Los Corraleros de Majagual – Self Titled
Discos Fuentes 1962

Under direction of the great Michi Sarmiento, the son of
Climaco Sarmiento, Los Corraleros de Majagual made their
second album in 1962. With Eliseo Herrera, Calixto Ochoa,
César Castro, Lucho Argain and Alfredo Gutierrez. Only
wonderful tunes on this old slice of vinyl, do not miss ..

01 – El molinillo
02 – La maluca
03 – Corazon abandonado
04 – Cumbia sambranera
05 – Mirian sofia
06 – Porro sabroso
07 – El pavito
08 – Jajaito cariñoso
09 – La butifarra
10 – Ya cayo
11 – Majaguelera
12 – Palenque candela


La Sonora Dinamita – Dinamita
Discos Fuentes 1961



An oldie today with the popular Sonora Dinamita. The great
Lucho Argain is also present on this one. I could not find a
year of release for this record. As far as my Spanish goes
however I think it must be one of their earlier albums.
One way or the other, we’re dealing with 12 sweet songs..

Een oudje vandaag van de populaire Sonora Dinamita. Met de
grote Lucho Argain. Het lukte me niet het jaar te achterhalen
van deze plaat. Voor zover ik het Spaans begrijp echter moet
het een van hun eerdere elpees zijn. Links of rechts om, de
liedjes zijn stuk voor stuk om van te snoepen..

tracks ;

01 – para que bailes
02 – No me dejes solo
03 – Cumbia barulera
04 – Ay ay ay
05 – Jalaito mi amor
06 – La niña
07 – Cola y hocico
08 – Yo por ti
09 – Golpes que da la vida
10 – Suposicion
11 – Ulili e
12 – Calle amigo


Climaco Sarmiento y su Orquesta
Grandes Exitos, Discos Fuentes 1997


Absolutely Sam, Climaco Sarmiento, Michi’s father was a
great musician and wrote a bunch of hits. This is a collection
of his ‘grandes exitos’. It comes from the CD release by Discos
Fuentes in 1997, already twenty years ago. Enjoy listening..

Een goed idee Sam, ik had deze CD al jaren in de kast staan.
Helaas nooit op LP gevonden, dus dan doen we het maar zo.
Een collectie van zijn grootste hits, heerlijk luister spul. Al weer
twintig jaar oud, en de muziek nog veel ouder, geniet ervan..

tracks ;

01 – Bombo y maracas
02 – La cigarra
03 – Palenque candela
04 – Conchita
05 – Caracoleando
06 – Negro te vayas
07 – Antioqueñita
08 – Baila pacho
09 – la gaita marciana
10 – Juanchito
11 – Maquina landera
12 – La pata y el pato
13 – El zuñigazo
14 – Noche de estrellas
15 – Moliendo cafe
16 – El tirabuzon
17 – San marcos
18 – La tembladera


Baranoa – Various Artists
Discos Fuentes

Baranoa, voorkant

Discos Fuentes heeft in de loop der jaren heel wat verzamel albums
geproduceerd en niet altijd even origineel in de keuze van nummers.
Ook nu komen er weer wat langs die we al eerder gezien hebben. De
pret zal dit evenwel niet drukken, voor wie het niet wist zal het niet
opvallen. ‘Baranoa’ is er eentje om in te lijsten, een collectie dikke
dansplaatjes die je feestje zeker tot een succes maken..

Discos Fuentes made quite a lot of collectors over the years and
not always very original in choice of tracks. This time we also find
some songs we’ve seen before but still I’m quite sure that will not
spoil the fun. For those who didn’t know it shall not be obvious.
In short, ‘Baranoa’ is a collector with a bunch of dance hits
that will certainly make your party a succes..

titels ;

01 – Carlos Gomez – Baranoa
02 – Toño Fuentes – Very very well
03 – Climaco Sarmiento – El mojarro
04 – Alberto Pacheco – Santo domingo
05 – Pacho Galan – Boca sala
06 – Eliseo Herrera – El coroncoro
07 – Nono Narvaez – Rico jalaito
08 – Toño Fuentes – Mi nena
09 – Rada – El boquineto
10 – Alberto Pacheco – Al amanecer
11 – P.P. – Mario jimeno
12 – Eliseo Herrera – Mis cuatro mujeres


La Sonora Cordobesa – La Mafafa, Discos Fuentes

La Sonora Cordobesa, front

Dear music collectors, vinyl hunters and lovers of tropical
sounds, as some of you may know, I am a fanatic hunter
for all types of lp’s from the old days. As such I tend to
visit the biggest recordfairs we have around, like the one
in Utrecht twice a year. On the last few visits I have met
with the guys from Vintage Voudou. It is a tiny recordshop
in the heart of the Amsterdam redlight-district. You have
to know where to look, right between the windows where
various women offer themselves you’ll find a gate, ring a
bell and go through a small corridor to find two very small
recordshops. One of them is Vintage Voudou, the adress
is Oudekerkplein 26a, only on thursday, friday and satur-
day you’ll find them open. When I got there I met with Alex,
one of the owners, we sat down and had a huge conversation
about our favourite music. I found lots of Colombian albums
at his place, really wonderful. We listened to the music,
smoked a few pipes and spent some hours like that. Alex
then gave me the number of another friend, he told me to
check out the records of Sanjay Agarwal. Sanjay is the man,
he travells to Colombia a lot, meets with the artists and made
a documentary about Colombian music, take a look at the
trailer of his documentary called Colombian Gold.

A few days ago I payed Sanjay a visit in his Amsterdam appartment
and we had a great afternoon listening to lots of Colombian music,
talking about it and some of the hottest Colombian stuff changed of
owner that day. For those who live close to Amsterdam, on saturday
may 18th Alex is going to deejay a Latin-night at Blijburg, a very hip
joint in the Zeeburg area of Amsterdam. Since his buddy Sanjay can’t
make it to join him, I offered to step in, so if you see a chance, pop by
and come have a dance and a drink. Take a look at Blijburg It will be
an evening of latin music, strictly from vinyl, it starts at 22.00 hrs. Be there !
The lp I am posting is one I found at Vintage Voudou and was imported
by Sanjay. One of my favourite groups is absolutely la Sonora Cordobesa,
listen to this lp and agree, sweet porro, jalaito, paseaito and mapalé
you don’t want to miss, get it & spread it !


1 Jalaito en monteria
2 El loriquero
3 La mafafa
4 Bocachico sinuano
5 Rosita
6 Nenita linda
7 Tumba cucharo
8 Linda cordobesa
9 No me pongas sebo
10 Santa lucia
11 Cara mona
12 El pascuero


PalenqueritaCandelazos Curro vol. 8con la Orquesta Melodia,la Sonora Curro y elSuper Combo de Curramba,Discos Curro

Palenquerita, front

Good evening, the groove of today is going to be a Colombian
one. On Discos Curro we have us an album with songs by three
groups. Orquesta Melodia, La Sonora Curro and Super Combo
de Curramba. It is not exactly clear what band plays which song.
The cover does not give that information nor does the label of the
record. How ever they organised it, I don’t really care. The music is
so hot, it makes one forget such futilities. So get it and spread it,
it is one of the hottest Colombian sounds I ever heard, enjoy..


1   Palenquerita
2   Arroz con coco
3   Jalaito moreno
4   Avivata
5   El tigre pampanilla
6   Pon tu mano en mi corazón
7   Que toque rufo
8   Ah… como no sabia
9   Taki taki
10  La carestía
11  Moncho emiliani
12  No fumo