Sir Shina Adewale and the Superstars International
Verse 5
Wel-Kadeb Records 1978

An album by the two juju friends Sir Shina Peters and Segun
Adewale. They called their group, without a trace of irony, Sir
Shina Adewale and the Superstars International. Scroll back to
yesterday’s post and find two other records with them. This
one is from 1978 on the Wel-Kadeb Records label. Sweet ..

Vandaag vinden we nog een plaat met de twee juju vrienden
Sir Shina Peters en Segun Adewale. Ze noemden hun band,
zonder een greintje ironie, Sir Shina Adewale and the
Superstars International. Scroll terug naar gisteren en
vind nog twee van hun albums. Deze komt uit 1978
en verscheen op het Wel-Kadeb Records label ..

Wikipedia on Shina Peters

01 – Itan odun ileya
02 – Irohin kayefi
—- Iya mi ati baba mi e seun
—- Eni ebi npa mabaraje
—- Oba to dayon
—- Ibukun nla ni
—- Mo ti gba jesu


Segun Adewale & his Superstars International
Segun Adewale Records
Ibukun Orisun Iye 1984

We saw him on several earlier occasions. We have some solo
albums, one with his firend Shina Peters with whom he worked
under General Prince Adekunle. Segun Adewale reformed his juju
to become Yoruba Pop music or in short Yopop. This is his 1984
record Atewo-Lara. Like yesterday’s post an elpee on the
outstanding Ibukun Orisun Iye label ..

We zagen hem al bij een aantal eerdere gelegenheden. We hebben
enkele solo platen en eentje met zijn vriend Shina Peters met wie hij
onder General Prince Adekunle werkte. Segun Adewale hervormde
zijn juju sound om later Yoruba Pop ofwel Yopop te worden. Dit
is zijn Atewo-Lara uit 1984. Net als vorige geposte plaat eentje
op het mooie Ibukun Orisun Iye label ..

Segun Adewale, biography

Sir Shina Adewale, Superstar 1978
Sir Shina Adewale, and the Super Stars International 1979
Segun Adewale, Ase 1983
Segun Adewale, Ojo Je 1985
Segun Adewale, I Love You 1987
Sir Shina Peters, Shinamania 1990
Sir Shina Peters, Ko Temi Fun Mi
General Prince Adekunle posts
I.K. Dairo posts

01 – Atewo-lara
02 – Ka tepa mo
—- E ma fi ile iwe sere
02 – Olojo ibi
—- Jelili
—- Suru ni e se


Young Ade Wesco and his Destiny Dandies
No Left Turn
Ibukun Orisun Iye 1979

At Discogs it is classified as highlife. I do not hear pure highlife
though. I think I hear more juju. We also cannot say it is pure juju,
somewhere in the middle of the two and a bit more juju than highlife.
I would classify it as Juju-Highlife. From 1979 and on Ibukun
Orisun from Lagos, Nigeria. I love it, wonderful sound ..

Ibukun orisun Iye

01 – Ona orun jin
—- Oloko awaye
—- Makanju
—- Igbehin l’alayo mi ta
02 – Jiji ti mo ji
—- Esan a ke l’ori odale


Admiral Dele Abiodun – Happy Days
Adawa Super Records 1991

All Music, Biography
E O Fu’Ra
Oro Ayo from 1985
Adawa Sound Super 3 from 1975
For Better For Worse from 1980
Mo Kepe Oluwa from 1979
& his Top Hitters Band from 1978
Special G’esin Ni Kese from 1980
1000 Miles from 1982
In the Apple New York City from 1977
& his Top Hitters Band Super 6 from 1977
Adawa Super Sound from 1985
Elemu Nget On from 1978
It’s Time For Juju from 1984
.. and his Top Hitters Band from 19??

01 – Happy days
—- Orin tuntun
—- A lulu titi
—- Omidan jojolo
—- Ato goke kedere
02 – Gbedegbede lojojumo
—- A ti de
—- E maa pa
—- Won se bolatan
—- Tajudeen alebiosu


King Sunny Adé and his African Beats
Private Line
Sunny Alade 1978

Ajoo 1983
Ariya Special 1982
The Mater Guitarist vol. 6
Syncro Chapter 1
Mo Dupe 1985
Bobby 1983
Explosion 1984
Togetherness (Ka Jo Se) 1984
Sunny Special 1974
The Original Syncro System Movement
Aura 1984
Ori Mi Ja Fun Mi 1980
The Mater Guitarist vol. 2
The Master Guitarist vol. 1
The Message 1981
The Master Guitarist vol. 4
Juju Highlife at its Best
In London 1977
Syncro Series 1983
Festac ’77 1977
Jealousy 1987
My Dear 1986
Late General Ramat Muhammed 1976
Iyinle Odu 1982
Vol. 7
Sweet Banana
The Royal Sound 1979
Check ‘E’ 1981
Syncro System 1983
The Golden Mercury of Africa 1979
Juju Music 1982
Juju Music of the 80’s 1981

01 – 365 is my number
02 – Kale sanwa jowuro lo
—- Omo nigeria ti mbe lehin odi
—- Ajo ki dun ki odide ma rewo
—- Ajhaji kolawole olokodana


Prince Adekunle and his Western State Brothers
Ibukun Orisun Iye 1970

When General Prince Adekunle was still Prince Adekunle,
he operated with his Western State Brothers. This must be
their first release from 1970. With his cool but driving,
sophisticated style, Prince Adekunle is one of
the great Juju masters from the days ..

Vol. 7, To Become a Man 1983
.. and his Supersonic Sounds 1976
Ope Ni Fun Oluwa 1976
In the United Kingdom 1972
Awodi Nfo Ferere 1976

01 – Iba mose orimolade
—- Iba olorunosebi
—- Ma fowuro sire
—- Beleda re soro
—- Mase mi lasini waiye
—- Eda ma kanju
02 – Awa lomo nigeria
—- Halleluya ogun se
—- Igi tolorun gbin
—- Kari o
—- Mi o je gbagbe ile
—- Olomo lo laiye


Willy Adé and his Aiyemitogo Band – Itan Olode
Good Samaritan Sound Studio 1977

In our Joryba-Juju section we find this quite rare album with
Willy Adé and his Aiyemitogo Band. No idea if he is related
to King Sunny. Music-wise it does not give the impression
he is. Once again, the web does not find him and the lp’s
sleeve also remains silent. Its back sleeve displays a quite
tasteless picture of Willy doing a silly guitar trick while
putting his foot on the back of the little man besides
him. One way or the other, the juju has something
primitive I like. Little disturbance
halfway side two ..

In onze Yoruba-Juju sectie vinden we deze tamelijk zeldzame
plaat met Willy Adé en zijn Aiyemitogo Band, Geen idee of
Willy familie is van King Sunny, muzikaal lijkt het er niet op.
Ook over dit album en zijn maker is op het web niets te
vinden. De achterkant toont ons een behoorlijk smakelo-
ze foto van Willy die een flauwe gitaar truc doet met
zijn voet op de kleine man naast hem. Hoe dan ook,
de juju heeft iets primitiefs wat ik wèl mooi
vind. Klein stukje met kras
halverwege kant twee ..

01 – Itan olode
—- Ile aiye itan
02 – Igbesi aiye mi
—- Ile aiye ogun


Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey
and his Inter-Reformers Band
Singing for the People
Obey Music / Afrodisia 1983

Security 1985
.. and his Inter Reformers Band from 1977
Je Ka Jo from 1983
In London from 1969
Adventure of Mr. Wise from 1973
Adam and Eve from 1977
Eyi Yato from 1981
Operation Feed the Nation from 1976
Juju Jubilee from 1985
Current Affairs from 1980
Tribute to the Late Chief Obafemi from 1987
Victory from 1987
.. and his International Brothers from 1973
Eko Ila from 1974
Eda to Mose Okunkun from 1977
Solution from 1984
.. and his Miliki Sound from 1973
In London vol.3 from 1972
.. & his Inter Reformers Band from 1974
Oluwa ni Olusa Agutan from 1978
On The Town from 1970
.. and his International Brothers from 1972
The Only Condition to Save Nigeria from 1984
In The 60’s vol.1 from 1980
No Place Be Like My Country Nigeria from 1978
Discogs Discography
Ebenezer Obey Wikipedia
Ebenezer Obey on Facebook

01 – Singing for the people
—- Je k’ajo mi jase rere
02 – Alfa omega
—- O se baba
03 – Eiye to ma ba kowe ke
—- Mori sisi kan
—- Eje a mo
—- Nike oluwole


The Wizard Guitarist Emperor Pick Peters
and his Seidormatic System vol. 4
Peter L’aja Kan
African Songs Limited 1976

Goedemorgen groevers, vandaag hebben we een plaat die alleen voor de
doorgewinterde liefhebbers van juju te beluisteren valt. De geluidskwaliteit
laat nogal te wensen over. Met een beetje geluk vind ik hem in de toekomst
nog eens in betere conditie maar voor nu zullen we het hiermee moeten doen.
De laatste keer dat ik dit zei poste Jillem (Holland Tunnel Dive) direct
een betere versie, Jillem .. ?

Wat hebben we hier ? Het betreft een tamelijk zeldzame uitvoering met The
Wizard Guitarist Emperor Pick Peters and his Seidormatic System, vol. 4. We
hadden volume 3 reeds in december 2016. Die klinkt overigens een heel stuk
beter. Hoe dan ook, de juju is buitengewoon fijn als je door de
kraakjes heen kunt luisteren.

Good morning groovers, today we have a record that can only be listened to
by the most diehard juju lover. Its soundquality is far from perfect and leaves
us with wishes for a better one. With a bit of luck I’ll find a better copy in the
future but for now we’ll have to settle with this one. The last time I said some-
thing like this Jillem (Holland Tunnel Dive) came with
a clean version the same day, Jillem .. ?

What have we got here ? It concerns a quite rare album with The Wizard
Guitarist Emperor Pick Peters and his Seidormatic System vol. 4. We had
volume 3 already in december 2016. That vol sounds much better by the
way. One way or the other, the juju is very nice if you’re able
to listen through the crackles ..

volume 3 1975

01 – Peter l’aja kan
02 – Ori lokun
—- Àgba sún’ra kì
—- Ògbeja f’ori gb’opa
—- Pègàn pègàn


for Nigerians

I.K. Dairo and his Blue Spot Band – Isele To Sele
Polygram 1978

Wat juju voor de zondag met I.K. Dairo en zijn Blue Spot Band.
We hadden er al twaalf en vandaag dus dertien, m’n geluksgetal.
Meester Dairo is de enige juju man die ik ken die soms de accor-
deon ter hand neemt, maar helaas ook op deze plaat weer niet.
Lekkere mellow juju, dat dus wel, down, deel en luister ..

Some juju for your sunday with I.K. Dairo and his Blue Spot Band.
We had twelve already and so today we have thirteen, my lucky
number. Master Dairo is the only juju man I know who uses the
acordeon every now and then. I’m so sorry, he doesn’t on this
album. One way or the other, nice mellow juju music,
get it, spread it and listen ..

Late Papa Abafemi Awolowo 1987
In the 60’s 1980
Ayinla Omowura Remembered 1980
Ashiko Music vol. 1 1971
Ashiko Music vol. 2 1972
The Green Eagles of Nigeria 1976
Yoruba Solidarity 1989
Everybody Prefers Dairo Star 1976
I.K. Dairo and his Blue Spots 1968
Ooni Of Ife 1984
Original Dairo Hits 1986
Unity in Nigeria 1978

tracks ;

01 – Omi ogunpa
—- Isele to sele
—- Rogbodi yan omo ilewe
—- Adura-agba
02 – Owo awaju
—- Oro arrangee
—- Managing director
—- Edumare bawa taiye se