Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako vol. 1
Sonafric 1977

Les Ambassadeurs, voorkant

We hebben tot nu toe reeds zo’n vijf van hum albums gezien.
Telkens in veranderde samenstelling en uit verschillende
periodes. Dit exemplaar is uit 1977 en met Salif Keita en
Ousmane Dia als front zangers. Hij kraakt en knispert wel
een beetje maar dat mag de beleving er toch niet minder
op maken. Ik hoop op een mooie dag een betere versie
te vinden, tot die tijd, geniet van dit Malinese oudje..

We had some five of their albums so far here at the GG.
From different periods and in different line-ups. The one
we have here today is from 1977 and presents Salif Keita
and Ousmane Dia as lead singers. I must say it does have
some snap, crackle and pops but that can’t spoil the
nice atmosphere. I hope to find a better copy some
day but for now..enjoy this Malinese oldie..

titels ;

01 – Yassoumouka
02 – Fatema
03 – Super pitie
04 – Bolola sanou
05 – Mali denou
06 – Sabar
07 – Saranfing


Oumou Kouyate – Kala Djoula

Oumou Kouyate, voorkant

Uit Mali hebben we vandaag een schijf van jelimusolu
zangeres Oumou Kouyate. De eerste op haar naam
die hier langs komt. Uit welk jaar hij komt heb ik niet
kunnen vinden, misschien weet een van jullie het. De
plaat opent met een killer track die me direct over de
streep trok hem te plaatsen. Luister zelf..

Another great voice from the jelimusolu from Mali is her’s.
Oumou kouyate appears here first time with five tracks.
Lassissi and Sacodis arranged this recording, the year of
release is not quite clear. The lp opens with a killer track
which pulled me over the line of posting this album.

titels ;

01 – Kala djoula
02 – Founnou nanan
03 – Yougou ba
04 – Oumou nanan
05 – Ya woni


Rail Band – Melodias Rail Band
du Mali, Disques Kouma, 1976

Rail Band, front

How long has it been since I posted music from Mali ?
Too long I’d say. This is the Rail Band, we had several
of their records already, use our search-bar to find them.
This one is from 1976, some very nice tracks of which
I like number two the best, with Mory Kante and Salif
Keita both doing their part. Enjoy listening..


01 – Kankoun
02 – Tiramakan
03 – Soyomba
04 – Soundiata ( nouvelle version )


Ali Farka Toure – Ten Songs
World Circuit 1988

Ali Farka Toure, front

Ali Farka Toure

When beginning this blog, the most important mission
was digitising lp’s to make Mp3’s of them. Using cd’s
was no option. Slowly however some cd’s are also
becoming scarse and out of print. This one by Ali
Farka Toure from 1988 is not as available as it
used to be. Being short in time today I made
this choice of post. Lp’s remain our main
source but an exception is made.
Hope you like this one, enjoy..


01 – Timbarma
02 – Singya
03 – Nawiye
04 – Bakoytereye
05 – Tchigi fo
06 – Amandrai
07 – Kadi kadi
08 – Yulli
09 – Bakoye
10 – Amandrai live


Super Rail Band Orchestre du Buffet Hôtel de la Gare de Bamako – Disque de l’Année Mali Musique 1977

Super Rail Band, front

Wow, now I come to realise, it is almost a year and a half
since I posted us some music from Mali. This one by the
great Super Rail Band will surely make up for that long
hiatus. It is a bit worn out and some noise is inevitable.
..dusty tracks, still, I really love to listen to it, it has
great atmosphere, with Mory Kante from 1977.
Hope you enjoy, get it
& spread it..


1 Sinsimba
2 Balakononifing
3 Wale numa lombaliya
4 Tie diu guya


Manfila Kanté présente,Mamadi Diabaté et les Ambassadeurs -“a Pas de Géant”, Kaba Production

Mamadi Diabate, front

It’s been a while since we had us some music from Mali.
Mamadi Diabate and Les Ambassadeurs are here to
fill in the gap. I am absolutely not the one to tell you
all about these musicians but I do know one thing,
this is a hell of a record and worth a couple of
spins. I’m sure it will make your sunday.
Don’t forget, play and spread..


1   Moriba kaba
2   Yeke yeke
3   Iye iye
4   Talassa


Ouedraogo Mamadou & l’OrchestreSuper Rail Band International -Dioulou Koussoube, Sacodis 1979

Ouedraogo Mamadou, front

Speaking of discoveries, did you know the Super Rail Band
performed with this singer ? Ouedraogo Mamadou is the
name and the album is astonishing good. Check out the
line-up on this LP;

Dexter Johnson – 1e saxo
Kabine – 2e saxo
Issa Touncara – guitare bass
Djelimadi Tounkara – guitare solo
Djeli Moussa – guitare d’accompagnemer
Cheick Tidjane – orgue
Leo – batterie
Sekou – tumba
Ouedraogo Mamadou – chanteur
Mory Kante – 1e coeur
Sekou Kante – 2e coeur


1 Dioulou koussoube
2 Nong tem sega
3 Sovo p.e.r.
4 Toem zougo


Ambassadeur International – Mandjou,Badmos 1979

Ambassadeur International, front


Ambassadeur International

Kante Manfila : Chef d’orchestre, Guitare solo
Cissoko Moussa : Saxo-alto-tenor
Traore Kabine ( Tagus ) : Trompette
Salif Keita : Vocal
Ousmane Dia : Vocal
Nouhoun Keita : Batterie
Ousmane Kouyate : Guitare accompagement
Sekou Diabate : Guitare basse
Kaba Kante : Balafon
Smith : Orgue

Title : Mandjou
Label : Badmos
Number BLP 5040
Year of ( re- ) release : 1979


1 Mandjou
2 Kandja
3 4V
4 N’toman
5 Balla

R.I.P. Kante Manfila 1946 – 2011

At first I didn’t realize I already posted it back in 2009.
Other copy, slightly different cover.
This one’s more dynamic.


Les Ambassadeurs du Motel,Sonafric 1976

Les Ambassadeurs, front

Promised Arnaud to post some ‘kompa’ but every time
I start listening it just doesn’t get to me like it does to you.
Shame and scandal in the family, really sorry but I need some
time to get there. Meanwhile I’ll post something that you might like
aswell although quite different. From Mali we have Les
Ambassadeurs with Salif Keita and Kanté Manfila, it’s a
Sonafric release from 1976.
Got the music but no got no info, wanna try anyway ?


1 Diandjon
2 Wara
3 Kibaru


Ali Toure – dit “Farka”,Sonafric SAF 50.085, 1979

dit 'Farka'

Ali ‘Farka’ Toure was born Ali Ibrahim Touré in Bamako, Mali.
He was the 10th son but the only one that survived. His parents
nick-named him ‘Farka’, which means donkey, because he was so
stubborn and persistant. Famous in all of Africa his music is a blend
of traditional Malinese and blues. Ali reached worldfame with his ’94
album ‘Talking Timbuktu’ which he made with Ry Cooder. The album
was crowned with a Grammy award as was his 2005 album ‘In the heart
of the Moon’ with Toumani Diabate. He died 66 years old of bonecancer.
Listen to this 1979 LP on Sonafric, Ali Toure – dit “Farka”.


1 Banga
2 Kombocallia
3 Samarya
4 Hany
5 Djoungou
6 Doya
7 Kady


Na Hawa Doumbia – Sakòrò Mery,AS Records 1982

From 1982, this is Na Hawa Doumbia’s second album. One of
the three she recorded in Mali shortly after being discovered.
She became maybe Mali’s most popular Wassoulou singer.
I am most impressed by the freshness of her young voice
which belongs amongst the worlds finest, no doubt. The LP has
some crackles but that can’t keep us from enjoying her pure
and beautiful sound before moving to Paris and changing to a
much more modern appraoch. Enjoy Na Hawa Doumbia.


1 Sakòrò mery
2 Demisen kulu
3 Ma i ni wula
4 Jigi yiri