Aguata Super Highlife Band
led by Okey Igbokwe – Omenani

Aguata, voorkant

Op Afrodisia hebben we vandaag deze elpee van een artiest die
hier voor de eerste keer verschijnt en waarvan ik je helemaal niets
zinnigs kan vertellen. Dit is Igbo highlife van klasse, heerlijke
ritmes, mooie blaaspartijen maar een totaal onbekende leider.
Op vinden we
veel informatie over de ‘Igbo’ muzikanten maar behalve
zijn achternaam is ook hier niets over hem te vinden.
Wie ons iets kan vertellen, zeer welkom..

On Afrodisia today we find this here album by an artist appearing
here first time. An artist of whom I can’t seem to tell you anything
interesting. This is Igbo highlife of quality, great rhythms, nice
horn arrangements and a totally unknown leader. We do find his
last name on , but
that’s all. If you can tell us something useful, be my guest..

titels ;

01 – Omenani
02 – Alabalam ala nnam


Ali Chukwumah and his PeacemakersInternational Band of Nigeria -Gentleman Ali Chukwumah,Akpolla 1981

Ali Chukwumah, front

Today I am introducing a new rule at the Global Groove.
Any reaction of positive nature may be anonymous but
as soon as you come to criticize a proper gmail account
is necessary. From today all negative or criticizing comments
that are anonymous will be blocked. Now you can compare
me with whoever you like and say it is censorship, correct, it is.
If your intentions are good you can’t have a problem with it.
This rule is active from this very moment !

Okay, let’s now continue to do what we do best. Bringing the
most obscure African music, stuff you are guaranteed not to find
anywhere. I am also quite sure that when some recordcompany,
big or small, would think of releasing a track from this original,
it is very likely they would cut off the biggest part of the song.
These tracks span a whole lp-side, 16 minutes like on this a-side
is short, often the tracks take 20 to 30 minutes. The chance this
music will reach you through ‘legitimate’ channels is very small.
Again I post this album with the fullest of convidence I am doing
something good. This hard to find music is now meant to survive
the ages coming because it is spread in it’s original form. If you
know or are a relative of Ali and you feel hurt by this posting, I beg
of you, step forward and complain, I shall reject the post straight away.
To recordcompany’s I’d like to say, please release this wonderful
music through an official cd, I challenge you. But if you do,
do leave every note like it was & it won’t
be for grabs nomore…
now get it and listen,
it’s worth it…


1 Egwundioma
2 Eje-anabu-isi


Oliver de Coque and his Expo ’76
Ogene Sound Super of Africa
Engirigbo, Afrodisia / Ogene 1987

Oliver de Coque, front

Let’s have us a little more Highlife from Nigeria.
Igbo Highlife that is with the great Oliver de Coque.
I especially like the harmony’s on this album, blended
with Oliver’s Congo style guitar, another Nigerian killer.
Sorry for the many crackles and snaps.


1 Engirigbo
2 Ife gadi nma na Nigeria
3 Klub nationale
– Uwa bu ofu mbia


Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe – People’s Club Special, 10th Anniversary, Polygram 1982

With the Nigerian civil war, late sixties, Highlife practically
came to an end in Nigeria’s western region. Tribal discrimination
forced all Igbo musicians to move from Lagos as guitarband highlife
was more and more identified with the east as Igbo-Highlife.
One of the diehards, keeping guitar highlife alive, was Stephen Osita
osadebe who recorded more than 30 albums. Here’s one of them.
( Info from the Rough Guide on Worldmusic )
By the way, this dish starts a little crispy
but mellows out along the way.


1 People’s club special A
2 People’s club special B


Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz International
Family Movement, Rogers All Stars 1981

Prince Nico Mbarga, front

“If Sunny Ade carries the flag for Juju and Fela’s Afrobeat
will, in time become a global source sound, then the late
Prince Nico will forever be Igbo Highlife.” ( Rough Guide )
Always sharp looking Prince Nico Mbarga rocks once more !


1 Family movement
2 Home is home
3 Le pere de notre pays
4 Lost love