John Martyn – Live at Leeds
a are evening with John Martyn, Danny Thompson
and John Stevens, Dig It ! Plane 1987



Zo aan het eind van het jaar maken we altijd wat uitstapjes naar
muziek die je hier niet zo vaak tegenkomt. Even los van de tropische
stijlen. Verandering van smaak doet vaak goed en daarom vandaag iets
van vroeger. Dit is een plaat die ik zeer veel heb gedraaid eind jaren 70
en ook later in de 80er jaren. Ik was in de veronderstelling dat ik Solid
Air van John Martyn al eens geplaatst had maar ik vergis me daar. Die
komt zeker nog eens. Nu deze live registratie, opgenomen in Leeds in
1975 aan de Universiteit en origineel uitgebracht in 1976. Dit is de her-
uitgave uit 1987. Ga er eens goed voor zitten, je zweeft er volledig
op weg, super sfeervolle plaat die je niet wil missen..

Towards the end of the year we often take you in directions you’re
not used to here at the Global Groove. Away from the tropical styles
we normally post, variation is the spice of life they say so today some-
thing completely different. This is an album I played very much at the
end of the seventies and through the eighties as well. I thought I posted
Solid Air by John Martyn already but appearantly I am mistaking. That
one will certainly come one fine day. Today a live registration, recorded
at Leeds University in 1975 and originally released in 1976. This is the
re-release from 1987. Sit down and let it happen to you, the music
floats away, very atmospheric experience you don’t want to miss..

tracks ;

01 – Inside out
02 – Solid air
03 – Make no mistake / Bless the weather
04 – Man in the station
05 – I’d rather be the devil


the Animals – Animalisms
Decca 1966



Toen ik vanmorgen opstond zag de wereld er heel anders uit.
Misschien een mooi moment om ook eens heel andere muziek
te luisteren. Europees weer, Europese sound erbij. Eric Burdon
en de Animals met een plaat uit 1966, ja echt alweer 51 jaar oud
maar nog steeds prima te beluisteren is deze Animalisms, check..

When I woke up this morning the world looked competely different.
Maybe a good moment to post and listen some completely different
music for a change. European weather, European sound to go with it.
Eric Burdon and the Animals with an album from 1966. Yes it is 51 yrs.
old but still very nice to listen to. Check out these Animalisms now..

tracks ;

01 – One monkey don’t stop no show
02 – Maudie
03 – Outcast
04 – Sweet little sixteen
05 – You’re on my mind
06 – Clapping
07 – Gin house blues
08 – Squeeze her-tease her
09 – What am I living for
10 – I put a spell on you
11 – That’s all I am to you
12 – She’ll return it


New Orleans Special
The Wild Magnolias, Polydor 1974



Mijn eerste encounter met New Orleans funky muziek moet
eind jaren zestig hebben plaats gevonden. Toen Lee Dorsey
de hit ‘Working in the coalmine’ had. Ik was nog te jong om het
te beseffen. Pas eind jaren zeventig drong het allemaal tot me
door. Met de platen van Dr. John, the Meters e.d. werd duidelijk
hoe geweldig deze muziek is. Het was nóg veel later toen ik kennis
maakte met Bo Dollis en de Wild Magnolias. Hier hebben we hun 1974
album. Een andere groep New Orleans indianen was The Wild Tchoupitoulas,
een soortgelijke band die ook in de jaren zeventig opereerde. Met de
broertjes Neville van de Meters en geproduceerd door Allen toussaint
die ook de hit ‘Working in the coalmine’ had geschreven. Tijdens de Mardi
Gras, het New Orleans carnaval komt het allemaal samen, indianen bont
gekleed de straat op, de muziek uit het stof, één groot feest in de straten.
Hier zijn wat plaatjes om het verhaal kracht bij te zetten, luister..

My first encounter with New Orleans funky music must have taken place
during he end of the sixties when Lee Dorsey had a hit with ‘Working in the
coalmine’. I was too young to realise though. Only by the end of the seventies
it started to become clear to me. listening to Dr. John and the Meters I found
out just how great this music is. Still much later I got aquainted with the music
of Bo Dollis and the Wild magnolias. Today we’ve got their 1974 album. Another
New Orleans Indian group was The Wild Tchoupitoulas, with the brothers Neville
of the Meters and produced by Allen Toussaint who wrote ‘Working in the coalmine’.
They operated around the same time, mid seventies. During the Mardi gras, the
New Orleans carnival, it all comes together, Indians go out dresed in colours and
the streets of New Orleans turn into a big party. Do check these records
to find out, listen and agree, this is wild party stuff..

titels ;

01 – Handa wanda
02 – Smoke my peace pipe
03 – Two way pak a way
04 – Corey died on the battlefield
05 – Soul, soul, soul
06 – Saints



titels ;

01 – Gris-gris gumbo ya ya
02 – Danse kalinda ba doom
03 – mama roux
04 – Danse fambeaux
05 – Croker coutbullion
06 – Jump sturdy
07 – I walk on guilded splinters



titels ;

01 – People say
02 – Love is for me
03 – Just kissed my baby
04 – What’cha say
05 – Jungle man
06 – Hey pocky a-way
07 – It ain’t no use
08 – Loving you is on my mind
09 – Africa
10 – People say ( single version )
11 – Hey pocky a-way ( single version )


O Melhor de Ed Lincoln
Musidisc 1971

Ed Lincoln, voorkant

De plaatjes van Ed Lincoln beginnen steeds meer een cult-status
te krijgen. Deejays around the planet gebruiken samples van de
nummers die toch veelal uit de jaren zestig dateren. De sound die
hij toen ontwikkelde klinkt ook vandaag nog als een klokkie..Zelf
mag ik het ook vaak op feestjes opzetten en het publiek gaat
er altijd weer goed op, luister en zeg zelf, coool spul..

The records of Ed Lincoln are more and more develloping a
cult-status. Deejays around the globe use samples of the tracks
that are mostly from the sixties. The sound he created in those days
is still hot today and always seem to score at parties.
Listen and agree, it’s cool stuff..

titels ;

01 – O ganso
02 – The blues walk
03 – Pergunte ao joão
04 – Canção para o homem no espaço
05 – Vou rir de você
06 – A rosa
07 – Centenário
08 – É o cid
09 – Eu não vou mais
10 – Miss balanço
11 – Carioca
12 – Na onda do berimbau


David Bowie – Hunky Dory
RCA Victor 1971

David Bowie, voorkant

David Bowie, achterkant

Een van m’n jeugdhelden overleed gisteren.
Dit is denk ik de plaat die ik het meest gedraaid heb.

A childhood heroe passed away yesterday.
One of my most precious albums is this one.

R.I.P. David..

titels ;

01 – Changes
02 – Oh! you pretty things
03 – Eight line poem
04 – Life on mars?
05 – Kooks
06 – Quicksand
07 – Fill your heart
08 – Andy Warhol
09 – Song for bob dylan
10 – Queen bitch
11 – The bewlay brothers


Nils Lofgren – Cry Tough
A&M Records Inc. 1976

Nils Lofgren, front

Okay folks, come back in time with me. Do you remember
half way the seventies we were listening mainly to popmusic.
Guitars were and are still the instrument that can bring us
into extasy. Over the years one records certain guitarparts
in the brain, somehow when they pass by you know every
little sound, every slip of the fingers, it’s like you’re there,
inside that incredible sweet stroke, that pull of the string.
Okay, enough laba laba, the lp I recorded for you to taste
is this one by the magnificent Nils Lofgren. I can dream
this album, listened to it so much in those days, his
skills are unequalled. Something else for a change,
a treat for guitarlovers like yourself maybe..


01 – Cry tough
02 – It’s not a crime
03 – Incidentally…it’s over
04 – For your love
05 – Share a little
06 – Mud in your eye
07 – Can’t get closer
08 – You lit a fire
09 – Jailbait


Osvaldo Nunes & the Pop’s – Ta’ Tudo Aí !
Equipe 1974

Osvaldo Nunes, front

It is from 1974, Rio de Janeiro Brasil, on the Equipe label
and quite something different than one would expect.
Osvaldo Nunes was here before with a straight samba
album but the one we have here today has a much more
poppy sound. It is samba but with more guitar and organ,
mostly we hear a more accoustic sound with violão,
cavaquinho and cuíca and such. Osvaldo Nunes and
the Pop’s really rock ! Give it a spin, listen
and make up your own mind..


1 Ta’ tudo aí !
2 Cateretê
3 Outro amor de carnaval
4 Você deixa ?
5 Guerra santa
6 Tamanqueiro
7 Dendeca
8 Dôce canção
9 Cascata
10 Mulher de malandro
11 Chorei, chorei
12 Canto da sereia


The Mothmen – Pay Attention !
On-U Sound lp2, 1981

the Mothmen, front

Pay Attention !

Quite some time ago, when I still made ‘Ramdog’s Rough Site’,
I posted this album. Thought I already moved it to the GG but I
guess I didn’t. This is the second lp on the great On-U Sound label
and I have always liked it a lot. Typical 80’s UK sound, experimental
stuff, reggae, punk and popmusic merged into this brandnew sound..


1 Afghan farmer driving cattle/Animal animaux
2 Not moving
3 Factory/Teapoint/Factory
4 Please let go
5 Tardis
6 Mothman


Kevin Coyne – Saviour & 22 others

Coyne, front

To break with the daily grind for once, I’m spoiling y’all with some
of those indestructible Kevin Coyne sounds. Always been a huge
admirer of the man. You didn’t know him yet ? About time,
to go short, you sat yo’ ass down for a solid listen.
23 lp openers for your pleasure,…so snatch
it, play it and push it through..


1 Strange locomotion
2 Saviour
3 Stride ( Siren )
4 Little miss dynamite
5 River of sin
6 God bless the bride
7 Are you deceiving me ?
8 I’m still here
9 Stand up for england
10 Dark dance hall ( live )
11 The only one
12 English rose
13 Marlene
14 There she goes
15 Black cloud
16 Fat man
17 People
18 Big money man
19 Sugar turning sour
20 Born crazy
21 Marjorie razorblade
22 Sugar candy taxi
23 Relaxing with bonnie lou


Tagrijn Reünie 2013 – De Hits van Vroeger

Tagrijn Reünie 2013 - De Hits van Vroeger

Something special tonight, a compilation of songs we used
to play a whole lot in the past. Tagrijn was a youthcenter I
frequented at the end of the 70’s and early 80’s. Tonight’s
reünion made me compile this little collector for those who
are interested. Some songs are younger but they breathe the
atmosphere we all loved in those days, hope U like..


1   Big Youth – Marcus Garvey dread
2   Mink Deville – Spanish stroll
3   Black Uhuru – Sponji reggae
4   Ian Dury & the Blockheads – Billericay Dickey
5   Jimmy Cliff – The harder they come
6   The Clash – Armageddon time
7   Althia and Donna – Uptown top ranking
8   Elvis Costello – Watching the detectives
9   Barrington Levy – Black roses
10  Iggy Pop The passenger
11  Prince Buster – Al Capone
12  The Meters – Jungle man
13  Dave and Ansell Collins – Double barrel
14  Allen Toussaint – Everything I do gonna be funky
15  Linton Kwesi Johnson – Want fi goh rave
16  Cypress Hill – Hits from the bong
17  Junior Byles – Demonstration
18  Booker-T & the MG’s – Green onions
19  The Maytals – Broadway jungle
20  Shabba Ranks – Wicked inna bed



Big Star – # One Record & Radio City,Line Records 1990

# One Record & Radio City

When watching one of my favourite TV shows last night, they
had quite a nice surprise. Tim Knol, a Dutch singer appeared
with Jody Stephens, one of the original members of Big Star.
For many an unknown group from the early seventies. They
only existed a couple of years but made some very nice
records. I thought it would be something else for a change
to post some pop music from the old days. Towards the end
of the year I always tend to play loads of different styles of
music. Variation is a must for me, it helps to remain sharp.
So if you saw DWDD last night as well and wondered about
the rest of the material, check this,
hope U like,..


1   Feel
2   The ballad of el goodo
3   In the stree
4   Thirteen
5   Don’t lie to me
6   The india song
7   When my baby’s beside me
8   My life is right
9   Give me another chance
10  Try again
11  Watch the sunrise
12  St 100/6
13  O my soul
14  Life is white
15  Way out west
16  What’s going ahn
17  You get what you deserve
18  Mod lang
19  Back of a car
20  Daisy glaze
21  She’s a mover
22  September gurls
23  Morpha too
24  I’m in love with a girl


Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band -Unconditionally Guaranteed,Mercury 1974

Captain Beefheart, front

This morning I found out we lost one of my old idols.
Don van Vliet alias Captain Beefheart died yesterday,
age 69. He used to be one of my favourite popstars from
the seventies. His music was not exactly middle of the road.
With his raw and hoarse voice he stood out for bringing us
something different, something new. Although a kind of music
you’re not used to find here, I thought it would be appropriate
to post the Captain today. I always loved his music and this
time of year is very suitable for pulling up old memories.
So, try something else for a change and check this
wonderful LP of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.
Rest in peace Don van Vliet, we’ll play all your
records again this weekend.


1 Upon the my-o-my
2 Sugar bowl
3 New electric ride
4 Magic be
5 Happy love song
6 Full moon, hot sun
7 I got love on my mind
8 This is the day
9 Lazy music
10 Peaches


Van Dyke Parks – Discover America, Warner Bros. Records 1972

Van Dyke Parks, front, cd size

What we have here is something quite special.
I used to play this record very much ever since I discovered
it, must have been around 1975 or 6. I always loved it and it
was only years later I found out some things. Track # 1 for
instance is ofcourse ‘Mighty Sparrow’.
Again much later I learned that track # 7, ‘John Jones’ is a
song by Rudi Mills, just_to_show_you.
And it was only yesterday I found out that track # 3, ‘Bing Crosby’
is an old Calypso song by ‘The Lion’ and track # 15, ‘G-man Hoover’,
is originated by ‘Sir Lancelot.
I am always thrilled to find out things like this, they make
the pieces of the big puzzle fall into place.
Still shook up and excited, the hair on my arms stood up while
I was ripping it, I have to give credits to my collegue Yoyo
at his new page, Listentoyourears.
This is the album that opened my eyes; Real_Calypso
Thanks Yoyo.

P.S. Also strange is that the cover of the album says 1976,
while the label says 1972, ofcourse it’s from 1972.


1 Jack Palance
2 Introduction
3 Bing Crosby
4 Steelband music
5 The four Mills brothers
6 Be careful
7 John Jones
8 FDR in Trinidad
9 Sweet Trinidad
10 Occapella
11 Sailin’ shoes
12 Riverboat
13 Ode to Tobago
14 Your own comes first
15 G-man Hoover
16 Stars and stripes for ever


Various Artists – Propaganda, A & M Records 1979

Propaganda, front, cd size

It was 1979, in between Punk and New Wave when this collector came out.
When I was going through my records this morning and saw this LP,
I said to myself, good moment for ‘Propaganda’, the Olympics
in China started yesterday and there are still some ‘Hot Items’
to be discussed, the Tibettan matter for instance.
Give Tibet back to the Tibettans !
And how do you like this cover ?


1 Granati Brothers – Go crazy
2 Joe Jackson – Throw it away
3 Joe Jackson – Come on
4 The Police – Landlord
5 The Police – Next to you
6 The Reds – Joey
7 Bobby Henry – Head case
8 Joe Jackson – Don’t ask me
9 Squeeze – Slap & tickle
10 David Kubinec – Another lone ranger
11 Shrink – Valid or void