Jimmy Riley – Rydim Driven
Taxi Productions / Island Records 1981

Among the numerous Sly and Robbie productions we
find this 1981 album with singer Jimmy Riley. Been
playing it a whole lot of times in those days. Only just
took it from the shelf after so many years. Still great
to hear, typical Taxi sound with the rhythm twins.
Also starring; Rad Bryan, Mikey Chung, Sky Juice,
Robert Lyn, Ossie Hibbert, Ansel Collins, Tamlins,
Dean Frazer, Clive Hunt, Chico & Nambo. Don’t
you just love that frontsleeve .. ? It’s been
hidden in the GG’s header for many years.

01 – Love and devotion
02 – My woman’s love
03 – I wish it would rain
04 – Everybody needs somebody to love
05 – You’ll lose a precious love
06 – Give me your love
07 – I’m gonna make you love me
08 – I try
09 – Delicious
10 – The choking kind


Brigadier Jerry – Live at the Controls
at Jack Ruby Sound, featuring
Dennis Brown, Sammy Dread & Michael Prophet
Dance Hall Stylee Records 1983

From 1983 we’ve got this ultimate deejay toaster’s reggae
album with Brigadier Jerry live at the controls. The record
gives no information what so ever. Label and sleeve both
show the same few words, front- and backside. It sounds
so nice and pure as if you are there at Jack Ruby Sound
yourself. Even some mess up’s are left on the record.
Treasured it since it came out in 1983 ..

01 – Side one
02 – Side two


Prince Far I – “Under Heavy Manners”
Joe Gibbs Records 1980

As many of you may know, we had us a bunch of records
on the marvelous On-U Sound label with amongst others
the mighty, ‘Voice of Thunder’, Prince Far I. Unfortunately
On-U Sound’s label manager summoned me to remove all
of their records. Fortunately however we still have some of
the Prince’s original records like this one on Joe Gibbs Records.
From 1977 and beautifully produced by Joe Gibbs, this is ‘Under
Heavy Manners’. I’d say get it and spread it like you’re used to ..
(we’ve got the 1980 re-issue)

Zoals velen van jullie waarschijnlijk weten hadden we ooit
behoorlijk wat platen op het geweldige On-U Sound label
met onder andere, de ‘Voice of Thunder’, Prince Far I. Helaas
sommeerde On-U Sound’s label manager me al hun platen
van de Global Groove te verwijderen. Gelukkig hebben we
van de Prins ook nog enkele originele elpees zoals deze op
Joe Gibbs Records. Uit 1977 en prachtig geproduceerd door
Joe Gibbs, is dit ‘Under Heavy Manners’. Ik zou zeggen,
Down, deel en luister wederom naar Prince far I ..
(wij hebben hier de 1980 her-uitgave)

Reggae Monster Originals part 3

01 – Rain a fall
02 – Big fight
03 – You I love and not another
04 – Young generation
05 – Shine eye gal
06 – Boz rock
07 – Show me mine enemy
08 – Shadow
09 – Deck of cards
10 – Heavy manners


Nathan Skyers – Dem A Fight I
Ayo Music / Rough Trade 1983

click on it

click on it

In 1983 this little 6 track album came to attention. Nathan
Skyers was unknown to us but made a strong impression
with this record. Read the backsleeve details for more
relevant info. Enjoy listening to Nathan Skyers ..


01 – Leave bad company
02 – Dem a fight I
03 – Pay more attention (to the younger generation)
04 – Dance the disco reggae
05 – I don’t know why
06 – My lover (has gone away)


Triston Palmer meets Jah Thomas In Disco Style
Entertainment, Majestic Reggae 1996

From the very first time I listened to this album I was amused
by the lyrics, ‘Entertainment is a form of enjoyment’. Happy
times with Triston Palmer and Jah Thomas.
I’d say “..enjoy this entertainment ..”


01 – That;s all I want
02 – Two in a family
03 – For health and strength
04 – Jah jah guidance
05 – Times so hard
06 – Seek and find
07 – Entertainment
08 – Friday night jamboree
09 – Runaround woman
10 – Tribute to the reggae king
11 – Got to praise jah jah
12 – Red eye
13 – Reggae taking over
14 – Feeding the 5000
15 – Give me a chance
16 – Please mr. officer
17 – Heartbreaker
18 – Get a girl tonight
19 – Woman woman
20 – Jealous man


The Rolands – Johnny Dollar
Masai 1982

click on it

Short but catchy is this seven track record with the
Rolands. Lead vocals by Roland “Johnny Dollar” Burrel.
Check the great line-up clicking on the backsleeve.
A 1982 rarity you don’t want to miss out on ..


01 – Black race
02 – Johnny dollar
03 – Nobody cares
04 – Stormy night
05 – Suzette
06 – Strongest love
07 – Come home


Bunny Wailer sings The Wailers
Island 1980

With Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Neville O’Riley Livingstone,
or Bunny Wailer was the third original Wailer. Bunnie made
some memorable albums over the years. This is the second
of his records here at the Global Groove. Some others will
follow. With Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Earl ‘Chinna’
Smith, K. Sterling, W. Wright, Headly Bennett, Dean Fraser,
Nambo and Sticky. All vocals, Bunny Wailer ..


01 – Dancing shoes
02 – Mellow mood
03 – Dreamland
04 – Keep on movin’
05 – Hypocrite
06 – I’m the toughest
07 – Rule this land
08 – Burial
09 – I stand predominate
10 – Walk the proud land


Chaka Demus & Pliers – Tease me
Mango Records 1993

From 1993 we’ve got this dancehall disc with the
magnificent Chaka Demus & Pliers. They scored big
time with a couple of tracks such as Bam Bam and
Murder She Wrote. It was made under the leading
hands of Sly and Robbie’s Taxi Productions Inc.
Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare also play
drum and bass on this nice disc,
enjoy listening ..

Uit 1993 komt deze dancehall disc met de talentvolle
Chaka Demus & Pliers. Zij scoorden big time in de jaren
en hadden een paar stevige hits met o.a. Bam Bam en
Murder She Wrote. De cd werd gemaakt onde de bezie-
lende leiding van Sly and Robbie’s Taxi Productions Inc.
Sly Dunbar en Robbie Shakespeare deden tevens de
drum en baspartijen op deze fine plaat.
luister met plezier ..

Alles met Sly & Robbie

01 – Tease me
02 – She don’t let nobody
03 – Nuh betta nuh deh
04 – Bam bam
05 – Friday evening
06 – Let’s make it tonight
07 – One nation under a groove
08 – Tracy
09 – Sunshine day
10 – Murder she wrote
11 – Roadrunner
12 – I wanna be your man
13 – Twist and shout
14 – Gal wine


Prince Buster – Fabulous Greatest Hits
Fab Fab Melodisc Music 1968

click on it

There’s hardly a man, woman or child in Jamaica who doesn’t
know the voice of Prince Buster. Turn on the radio any hour of
the day or night, and his infectious Blue Beat is certain to start
echoing round the room. His records dominate the jukeboxes,
and wherever he appears, the “House Full” signs are displayed
long before he makes his entrance on stage. ( backsleeve ..)

Prince Buster’s Blue Beat, later called Ska, conquered England
and America already in the sixties. Later his songs were covered
by many groups such as the Specials when ska music relived
from the late seventies. Contains his famous Al Capone
and Ten Commandments. Get it & spread it ..


01 – Earthquake
02 – Texas hold-up
03 – Freezing up orange street
04 – Free love
05 – Julie
06 – Take it easy
07 – Judge dread
08 – Too hot
09 – Ghost dance
10 – Ten commandments
11 – Al capone
12 – Barrister pardon


Linton Kwesi Johnson – Forces of Victory
Island 1979

An excellent idea Mouhamadou, Linton Kwesi Johnson
scored big time at the end of the seventies. After the great
‘Dread Beat an’ Blood’ under the name Poet and the Roots,
he continued under his own name. This was the follower up
which we played thousands of times in those years. Very
strong lyrics and Linton’s deep voice is still indestructible.
It was about time for me to post the other albums ..

As a bonus I have added his 1980, 12″ single ‘Di Black
Petty Booshwah’ ..

Een zeer goed idee van Mouhamadou om het missende
werk van Linton Kwesi Johnson eens te brengen. Na zijn
geweldige ‘Dread Beat an’ Blood’ als Poet and the Roots
eind jaren zeventig vervolgde hij onder zijn eigen naam
met dit album. We hebben het toentertijd helemaal
stuk gedraaid. Zeer sterke lyrics en de onverwoestbare
diepe stem van Linton staat nog steeds als een huis.
Het was hoog tijd zijn overige platen eens te posten ..

Als bonus heb ik de 1980, 12″ single ‘Di Black Petty
Booshwah’ toegevoegd ..

Dread Beat an’ Blood 1978

01 – Want fi goh rave
02 – It noh funny
03 – Sonny’s lettah (anti-sus poem)
04 – Independant intavenshan
05 – Fite dem back
06 – Reality poem
07 – Forces of vicktry
08 – Time come

bonus tracks ;

09 – Di black betty booshwah
10 – Straight to madray’s head
11 – Action line
12 – Action line dub


Errol Dunkley – Darling Ooh
Attack ATLP 116, (1972) 1991



It was originally released in 1972 on the Gay Feet label.
Recorded in the Dynamic Sounds Studios. This is the 1991
re-issue on Attack. Errol Dunkley started out as a 14 year
old youngster in 1965. He worked with Gregory Isaacs, Joe
Gibbs, Coxsone Dodd and others. One of his major hitsingles
was ‘OK Fred’ in 1979 (written by John Holt). Darling Ooh
was his first album in 1972. I’ve added the pics of the original
album to the file. Enjoy listening to Errol
Dunkley’s sweet reggae music ..

Hij kwam van origine uit in 1972 op het Gay Feet label.
Opgenomen in de Dynamic Sounds Studio’s. Dit is de her-
uitgave uit 1991 op Attack. Errol Dunkley begon 14 jaar oud
in 1965. Hij werkte in zijn carrière met o.a. Gregory Isaacs,
Joe Gibbs en Coxsone Dodd. Één van zijn grootste hits was
het in 1979 uitgebrachte ‘OK Fred’ (van John Holt). Darling
Ooh was zijn eerste album in 1972. Ik heb de foto’s ervan
bijgevoegd in de file. Veel luisterplezier met
Errol Dunkley’s sweet reggae ..

O.K. Fred 1979

01 – You never know
02 – Movie star
03 – Created by the father
04 – A little way different
05 – Like to be boozed
06 – Hi-lite (part 1)
07 – Darling ooh
08 – Baby I love you
09 – You’re gonna need me
10 – I’m not the man for you
11 – It was nice while it lasted
12 – Hi-lite (part 2)


Gregory Isaacs – In Person
GG Records 1974

Gregory’s first album was released in 1974 on Alvin Ranglin’s
GG label. Funny coïncidence, wonder what it stands for. This
record contains ‘Love Over Due’ which was Gregory’s first
Jamaican No. 1 single. Another reggae lover’s must have ..

01 – Sweeter the victory
02 – Love over due
03 – Financial endorsement
04 – Be careful
05 – Another heart ache
06 – If you’re in love
07 – Dreams come true
08 – The way she walks
09 – Far beyond the valley
10 – Happiness come
11 – No forgivenes
12 – Love disguise