Rebel Sunday – Various Artists

It was in may 2014 I made this compilation especially for the GG.
I just discovered it has mysteriously disappeared however. Why
and how ? .. you tell me, I have no idea. The compilation contains
6 of my favourite 12″ singles from the eighties, six singles with
tracks I used to play a lot in those days. Over the years more of
my precious posts have vanished strangely, if you remember
one that is gone too, please remind me so I can Re-Post it.
A pure coincidence I find out on a sunday by the way.
Also pure coincidental is the presence of track # 13,
Nothing to do with the fact that
tomorrow is Blue Monday,
better take # 6 ..

Het moet in de maand mei van 2014 geweest zijn dat ik ‘m heb
gepost. Ik kwam er echter zojuist achter dat ook deze post op
mysterieuze wijze van de GG is verdwenen. De compilatie bevat
zes van mijn favoriete 12″ singles, zes singels die ik in die tijd veel
plachtte te draaien. Zo door de jaren zijn er meerdere posts op
vreemde wijze verdwenen. Mocht jij je er een herrinneren die
weg is, als je het me meldt plaats ik ‘m direkt opnieuw.
Puur toeval dat ik dit op zondag ontdek overigens.
Ook puur toeval is de aanwezigheid van track # 13,
niets te maken met het feit dat het
morgen blue monday is,
beter is # 6 ..

01 – Malcolm McLaren – Soweto
02 – Malcolm McLaren – Zulu’s on a Timebomb
03 – Malcolm McLaren – D’ya like scratchin’
04 – Frank Zappa – I don’t wanna get drafted
05 – Frank Zappa – Ancient armaments
06 – The The – Perfect
07 – The The – The nature of virtue, version 2
08 – John Cale – Chicken shit
09 – John Cale – Memphis
10 – John Cale – Hedda Gabbler
11 – Dept.S – I want
12 – Dept.S – Monte Carlo or bust
13 – Dept.S – Put all the crosses in the right boxes
14 – Mark Stewart & Mafia – Jerusalem, High ideals + Crazy dreams
15 – Mark Stewart & Mafia – Liberty City


Joe Cocker – Sheffield Steel
Island 1982

From the same year as yesterday’s album, same label and
also with Sly, Robbie, Barry Reynolds, Wally Badarou, Mikey
Chung and Sticky Thompson we’ve got this stunning record
by Joe Cocker. Also starring are Adrian Belew, Jimmy Cliff
and Robert Palmer. What a great line-up and ditto album.
Sly & Robbie guarantee an incredible fatback sound again ..

Uit het zelfde jaar als gisteren’s album, zelfde label en ook
met Sly, Robbie, Barry Reynolds, Wally Badarou, Mikey Chung
en Sticky Thompson hebben we deze pracht plaat met Joe
Cocker. Ook van de partij zijn Adrian Belew, Jimmy Cliff en
Robert Palmer. Wat een Line-up en ditto elpee. Sly & Robbie
staan wederom garant voor een ongelooflijk dikke sound ..

01 – Look what you’ve done
02 – Shocked
—- Sweet little woman
03 – Seven days
04 – Marie
05 – Ruby lee
06 – Many rivers to cross
07 – So good so right
08 – Talking back to the night
09 – Just like always


Barry Reynolds – I Scare Myself
Island 1982

Vandaag maar eens een heel andere kant op. In de lange
lijst Sly & Robbie projecten is dit een plaat die hoog staat
op mijn lijstje. In 1982 kwam hij uit en scoorde direct als
geen ander. Barry Reynolds werkte jaren met Marianne
Faithfull met wie hij op deze plaat ook enkele nummers
schreef. 10 strakke tracks die naast Sly & Robbie werden
opgenomen met een aantal artiesten die vooral bekend
staan om hun werk in de reggae. We zien Wally Badarou,
Mikey Chung en Sticky Thompson. Prachtige backing vocals
door Marcia Griffiths en Judy Mowatt. Een
snoepje van de bovenste plank ..

And now for something completely different. In the long list
of Sly & Robbie projects, this is a record that stands in high
position. It appeared in 1982 and immediately scored big time.
Barry Reynolds worked with Marianne Faithful for years. She
co-wrote a number of songs on this album. 10 tight tracks
that, next to Sly & Robbie, were recorded with artists we
mainly know from reggae music. We find Wally Badarou,
Mikey Chung and Sticky Thompson. Great backing vocals by
Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt. A slice of sweets ..


01 – I scare myself
02 – Irony
03 – Guilt
—- More money
04 – Till the doctor gets back
05 – Broken english
06 – Times square
07 – Over here (no time for justice)
08 – Give me love
09 – The bold fenian men


Phil Manzanera – Diamond Head
Atco 1975

Phil Manzanera was most known as Roxy Music’s lead guitarist.
To me his solo albums always were favourite. Being the son of
a Colombian mother and an English father he was born in London
but lived in various South American countries during his childhood.
With artists like Robert Wyatt, Brian Eno and Andy Mackay and many
others. He worked with Steve Winwood, David Gilmour, John Cale,
Godley & Creme, Nico and John Wetton to name a few .. more at Wikipedia

01 – Frontera
02 – Diamond head
03 – Big day
04 – The flex
05 – Same time next week
06 – Miss shapiro
07 – East of echo
08 – Lagrima
09 – Alma


Tim Buckley – Sefronia
Discreet 1974

Tim Buckley, jeff’s father, has been an idol since I first
laid my ears on his music late seventies. It all started
with Look at The Fool, his last album. Tim sadly died
after taking an overdose of heroin age 28, june 29th,
1975. He started as a folk singer but his style changed
to soul, jazz, psychadelica, avant-garde over the years.
One of the greatest voices ever in seventies pop music.

Look At The Fool 1974

01 – Dolphins
02 – Honey man
03 – Because of you
04 – Peanut man
05 – Martha
06 – Quicksand
07 – I know I’d recognize your face
08 – Stone in love
09 – Sefronia-after asklepiades
10 – Sefronia-the kong’s chain
11 – Sally go ’round the roses


David Crosby – If I Could Only Remember My Name….
Atlantic 1971


Wonderful 1971 Atlantic recording with David Crosby.
Featuring Graham Nash, Neil Young, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzman,
David Frieberg, Henry Diltz, Paul Kantner, Michael Shrieve,
Ethan Crosby, Laura Allen, Jerry Garcia, Jack Casady, Jorma
Kaukonen, Grace Slick, Gregg Rolie, Joni Mitchell, Gary Burden,
Stephen Barneard, Robert Hammer, David Geffen, Ronald Stone,
Elliot Roberts and David Crosby himself.
A trip almost 50 years back in time.

01 – Music is love
02 – Cowboy movie
03 – Tamalpais high (at about 3)
04 – Laughing
05 – What are their names
06 – Traction in the rain
07 – Song with no words (tree with no leaves)
08 – Orleans
09 – I’d swear there was somebody here


Dalek I Love You – Dalek I Love You
Korova / WEA 1983

Another 1983 delicious slice is this one by Dalek I Love You.
We enjoyed listening to it a whole lot. “Look Good, Get Smart,
Smell Nice, Work Hard, Ambition”. Wonderful lyrics, funky sound,
splendid art work “Have You Got It?” This was and still is one of my
favourite new wave albums. If you never heard it, do not hesitate,
get it and spread it as usual straight away. Again some skips may
be slightly out of place, better listen in one take ..

Een andere heerlijke 1983 schijf vinyl is deze met Dalek I Love You.
We hebben er altijd met enorm veel plezier naar geluisterd. “Look
Good, Get Smart, Smell Nice, Work Hard, Ambition”. Geweldige
teksten, funky sound, prachtig art work. “Have You Got It?” Dit
was en is nog steeds één van m’n lievelings new wave platen.
Als je ‘m nooit hebt gehoord, twijfel dan niet. Down, deel
en luister onmiddelijk zoals altijd. Wederom kunnen
enkele skips wat fout zitten, luister het best achter
elkaar door dus ..


01 – Holiday in disneyland
02 – Horrorscope
03 – Health and happiness
04 – The mouse that roared
05 – Dad on fire
06 – Ambition
07 – Lust
08 – 12 hours of blues
09 – Sons of sahara
10 – Africa express


Gene Loves Jezebel – Promise
Situation 2, 1983

Identical twin brothers Jay (John) and Michael Aston are better
known as ‘Gene Loves Jezebel’. They had a couple of successes
during the 1980’s. I think their best album was their first one
called ‘Promise’ from 1983. My friends and me played it over
and over, crazy about their emotional way of singing .
The songs are melt together and placing the exact skips
may have worked poorly here and there. Better listen
to it as a whole .. Love the artwork on this one ..

De één eiige tweelingbroers Jay (John) en Michael Aston zijn
beter bekend als ‘Gene Loves Jezebel’. Ze hadden diverse successen
tijdens de jaren tachtig. Ik vind hun eerste album, genaamd ‘Promise’
uit 1983, ook direct hun beste. Mijn vrienden en ik draaiden hem grijs,
gek op hun emotionele manier van zingen. De nummers zijn op kant
één aan elkaar gemonteerd en de skips kunnen her en der wat
rommelig zijn. Beter om in één take af te luisteren dus.
Prachtige plaat, prachtige hoes ..


01 – Upstairs
02 – Bruises
03 – Pop tarantula
04 – Screaming for emmalene
05 – Scheming
06 – Bread from heaven
07 – Influenza
08 – Shower me with brittle punches
09 – Wraps and arms
10 – Psychological problems


Fad Gadget – Incontinent + bonus tracks
Mute Records 1981

The 1980’s were an interesting decade musicwise. We listened to
reggae, african and ofcourse a lot of new wave. Great Brittain was
the cradle of a whole lot of interesting bands. I’m gonna post some
this week, starting with this artist. This is the second album from
1981 by splendid artist .. ;

Francis John Tovey(8 September 1956 – 3 April 2002), known also
by his stage name Fad Gadget, was a British avant-garde electronic
musician and vocalist. He was a proponent of both new wave and
early industrial music, fusing together a unique blend of pop structured
songs mixed with mechanised experimentation.As Fad Gadget, his
music was characterised by the use of synthesizers in conjunction
with sounds of found objects, including drills and electric razors. His
bleak, sarcastic and darkly humorous lyrics were filled with biting
social commentary toward subjects such as machinery, industrialisation,
consumerism, human sexuality, mass media, religion, domestic violence
and dehumanization while often being sung in a deadpan voice.(wiki)
Cover photography by Anton Corbijn.

Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People

01 – Blind eyes
02 – Swallow it
03 – Saturday night special
04 – Incontinent
05 – Manual dexterity
06 – Innocent bystander
07 – King of the flies
08 – Diminished responsibility
09 – Plain clothes

Bonus tracks ;

10 – Collapsing new people, 12″ Berlin mix (with Einstürzende Neubauten)
11 – Love parasite (album mix)


Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band – Trout Mask Replica
Reprise Records 1970

Unconditionally Guaranteed 1974

tracks ;

01 – Frownland
02 – The Dust Blows Forward ‘n The Dust Blows Back
03 – Dachau Blues
04 – Ella Guru
05 – Hair Pie- Bake 1
06 – Moonlight On Vermont
07 – Pachuco Cadaver
08 – Bills Corpse
09 – Sweet Sweet Bulbs
10 – Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish
11 – China Pig
12 – My Human Gets Me Blues
13 – Dali’s Car
14 – Hair Pie- Bake 2
15 – Pena
16 – Well
17 – When Big Joan Sets Up
18 – Fallin’ Ditch
19 – Sugar ‘n Spikes
20 – Ant Man Bee
21 – Orange Claw Hammer
22 – Wild Life
23 – She’s Too Much For My Mirror
24 – Hobo Chang Ba
25 – The Blimp (Mousetrapreplica)
26 – Steal Softly Thru Snow
27 – Old Fart At Play
28 – Veteran’s Day Poppy


You Are What You Eat – Various Artists
music by John Simon
CBS 1968

tracks ;

01 – Rosko – Teenage fair
—- Peter Yarrow – Moments of soft persuasion
—- Peter Yarrow – Silly girl
—- Tiny Tim – Desert moog music
—- Tiny Tim – Be my baby
—- John Herold – The family dog
—- Hamsa el Din – The nude dance
—- John Simon – My name is jack
02 – Tiny Tim and Eleanor Baruchion – I got you babe
—- Paul Butterfield – You are what you eat
—- John Simon – Beach music
—- Peter Yarrow and John Simon – The wabe
—- Peter Yarrow – Don’t remind me now of time
—- John Simon – Painting for freakout
—- The Electric Flag and John Simon – Freakout


Halfnelson – Halfnelson
Bearsville / Warner Brothers 1971

In de categorie oude popplaten vandaag het debuutalbum
van de Sparks. In den beginne noemden ze zich nog Halfnelson,
de naam die al snel om commerciele redenen werd veranderd
in Sparks. Alleen dit eerste album is onder deze naam. Gepro-
duceerd door Todd Rundgren en een elpee die de broertjes
Russell en Ron Mael weinig tot geen succes bracht. Verder
met Earle en Jim Mankey en Harley Feinstein. Zelf heb ik
er altijd met plezier naar geluisterd ..

In our popmusic category today the debut album of the Sparks.
Back in 1971 they called themselves Halfnelson, a name they
changed in Sparks very quickly for commercial reasons. Only
the first album was released under this name. Produced by
Todd Rundgren and an elpee that didn’t bring fortune and
fame to the brothers Russell and Ron Mael. Also with Earle
and Jim Mankey and Harley Feinstein. Personally
I have always enjoyed it ..


tracks ;

01 – Wondergirl
02 – Fa la fa lee
03 – Roger
04 – High C
05 – Fletcher honorama
06 – Simple ballet
07 – Slowboat
08 – Biology 2
09 – Saccharin and the war
10 – Big bands
—- (No more) mr. nice guys


The Mothers of Invention – Absolutely Free
Verve 1967

Tja Gerrit, je zei het al, ik ben benieuwd hoeveel reacties je hierop
krijgt. Alleen jij kon je er nog mee identificeren kennelijk. Dit is echter
geen reden om mijn Zappa revival te cancelen. Het is december en dat
is de maand van nostalgische popplaten hier op de Global Groove. Hier
is dus deel twee in de Frank Zappa en de Mothers of Invention story.
Absolutely Free, een heerlijke uitspatting uit het jaar 1967, luister ..

Yes folks, as blogpal Gerrit already predicted, the first Mothers of Invention
did not provoke any reactions except for his own. Meanwhile we continue
our little Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention revival for it is december,
the month for nostalgic popmusic records here at the Global Groove. So here’s
part two, Absolutely Free from 1967. Enjoy listening .. or not ..

Discogs, the Mothers
Discogs, Frank Zappa

tracks ;

#1 in a series of underground oratorios
01 – Plastic people
—–The duke of prunes
—–Amnesia vivace
—–The duke regains his chops
—–Call any vgetable
—–Invocation & ritual dance of the young pumpkin
—–Soft-sell conclusion & ending of side #1
#2 in a series of underground oratotios
02 – America drinks
—–Status-back baby
—–Uncle bernie’s farm
—–Son of suzy creamcheese
—–Brown shoes don’t make it
—–America drinks & goes home