Tagrijn Reünie 2013 – De Hits van Vroeger

Tagrijn Reünie 2013 - De Hits van Vroeger

Something special tonight, a compilation of songs we used
to play a whole lot in the past. Tagrijn was a youthcenter I
frequented at the end of the 70’s and early 80’s. Tonight’s
reünion made me compile this little collector for those who
are interested. Some songs are younger but they breathe the
atmosphere we all loved in those days, hope U like..


1   Big Youth – Marcus Garvey dread
2   Mink Deville – Spanish stroll
3   Black Uhuru – Sponji reggae
4   Ian Dury & the Blockheads – Billericay Dickey
5   Jimmy Cliff – The harder they come
6   The Clash – Armageddon time
7   Althia and Donna – Uptown top ranking
8   Elvis Costello – Watching the detectives
9   Barrington Levy – Black roses
10  Iggy Pop The passenger
11  Prince Buster – Al Capone
12  The Meters – Jungle man
13  Dave and Ansell Collins – Double barrel
14  Allen Toussaint – Everything I do gonna be funky
15  Linton Kwesi Johnson – Want fi goh rave
16  Cypress Hill – Hits from the bong
17  Junior Byles – Demonstration
18  Booker-T & the MG’s – Green onions
19  The Maytals – Broadway jungle
20  Shabba Ranks – Wicked inna bed



Big Star – # One Record & Radio City,Line Records 1990

# One Record & Radio City

When watching one of my favourite TV shows last night, they
had quite a nice surprise. Tim Knol, a Dutch singer appeared
with Jody Stephens, one of the original members of Big Star.
For many an unknown group from the early seventies. They
only existed a couple of years but made some very nice
records. I thought it would be something else for a change
to post some pop music from the old days. Towards the end
of the year I always tend to play loads of different styles of
music. Variation is a must for me, it helps to remain sharp.
So if you saw DWDD last night as well and wondered about
the rest of the material, check this,
hope U like,..


1   Feel
2   The ballad of el goodo
3   In the stree
4   Thirteen
5   Don’t lie to me
6   The india song
7   When my baby’s beside me
8   My life is right
9   Give me another chance
10  Try again
11  Watch the sunrise
12  St 100/6
13  O my soul
14  Life is white
15  Way out west
16  What’s going ahn
17  You get what you deserve
18  Mod lang
19  Back of a car
20  Daisy glaze
21  She’s a mover
22  September gurls
23  Morpha too
24  I’m in love with a girl


Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band -Unconditionally Guaranteed,Mercury 1974

Captain Beefheart, front

This morning I found out we lost one of my old idols.
Don van Vliet alias Captain Beefheart died yesterday,
age 69. He used to be one of my favourite popstars from
the seventies. His music was not exactly middle of the road.
With his raw and hoarse voice he stood out for bringing us
something different, something new. Although a kind of music
you’re not used to find here, I thought it would be appropriate
to post the Captain today. I always loved his music and this
time of year is very suitable for pulling up old memories.
So, try something else for a change and check this
wonderful LP of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.
Rest in peace Don van Vliet, we’ll play all your
records again this weekend.


1 Upon the my-o-my
2 Sugar bowl
3 New electric ride
4 Magic be
5 Happy love song
6 Full moon, hot sun
7 I got love on my mind
8 This is the day
9 Lazy music
10 Peaches


Van Dyke Parks – Discover America, Warner Bros. Records 1972

Van Dyke Parks, front, cd size

What we have here is something quite special.
I used to play this record very much ever since I discovered
it, must have been around 1975 or 6. I always loved it and it
was only years later I found out some things. Track # 1 for
instance is ofcourse ‘Mighty Sparrow’.
Again much later I learned that track # 7, ‘John Jones’ is a
song by Rudi Mills, just_to_show_you.
And it was only yesterday I found out that track # 3, ‘Bing Crosby’
is an old Calypso song by ‘The Lion’ and track # 15, ‘G-man Hoover’,
is originated by ‘Sir Lancelot.
I am always thrilled to find out things like this, they make
the pieces of the big puzzle fall into place.
Still shook up and excited, the hair on my arms stood up while
I was ripping it, I have to give credits to my collegue Yoyo
at his new page, Listentoyourears.
This is the album that opened my eyes; Real_Calypso
Thanks Yoyo.

P.S. Also strange is that the cover of the album says 1976,
while the label says 1972, ofcourse it’s from 1972.


1 Jack Palance
2 Introduction
3 Bing Crosby
4 Steelband music
5 The four Mills brothers
6 Be careful
7 John Jones
8 FDR in Trinidad
9 Sweet Trinidad
10 Occapella
11 Sailin’ shoes
12 Riverboat
13 Ode to Tobago
14 Your own comes first
15 G-man Hoover
16 Stars and stripes for ever


Various Artists – Propaganda, A & M Records 1979

Propaganda, front, cd size

It was 1979, in between Punk and New Wave when this collector came out.
When I was going through my records this morning and saw this LP,
I said to myself, good moment for ‘Propaganda’, the Olympics
in China started yesterday and there are still some ‘Hot Items’
to be discussed, the Tibettan matter for instance.
Give Tibet back to the Tibettans !
And how do you like this cover ?


1 Granati Brothers – Go crazy
2 Joe Jackson – Throw it away
3 Joe Jackson – Come on
4 The Police – Landlord
5 The Police – Next to you
6 The Reds – Joey
7 Bobby Henry – Head case
8 Joe Jackson – Don’t ask me
9 Squeeze – Slap & tickle
10 David Kubinec – Another lone ranger
11 Shrink – Valid or void


Reggie Knighton – Reggie Knighton, CBS inc. 1977

Global Groove's Sunday Special

Today I want to introduce something new at Global Groove.
Global Groove’s Sunday Special, every week I’ll do something else.
This week I want to show you three pop albums from the 70’s, that
I used to play a lot, and of which I like the covers extremely much.
All 3 make me have nostalgic feelings hearing them again
after quite some time.

Reggie Knighton, front, cd size

This is an old personal favourite, my friends and I played it a hell of
a lot those days. I always loved this cover.


1 Every night
2 Fidelity
3 Girl from Pluto
4 Drug dealer
5 VD got to Idi
6 Public servant
7 Tricentennial woman
8 Glows in the dark / Jenny
9 All night long


The Peter Peter Ivers Band – Terminal Love, Warner Bros. Records 1974

Peter Ivers, front, cd size

Ever since I heard this album for the very first time, I loved it !
Everything about this LP is ‘art’. It’s poetic, subtle and played
fantasticly well. And how about that Cover ? A number One !


1 Alpha Centauri
2 Sweet enemy
3 Terminal love
4 My grandmother’s funeral
5 Modern times
6 Deborah
7 oo girl
8 Audience of one
9 Felladaddio
10 Holding the cobra
11 Even Stephen Foster