Rebel Sunday, Six 12″ Singles

This Sunday there’s something in the air. I woke up today and
things started to go wrong immediately. Neighbours children
were screeming like crazy, stormy clouds packing together ove
my hometown. Then the first two LP’s I tried to rip, played me
parts, like nothing wanted. I even started to dislike the music I
had planned. Pfffffiew, holy… Okay, have coffee, walk the dog,
do something else and change the plan. That’s how it came to me,
…Rebel Sunday, 6 late 70’s and early 80’s 12″ Singles.

Hope you like’em !

The first 3 tracks are from Malcolm McLaren’s 1983 single, of which
the A-side, first two tracks, was recorded in South Africa’s Kyazulu
Land. Side B was recorded in New York and Tenessee with the
World’s Famous Supreme Team Show.

Track 4 & 5 are from Frank Zappa’s 1980 single, I don’t wanna
get drafted. Spinned this one a lot on party’s, anti war song.

Tracks 6 & 7; The The – Perfect,

I remember very well when this single came out in 1983, it’s warm
sounding organ and Matt Johnsons voice combine ‘Perfect’.

tracks 8, 9 and 10, John Cale – Animal Justice ” Hi, my name’s
Arthur and I quitt, CHICKEN SHIT..” We played this one a hell
of a lot, John Cale single from 1977, old personal favourite !

tracks 11 & 12, Dept.S – I want I wasn’t quite myself this
morning but not as depressed as the guys on this 12″ single. “Suicide
suicide, there’s  only one way out” A bit too much maybe, but
great song by Dept.S, This one’s from 1981, check it.

..and finally here’s Mark Stewart & Mafia, a weird On-U Sound
12″ single. Very original soundscaping by Adrian Sherwood, the DUB
Master. The year on this one must be around ’82


1 Malcolm McLaren – Soweto
2 Malcolm McLaren – Zulu’s on a timebomb
3 Malcolm McLaren – D’ya like scratchin’
4 Frank Zappa – I don’t wanna get drafted
5 Frank Zappa – Ancient armaments
6 The The – Perfect
7 The The – The nature of virtue, version 2
8 John Cale – Chicken shit
9 John Cale – Memphis
10 John Cale – Hedda Gabbler
11 Dept.S – I want
12 Dept.S – Monte Carlo or bust
13 Dept.S – Put all the crosses in the right boxes
14 Mark Stewart & Mafia – Jerusalem, High ideals + Crazy dreams
15 Mark Stewart & Mafia – Liberty City