Cortijo y su Combo con Ismael Rivera
Lo Ultimo y Lo Mejor
Rumba Records 1963

Rafael Cortijo is here once again with his great lead singer
Ismael Rivera. On this ‘Lo Ultimo y Lo Mejor’ they come out
with Merengue, Son Montuno, Rumba, Guaracha, Bolero,
Pachanga and Guaguancó. Puerto Rican latin from 1963.
Strictly killers and no fillers ..


Caballo de Hierro 1977
Baile con Cortijo y su Combo 1958
Champions 1975
Fiesta Boricua 1960
Ismael Rivera, Soy Feliz 1975

01 – Oriza
02 – Tuntuneco
03 – Yayabo
04 – Quitate de la via perico
05 – El retorno de la cucaracha
06 – Si te contara
07 – Moliendo cafe
08 – Perfume de rosa
09 – El chivo
10 – Druma cuyi
11 – Di donde estas
12 – Severa


José Jayk y su Conjunto – El Pollo Sabanero
Industria Nacional del Sonido Ltda. 1977

01 – La quimera
02 – Mal comportamiento
03 – Buscando un amor
04 – Ninfa sinuana
05 – Cumbia campesina
06 – Celos de mi maye
07 – Pachanga navideña
08 – Vieja costumbre
09 – Negra consentida
10 – Nostalgia sabanera

Pacho rada, Sipote Luto 1973
Pachito Rada, Plutarco Urrutia, El Heredero 1973
Juancho Polo Valencia, Pachito Rada, Dos Caras Vallenatas 1975
Pachito rada, Aquella Tarde 1975
Pachito Rada, El Millionario
Yo Soy Pachito Rada 1982


Super Eagles – Viva Super Eagles
Decca 1969


super-eagles-backsleeve-detail just click on


This Gambian group appears here with their debut album from
1969 on Decca. They play a mixture of styles from pop and soul
to rumba, bolero, pachanga and highlife, happy sound.
Unfortunately track nine has some nasty pops..

Super Eagles is een band uit Gambia die hier verschijnt met hun
eerste plaat uit 1969 op Decca. Ze spelen een bonte mix van pop
en soul tot rumba, bolero pachanga en highlife, happy sound.
Helaas heeft nummer negen wat lelijke tikken..

tracks ;

01 – Viva super eagles
02 – Dohi gudi bahut
03 – Gambia su nous raew
04 – Aduna poti ndala
05 – Love’s a real thing
06 – Hey jude
07 – Gambia zambia – african unity
08 – Don’t do that to me
09 – Tagu nein lein
10 – Alieu gori-mami
11 – False love
12 – Gail gain chi rabi


Semana Cubana
Arsenio Rodriguez – La Pachanga
Tico Records 1963



A Semana Cubana without Cuba’s greatest tres player and
composer of all time is unimaginable. Arsenio Rodriguez’
album ‘Primitivo’ is still the most downloaded record here
at the Global Groove.(1668x) The album we have today is also
very much sought after and I’m sure it will find a whole lot
of happy listeners. From 1963 and on Tico Records, enjoy..

Een Semana Cubana zonder Cuba’s grootste tres speler en
componist is natuurlijk ondenkbaar. Arsenio Rodriguez’
album ‘Primitivo’ is nog steeds het meest gedownloade
plaatje hier op de Global Groove.(1668x) De elpee die we
vandaag hebben is er een waar wereld wijd ook veel naar
gezocht wordt en ik weet zeker dat hij veel blije luisteraars
zal vinden. Uit 1963 en op Tico records..

tracks ;

01 – Que te parece juana
02 – Chango pachanga
03 – Toma cognac
04 – Tu estas en el swing mami
05 – Pachanga time
06 – Sacale brillo al piso
07 – Que mal es querer
08 – Te vuelve un dengue
09 – Un cachito pa mi
10 – Parece bobo
11 – Porfiando el gallo muere


Los Corraleros – Nuevo Tumbao
Discos Fuentes 1969

Corraleros, voorkant

Cheto, Zato y pepe

Om te beginnen, het spijt me zo voor degenen die slechts één
soort muziek kunnen waarderen. Variatie is alles in het leven
en verandering is wat ons op gang houdt, het is onvermijdelijk.

To start with, I’m so sorry for those who fancy one kind of music
only, for variety is the spice of life and change is everything
to keep us alive. It is inevitable.

Ik heb deze band altijd zeer serieus genomen, zoveel geweldige
artiesten speelden erin. Lisandro meza, Calixto Ochoa, Tony Zuñiga,
Eliseo Herrera, César Castro om er maar een paar te noemen. En dan
komt er zo’n nummer langs met Donald Duck stemmetjes, da’s even
schakelen maar toch, tja, de rest is gewoon weer fantastisch. Het blijft
een wereldband dus zullen we ze die grap maar vergeven. Luister zelf
maar, los Corraleros de majagual kunnen toch niet stuk..

I always took this band very serious, so many great artists played in it.
Lisandro meza, Calixto Ochoa, Tony Zuñiga, Eliseo Herrera, César Castro,
just to name a few. And then they appear with such a strange song with
Donald Duck voices in it. That was a moment of doubt, but then, what to
say, the rest of the album is just as fantastic as before so I guess we’ll
excuse them for making a joke. They remain a group of world class.
Listen yourself, los Corraleros de majagual are still marvelous..

titels ;

01 – Pompo del pilon
02 – El garrapatero
03 – Tengo tengo
04 – Los tres indiecitos
05 – Nuevo tumbao
06 – marta lucia
07 – La gallina
08 – Cerro verde
09 – Limpiando hebilla
10 – Que regreses ya
11 – El coplero
12 – Pajarillo montañero


Almanaque Musical Costeño vol. II
– Various Artists, Discos Fuentes

Almanaque, front

Fuentes label

Lately I’m so captured by vallenato that cumbia, gaita and
porro got neclected for a while. Let’s make up for the hiatus
and bring you a collector of coastal songs from the seventies.
It’s a thick slice of vinyl with the old yellow label just the way
we like’m best. This copy concerns a Venezuelan release, it
does not give a year however, if you should know please tell
us too. A variety of styles passes by, give
it a try and get it now..


01 – Los Corraleros de Majagual – La javillita
02 – Coca y sus Exploradores – Fuego
03 – Los Candelosos – Cumbia jala
04 – Peregoyo y su Combo Vacana – La vaca loca
05 – Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros – A goza la gaita
06 – Los Golden Boys – Sapo pepon
07 – Los Teenagers – Me lo prohibio el doctor
08 – Los Golden Boys – El pompo de las vocales
09 – Coca y sus Exploradores – Pa bailar
10 – Carlos Martelo y su Orquesta – La lagartija
11 – Julio Erazo y sus Guamaleros – Tana
12 – Calixto Ochoa y su Conjunto – Los sabanales


Roberto de la Barrera y su Sonora
Vamos a Pachanguear! con los Cocacolos
Eco / Discos Fuentes 1990

Roberto de la Barrera, front

Roberto de la Barrera, pa' los Cocacolos

It’s a re-release from 1990 on Discos Fuentes, originally
released in 1965. It was one of the first contributions to
Colombia’s salsa movement. The small pic shows the
original cover of the album. Pachangas and charangas
con los Cocacolos, give’m a spin and a push..


01 – Vamos a pachanguear
02 – Charanga loca
03 – La babucha
04 – Mi caleña
05 – Charanga campesina
06 – Vestio prestao
07 – La vieja nico
08 – Se formo
09 – Los cocacolos
10 – Pobre casimira
11 – Gozando la charanga
12 – Pachanga especial


22 Tracks about Football – Various Artists

22 tracks about footbal

Speaking of football, or soccer, whatever you prefer, I decided
to make a collector about it. It begins with a track from a cd
full of 78’s collected by John Peel’s wife. Nice old song, in the
middle we have two African songs, one Colombian and another
oldie with the Marx Brothers. On no.13 we have a track sung by
no one less than Pelé, with Sergio Mendes and on 20 a quite bad
Dutch caranaval song by our own Johan Cruyff, you wont believe
your ears. Most songs are Brazillian and about the famous Rio-club
Flamengo or Pelé, get it & spread it…


1 Albert Whelan – Pass! shoot!! goal!!!
2 João Nogueira e Outros – Hino de flamengo
3 Gasolina – E o juíz apitou
4 João Nogueira – Samba rubro-negra
5 Bezerra da Silva – Flamengo e mangueira
6 Hélio Nascimento – Continuo a ser flamengo
7 Varias crianças – Falando sobre futbol
8 Luiz Wanderley – Rei pelé
9 Pepé Kallé – Roger mila
10 Johnny Bokelo – A.s. biliman
11 Los Teenagers – Pachanga del futbol
12 The Marx Brothers – Professor wagstaff presents the football game ( Groucho )
13 Sergio Mendes e Pelé – Meu mundo é uma bola
14 Wilson Simonal – Obrigado pelé
15 Jackson do Pandeiro – O rei pelé
16 Grupo Fundo de Quintal – Sou flamengo, cacique e mangueira
17 Tim Maia – Flamengo
18 Gilberto Gil e Germano Mathias – Samba rubro-negro
19 Lonnie Donegan – World cup willie
20 Johan Cruyff – Oei oei oei ( dat was me weer een loei )
21 Gringo da Parada – Mengoooo
22 Torcedores de flamengo – Mengoo


Angel Vasquez y su Conjunto – La Gustadera
Discos Fuentes 1970

Angel Vasquez, front

Today’s contribution concerns a recent discovery. I heard
this lp and fel in love with it straight away. The combination
of acordeon, the strong rhythms, it’s roughness is just so
sweet. Angel Vasquez’s raw voice captured me instantly.
It may sound silly but I also love the image of the frontsleeve,
the simplicity of a yellow background with picture and text,
plain, simple and uncomplicated, big letters, it’s goood.
All together, a happy post,
get it & spread it..


1 Sabalo caliente
2 Marucha
3 La gustadera
4 Fiestas cordobesas
5 Los sampayos
6 Chicha sabrosa
7 Chambacu
8 Pantalon caliente
9 El mosquito
10 El dia que te vi
11 Recuerdo al viento
12 Se atropella el castellano


Eddie Palmieri y su Conjunto ‘la Perfecta’ El Molestoso
Alegre Records 1963

Eddie Palmieri, front

This is the second lp by latin pianist Eddie Palmieri and his group
‘La Perfecta’. They were the originators of a sound called ‘trombanga’,
introducing two trombones and a flute instead of trumpets. This contributed
a lot to their early sixties succes in the New York latin scene. Later it was
also used by artists such as Willie Colon and Manny Oquendo among others.
The vocals on this 1963 album are taken care of by Ismael Quintana. Enjoy..


1   El molestoso
2   Asi es la humanidad
3   Lazaro y su microfono
4   Contento estoy
5   Sabroso guaguanco
6   Yo sin ti
7   Co un amor se borra otro amor
8   En cadenas
9   La gioconda
10  No critiques


Rolando La’Serie y Tito Puente -Pachanga in New York,Gema 1963

La'Serie y Puente, front

El Rey de la Pachanga y el Rey de los Timbales, together
on this album ; Pachanga in New York. From the time these
guys blew the ceilings through the roofs in NYC. A colaboration
between two titans that resulted in this dynamite recording, listen.


1 Para la quimbamba
2 Caimitillo y marañón
3 Un poco más
4 Marta
5 Todo para tí
6 Que me digan feo
7 El pachanguero
8 Malagueña
9 El manisero
10 Mis tinieblas
11 Flores negras
12 Con las glorias


African Retro vol.1 ‘Pont sur le Zaïre’ -Various Artists, Pathé Marconi / EMI 1976

African Retro vol.1, front

From 1976 we have this collection of Congolese songs called
African Retro vol.1 ‘Pont sur le Zaïre’. On side one, 6 songs
by the great Orchestre OK Jazz. Track #4 was written by Coimy,
track #5 by Dele, the other 4 tracks by Franco. On the second side
#1&2 by Essous, Orchestre Bantous, #5&6 also Orchestre Bantous
#5 by Essous and #6 by Mujos. Tracks 3&4 are by Orchestre Cercul.
#3 written by Henry Biby de Massouka and #4 by Franklin Boukaka.
Some fireworks saved for you at the end of the year, cheers.


1 Orchestre OK Jazz – Misele
2 Orchestre OK Jazz – On a ose le dire
3 Orchestre OK Jazz – Polo
4 Orchestre OK Jazz – Bolingo ya bougie
5 Orchestre OK Jazz – Si tu bois beaucoup
6 Orchestre OK Jazz – Le temps passe
7 Orchestre Bantous – Pa’ vacillar
8 Orchestre Bantous – Bantous pachanga
9 Orchestre Cercul – Mobali ya craneur
10 Orchestre Cercul – Honole
11 Orchestre Bantous – Endiable merengue
12 Orchestre Bantous – Tout Brazza


Franco et l’O.K. Jazz à Paris, Pathé Marconi / EMI

Franco à Paris, front, cd size

If you’re into Cuban music and also into African, this is an
item not to miss. We can’t remember him enough, Franco and his
O.K. Jazz. This LP from the 60’s contains Cha cha cha, Rumba,
Pachanga and Charanga, give it a go.


1 Mindondo ya kosuana
2 Baila mi Carabine
3 Colonel Bangala
4 Ven y ven y ven
5 Tango ngai nazalaki somele
6 Retroussons les manches
7 Matinda
8 O.K. Jazz elombe ngangate
9 Course au pouvoir


Arsenio Rodriguez y
su Conjunto, Ansonia

Time for some Cuban music. One of Cuba’s most famous bringers
of Afro-Cuban, is Arsenio Rodriguez, his songs are still being
played today. Arsenio lost his sight at the age of seven, but his skills,
playing the ‘Trés’ stand firm. Singers on this album are; ‘Raffi Martinez’,
‘Israel Castro’, ‘Candido Antommattei’ and ‘Chewi Rivera’.


1 El reloj de pastora
2 No importa la distancia
3 Comprendo que sufres
4 Yambú en serenata
5 Linda Cubana
6 Hachero pa’un palo
7 El divorcio
8 Frutas del Caney
9 Santa Cecilia
10 Sabor de pachanga
11 Errante y bohemio
12 Pucho Marquez