Sunny Adé and his Green Spot Band -Nigerian’s Juju-Highlife at it’s Best,African Songs Ltd. early 70’s

Sunny Adé, front, cd size

Sunny Adé and his Green Spot Band made a series of 4 albums called
The Master Guitarist. They were recorded in the famous EMI Studio’s
at Abbey Road London and this LP is ‘The Best of Sunny Adé Master Guitarist’.
I am not sure but if we believe the text on the back, written by some former
owner, it could well be from 1973. Logically, we may conclude it is not from
after 1973. The 4 albums are a collection of his best songs in the first 5 years
of his fame. ( 1966 – 1971 ) Remarkable is the fact the LP contains 12 songs
that stand alone. We are used to find his albums with one or at most two tracks
on one LP-side. I read somewhere, the phenomenon develloped later and in the old
days the songs were much shorter. Also different from his later work is that the
music from this period is called Juju-Highlife instead of just Juju. These songs
are very fresh and expose a young Sunny Adé. Love the chorus.


1 Ija pari
2 Challenge Cup 1967
3 Olalekan salami
4 O le ku
5 Afojudi
6 Ibi lekeleke ti nf’oso
7 Late Alao ( Baba Oja )
8 A nw’oba
9 Adura wa
10 Egbe igbimo
11 Sewele
12 Adeleke Oshinjinrin