Mark Stewart + Maffia
Learning to Cope with Cowardice
Plexus / On-U Sound 1983



Tegenwoordig schrikken we niet zo snel meer, toen dit uitkwam,
in 1983 echter, waren we wel ietwat overdonderd. Tamelijk expi-
rimentele sound van Mark Stewart and Maffia. Nog zo’n Adrian
Sherwood produktie waar de stukken vanaf springen. Het is nu
ondertussen pure cult geworden, vet goed geluid, luister zelf.
De laatste track is juist weer aktueel geworden,
dank je Trump..

Nowadays we don’t get shocked that easy anymore, when this
came out in 1983 however, it was rather overwhelming. Quite
experimental sound by Mark Stewart and Maffia. Another Adrian
Sherwood production, violently good stuff. It became a pure
cult record in the mean time, awesome good sound, listen.
The final track just became relevant again, thanx Trump..

tracks ;

01 – learning to cope with cowardice
02 – Liberty city
03 – Blessed are those who struggle
04 – None dare call it conspiracy
05 – Don’t you ever lay down your arms
06 – The paranoia of power
07 – To have the vision
08 – Jerusalem


Creation Rebel & New Age Steppers – Threat to Creation, On-U Sound 1981

Creation Rebel - New Age Steppers, front, cd size

I told you about the soundscaping skills of ‘Adrian Sherwood’, now here’s
a fine example of that craftmanship. This is DUB of topquality.
With, Eskimo Fox, Style Scott, Bruce ‘Minty’ Smith, ‘Lizard’ Logan,
George Oban, Crucial Tony, Keith Levine, Mr. Veral ‘Ranking Magoo’
Rose and Art Stepper.
Produced ( and disassembled ) by Adrian Sherwood for On-U Sound.


1 Chemical specialist
2 Threat to creation
3 Eugenic device
4 Last sane dream
5 Painstaker
6 Earthwire line
7 Ethos design
8 Final frontier


Singers & Players – Revenge of the Underdog, On-U Sound 1982

Singers & Players, front, cd size

It must have been 1980 or 1981, the birth of ‘On-U Sound’, a magic moment.
From the very beginning I was fascinated by the partly weird, but
super-groovy ‘Reggae’based, sounds created by the Wizard of Dub and
soundeffects, ‘Adrian Sherwood’, one of my alltime heroes !
His beats and basses are incomparable.
Ever since I heard the first notes of ‘On-U Sound’, I bought everything
I could find. What a great days they were.
With ‘Prince Far I’ ( cover ), ‘Jah Woosh’ and Bim Sherman on vocals,
and one of my favourite drummers on track 5, ‘Eskimo Fox’.


1 Dungeon
2 Merchant ship
3 Jah army band
4 Too much work load
5 Prodigal son
6 Follower
7 Water the garden
8 Resolution ( pt. 2 / version 2 )
9 Thing called love
10 Cha-ris-ma