Orquesta Revé – La Explosion del
Momento, Areito / Egrem 1987

Orquesta Reve, front

Orquesta Reve

Changüí is a kind of salsa invented by the great Elio Reve.
We hear him on this 1987 album which was taken from Cuba
by my good friend René, thanks again buddy. Elio Reve and
his Orquesta Reve were the only group that played in this
typical style, that is as far as I’m aware of. If you know any
other group that plays changüí, please let us know. Mean
time let’s listen and enjoy this album and the ones we
posted in the past (3), have fun doing so..


01 – Salgado
02 – No me cojan para eso
03 – Espero que pase el tiempo
04 – El palo de anon
05 – El ron pa’ despue’
06 – Injusta duda
07 – Ron pa ‘to’ el mundo
08 – Changüi clave