Oumou Kouyate – Kala Djoula

Oumou Kouyate, voorkant

Uit Mali hebben we vandaag een schijf van jelimusolu
zangeres Oumou Kouyate. De eerste op haar naam
die hier langs komt. Uit welk jaar hij komt heb ik niet
kunnen vinden, misschien weet een van jullie het. De
plaat opent met een killer track die me direct over de
streep trok hem te plaatsen. Luister zelf..

Another great voice from the jelimusolu from Mali is her’s.
Oumou kouyate appears here first time with five tracks.
Lassissi and Sacodis arranged this recording, the year of
release is not quite clear. The lp opens with a killer track
which pulled me over the line of posting this album.

titels ;

01 – Kala djoula
02 – Founnou nanan
03 – Yougou ba
04 – Oumou nanan
05 – Ya woni


Tata Bambo – Djeli Mousso,Syllart 1988

Tata Bambo, front, cd size

The Jelimusolu are Mali’s women singers. Tata Bambo Kouyaté
is famous for her raw and strong voice, she is one of the diva’s
from the Bamako wedding circuit. Her Mande jeli praise songs
are accompanied by traditional instruments like kora, balaphone
and such. Tata Bambo Kouyaté – Djely Mousso, just beautiful.


1 Banga Diabate
2 Mah Drame
3 Alima Diawara
4 Diadie Diawara
5 Nene Sow
6 Fanta Toure


Tata ‘Bembo’ Kouyate – Hommage a Baba Cissoko, a Paris 1985

Tata Bembo Kouyate, front, cd size

Tata Bembo Kouyate, label

‘Jelimusolu’ is what they call Mali’s women singers.
Tata ‘Bembo'(or Bambo) Kouyate is from Bamako. She’s got a voice so
strong, wow ! It’s not exactly clear on what label this LP is brought
out, if you know..?
Check this,


1 Hommage a Baba Cissoko
2 Ainana Bah
3 Mama Batchily
4 Ahourou Bocoum
5 Goundo Tandja
6 Amadou Traore