Los Corraleros de Majagual – Titiguay
Discos Fuentes 1965

From the band, in which so many famous Colombian artists
started their career, we find this 1965 album. With singers
Eliseo Herrera, Calixto Ochoa and César Castro. Being 55 yrs.
of age it sounds a little dusty. It is a historic record though,
one that every collector of Colombian music should posess.
Straight party sound from the vaults of Discos Fuentes ..

The album ‘Ritmo de Colombia’ is GG’s fifth
most downloaded record untill today ..

76 1975
Nuevo Tumbao 1969
Los Legendarios y Autenticos ..
Ritmo de Colombia 1968
Cumbia Corralera 1976
¡ Nos Fuimos ! 1975
All records that contain Corraleros at the GG

01 – El titiguay
02 – Nombre querendon
03 – Matilde visbal
04 – Mosaico no.7
05 – La arrugada
06 – Como quieras
07 – Picalo garrochero
08 – El monte
09 – Cheveron
10 – La torada
11 – Rio san jorge
12 – La bizca


Jimmy Pedrozo con Franklin Ariza vol. 2
Paso la Vida Pensando, Discos Tropical 1985

Jimmy Pedrozo, front

In 1986 Globestyle released the album ‘Fiesta Vallenata’, part of
the series ‘Accordions that shook the world’. it contains a few
songs that captured me from the very start. Lo mas sabroso
by Jimmy Pedrozo & Franklin Ariza struck me like lightning.
I had never heard such music before and it was more or less
the beginning of my search for more. The lp is available here.

Other songs that hit me instantly were the other two Jimmy
pedrozo songs and ‘India Matea’ by Miguel Duran. I’m still on
the look out to find the album containing that song. Yesterday
my buddy Sanjay payed me a visit and a big surprise came
along with him. After 30 years finally I found volume 2 of Jimmy
Pedrozo & Franklin Ariza. In fact, Sanjay is the man that helped
me searching and he found it in Bogota. What a special moment
when listening to it first time. The song ‘Lo mas sabroso’ must be
on volume 1 so the search continues but for now we are so lucky
to be able to listen to “Paso la vida pensando” by Jimmy Pedrozo
con Franklin Ariza y su Conjunto, hope U like..


01 – Paso la vida pensando
02 – La visuaca
03 – Pa’ todo el año
04 – La huella de tu amor
05 – El loro
06 – Sirvientas modernas
07 – Por sapo
08 – Zumba que zumba
09 – Amor de papel
10 – Bello diciembre