 – Emamie agbo
02 – Osigwe maha
03 – Conscience (udu)
04 – Oyoyo raggae (sweet banana)


C.K. Mann & his Carousel 7
With Love From C.K. Mann
Essiebons 1975

I found my copy only with a standard Essiebons sleeve.
The original frontsleeve here was taken from Discogs.
Unfortunately we have no back sleeve today.
It is from 1975 and displays some sweet highlife
songs and medleys. We had another four of his
albums which you may find below . Enjoy this
1975 album with C.K. Mann & his Carousel 7 ..


Womma Yengor 1979
Funky Highlife 1975
Party Time with Ceekay 1973
with Kofi Yankson, together ! 1977

01 – Medley:
—- Medze makoma ma wo
—-Modo wo
—- Menye wo beye medze
—- Araba lucy
02 – Agyenkwa
03 – Nde maye nyimpa bon
04 – Tsew wenyim
05 – Mandzi nkombo bio
06 – Medley:
—- Meko beebi
—-Asodzi da modo
—- Tsie masufre
—- Mansuro
—- Obra akwantu
—- Sansa aboa


African Brothers Band International of Ghana
Odo Paa Nie
Aduana / Ambassador 1973

This is the last album I have with the African Brothers
that wasn’t posted here yet. I saved one of the finest
for last for you to cherish and enjoy ..

“Nana Kwame Ampadu I and his ‘Peoples’ African Brothers
Band International of Ghana were performing side by side
with an Afro Rock Group, in London at the spacious Mecca
Ball Room Hall during their UK tour in the later part of 1973.
The hall was packed tight. The dance was captioned “Ghana
meet U.K.” After the dance which lasted six groovy hours, a
top Disc Jockey from B.B.C. African Service walked to the
virtuoso musician, Nana Kwame Ampadu I.
“Youngman”, he said, “I am really impressed by your artistic
performance. It was a real kick. Congratulations. What about
featuring on my program?” He demanded. “It’s alright
and thanks a lot Mister”. Nana Ampadu said cheerfully. “By
the way, why do you choose to play almost all the popular
and space-age tempos?” The Disc Jockey asked. “Brother,
you know what, our audience are greedy sort of people.
They are never satisfied until you have sucked to them all
what they want. In Ghana, you cannot just walk to a dance
hall and play one tempo and go away. You will receive spanks
from the angry fans. We always have to satisfy all”.
Nana Ampadu explained. Nana Ampadu’s explanation was
manifested in this album “odo Paa Nie”. This album is a
mixture of popular and space-age tempos and melodies
especially selected to satisfy the
greedy audience. (liner notes)

All African Brothers titles

01 – Hwe nna
02 – Odo paa nie
03 – Ye wu
04 – Akua akua
05 – Mensu
06 – Miniwaa ba
07 – Nansooben


African Brothers Band (International)
Tribute to D.K.
Ambassador 1980

Yesterday, dear visitors, the world has lost a legend.
Nana Kwame Ampadu died on tuesday september 28
at 2.00 AM Ghana time, age 76 in Acra, Ghana. Ampadu’s
African Brothers Band was founded in 1963. He was known
to have written over 800 songs. To honour this great musician
we have his 1980 album ‘Tribute to D.K. Nyarko’. It sounds a
little dusty, but that can’t spoil the joy of listening. A few more
unposted records will follow. Rest In Peace Nana Ampadu,
we love your work and you will forever be missed ..

Gisteren, lieve bezoekers, is één van onze muzikale helden
overleden. Nana Kwame Ampadu stierf op dinsdag 28 september
om 2.00 uur ‘s morgens, op 76 jarige leeftijd, in Acra, Ghana.
Ampadu’s African Brothers Band werd opgericht in 1963. Nana
Ampadu schreef meer dan 800 songs tijdens zijn leven. Om hem
te eren hebben we vandaag dit album uit 1980, ‘Tribute to D.K.
Nyarko. Hij klinkt wel een tikkeltje stoffig, maar dat mag niet
afdoen aan het luisterplezier. Nog enkele ongeposte platen
zullen deze volgen. Rust in Vrede Nana Ampadu, we zijn
dol op je muziek en zullen je voor altijd missen ..

(thanks for the info Jewell Acka)


Have African Feeling 1980
Wonka Mma Wo Nnte
Check Point
Odo Me Nsee
Nketenketenkete High Life Beat
Kyerema Way 1981
Oman Bo Adwo
Agatha 1981
Obiara Wo Nea Otumi No 1978
Ankonam Mobro
The Best of Kwame Ampadu
Nea Medofo Aye Me
Wodee Wokoo na Wonuanom
Mede Wo Ka A 1984
Enyimba di N’aba
Owuo Aye Me Bi 1982
Osoro Siane
Afrohili Soundz 1973
Gyae Su
led by Paa Steel Ampadu 1970
Yaa Amponsa Special 1974
Me Poma 1984
Ampadu Boateng Dammirifua
Me Poma (Sterns)
Take the Message

01 – Kyeremirikuku
02 – Ma me nsu ma wo
03 – D.k. nyarko
04 – Owuo nye

05 – D.k. nyarko (cleaner version)


Captain Muddy Ibe and his Nkwa Brothers ’85’
Ndi Ntise, Rogers All Stars 1984

Today we find the fourth album with Igbo highlife artist
Captain Muddy Ibe and his Nkwa Brothers. This one is
from 1984. He made some 60 records so there is still a
pile of records to find and discover. For now let’s listen
to ‘Ndi Ntise’ and share it with our friends ..

Dit is de vierde plaat met Igbo highlife artiest Captain
muddy Ibe and his Nkwa Brothers die we hebben op de
GG. Hij maakte zo’n 60 albums dus er is nog een dtapel
te vinden en ontdekken. Laten we tot die tijd alvast luisteren
naar ‘Ndi Ntise’ en hem delen met onze vrienden ..

African and Black History

Anyi Ma Ndi Bu Ndi 1981
Muddy Ibe and his Nkwa Brothers System ’83 1983
Ndi Kwena Ekwena 1986

01 – Wealth not by force
02 – Ndi ntise
03 – Omelum me dike