The New Age Steppers – Self Titled
Virgin, Statik, On-U Sound 1981

Let’s do some more phat back dub reggae related 80’s stuff
from Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound label. This is the first
album with the New Age Steppers. It opens with the 1975,
Junior Byles hit ‘Fade Away’ in a complete different outfit.
Sherwoods incredible and freaky effects take us on a journey
beyond the imaginable, I simply love it. I am quite sure I had
posted this album in 2014 but somehow it disappeared on us.
Early On-U Sound work from 1981, not to be missed ..

Laten we nog eens zo’n dikke dub reggae gerelateerde 80er
jaren plaat doen van Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound label.
Dit is de eerste New Age Steppers. Hij opent met de 1975
klassieker ‘Fade Away’ van Junior Byles in een compleet
nieuw jasje. Sherwood’s ongelooflijk woeste dub effecten
nemen ons mee op een reis voorbij het voorstelbare, ik
ben er simpelweg dol op. Vrij zeker weet ik dat deze plaat
al in 2014 gepost was, hij bleek echter verdwenen. Vroeg
On-U Sound werk dat niet gemist mag worden ..

Creation Rebel & new Age Steppers – Threat to Creation 1981
Singers & Players – Revenge of the Underdog 1982
Creation Rebel – Psychotic Jonkanoo 1981
Wild Paarty Sounds 1981
Creation Rebel – Action Battlefield 1981
New Age Steppers – Foundation Steppers 1982
Singers & Players – War of Words 1981
African Head Charge – Drastic Season 1983
African Head Charge – Environmental Studies 1982
Dub Syndicate – Tunes from the Missing Channel 1985
lee Perry & Dub Syndicate – Time Boom X De Devil Dead 1987
The Mothmen – Pay Attention ! 1981

tracks ;

01 – Fade away
02 – Radial drill
03 – State assembly
04 – Crazy dreams and high ideals
05 – Abderhamane’s demise
06 – Animal space
07 – Love forever
08 – Private armies


Fat Man Ridim Section – Bald Head Justice
Top Ranking Sounds 1978

Early eighties, with a couple of friends, we really got stuck in reggae
music. An album that was permanently on the side of the turntable
was this dub version of Jacob Miller’s ‘Wanted’. Bald Head Justice
with the Fat Man Ridim Section of Ian Lewis and his buddies with
Sly and Robbie. I was totally hooked on this one. It is not complex
but somehow has a special touch, nice guitars horns and keys.
A dub lover’s treat you don’t wanna miss out on. I must
have played it thousands of times ..

In de vroege jaren tachtig ben ik met een aantal vrienden echt
even blijven steken in de reggae. Een plaat die niet van de draai-
tafel week was deze dub versie van Jacob Miller’s lp ‘Wanted’.
Bald Head Justice met de Fat Man Ridim Section van Ian Lewis
en zijn companen en met Sly en Robbie. Ik was compleet ver-
slingerd aan dit album. Hij is niet ingewikkeld maar heeft op
de een of andere manier iets bijzonders. Een dub
liefhebber’s droom plaat die je niet wil missen ..

” ..Jah will never give the power to
a bald head man, to judge a rasta man .. ”

Jacob Miller – Wanted 1978
Jacob Miller – Tenement Yard 1975
Wagon of Dub 1982
.. meets Downtown Horns 1979

tracks ;

01 – Straight to cuddley’s chest
02 – Wareira hill rock
03 – The “black” spy
04 – Joshua “A” loaf
05 – “Copper” bullet
06 – S.M.G. skank
07 – Laughing babylon
08 – Pass the pipe
09 – Badness never pay


Lee Perry Theme Week, day 6
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Dub Syndicate
Time Boom X De Devil Dead
On-U Sound Records / EMI 1987

Taking a step forward to the late eighties period in London
with On-U Sound producer Adrian Sherwood we’ve got this
Time Boom X De Devil Dead. Quite a different feeling from
the old Black Ark sound. Still, typical Perry madness ..

We springen een eind voorwaarts in de geschiedenis met deze
Time Boom X De Devil Deaduit zijn latere jaren 80 Londen pe-
riode met de On-U Sound producer Adrian Sherwood. Tamelijk
ander geluid dan de vroegere Black Ark tijd maar
nog altijd de typische Perry gekte ..

tracks ;

01 – S.D.I.
02 – Blinkers
03 – Jungle
04 – De devil dead
05 – Music + science lovers
—–Kiss the champion
06 – Allergic to lies
07 – Time conquer


Lee Perry Theme Week, day 3
The Upsetters – Blackboard Jungle Dub
Clocktower Records 1981

tracks ;

01 – The Upsetters – Blackboard Jungle Dub (version 1)
02 – Rubba rubba words
03 – The Upsetters – Cloak a Dagger (version 3)
04 – Dub from africa
05 – Dreamland dub
06 – Pop goes the dread dub
07 – Fever grass dub
08 – Sin semilla kaya dub
09 – Moving forward
10 – The Upsetters – Blackboard Jungle Dub (version 2)
11 – Kasha macka dub
12 – Setta iration dub


Lee Perry Theme Week, day 3
Scratch and Company – The Upsetters Chapter 1
Clock Tower Records Inc. LPCT 0114


In our Lee Perry theme week, today we find Scratch and Company
with The Upsetters Chapter 1 on special request by Tim.
“Lee Perry, one of the most celebrated producers of our time. He
worked with Carl Dawkins, Dave Barker, Bunny Clarke, Dillinger,
Augustus Pablo, Glenn Adams, Max Romeo, Junior Byles, Jimmy
Riley, Davis Isaac, Gregory Isaacs, Keith Rowe, Hugh Roy, George
Faith, Jah Lloyd, Junior Murvin, The Heptones and Bob Marley and
the Wailers. Lee Perry can make a four track sound like sixteen, he
can make a small board sound like a large board. he can make
singers sing. You see, the average person just can’t understand
where he is coming from. He is about ten years ahead of himself
and has been that way for many years, just listen to some of his
arrangements you see, the Upsetter is truly one of the most ce-
lebrated producers of our time. His fame and recordings are
more proof why he is a favorite of literally millions of reggae
music fans around the world” .. read more at backsleeve ..
( Brad “Clocktower” osborne)

Double Seven from 1976
Upsetters discography

tracks ;

01 – The Upsetters – Scratch the Dub Organizer
02 – Johnny Lover and the Towerchanters – Who you gonna run to
03 – Lee and the Blue Bell – Tighten up
04 – Val Bennett and the Upsetters – A serious joke
05 – Brad Osborne and the Towerchanters – Little flute chant
06 – Devion Iron – When jah come
07 – The Upsetters – Stretch walking
08 – Lee Perry and the Black Arks – Come along
09 – Ricky and Bunny – Bush weed corn trash
10 – The Upsetters – Curley dub


Fatman Reddim Section meets Downtown Horns
at Channel No.1, Top Ranking Sounds 1979


A reggae album we used to play a lot back in the days, Fatman
Reddim Section with Ian lewis and a bunch of other stars. We
find Sly and Robbie, Barnabas and Mikey Rastar, Touter, Sky Juice
Sticky and Skully and of course the famous Downtown Horns,
Dean, Madden and Fraser. Smooth instrumental reggae from
the old days. Get it and spread it..

Een reggae plaatje die we vroeger veel draaiden, Fatman Reddim
Section met Ian Lewis en een ploegje andere sterren. We vinden
Sly en Robbie, Barnabas en Mikey Rastar, Touter, Sky Juice, Sticky
en Skully en natuurlijk de grote drie, de Downtown Horns met
Dean, Madden en Fraser. Gesmeerde instumentale reggae
uit de oude doos. Haal binnen, luister en geef door..

tracks ;

01 – Black orphans
02 – 1190 rock
03 – Nyah-man solo (copticcosmic)
04 – Take it all


Niney the Observer and Friends
“Bring the Couchie” 1974 – 1976
Trojan 1989


Another album from Trojan’s Producer Series made at the
end of the eighties is this one. Niney the Observer and Friends.
Several cuts from between 1974 and 1976..

Nog zo’n uitgave in de Producer Serie van Trojan in de late
tachtiger jaren is deze. Niney the Observer and Friends.
Diverse nummers uit 1974 tot 1976..

tracks ;

01 – The Reggae Crusaders – Bring the couchie come
—–The Reggae Crusaders – Couchie dub
02 – The Observers – Water boiling
03 – The Observers – One train load of dub
04 – Te Sons of Selassie – I man a african
05 – Michael Rose – Clap the barber
06 – Observer Band – Run bald head dub
—–George Boswell – Jah fire
07 – Dennis Brown – Wolf and leopard
—–The Observers – No conscience
—–I Roy – Sister maggie breast
08 – Horace Andy materialist
—–The Observers – Poor man style
09 – Horace Andy – Psalm 68
—–The Observers – Dub 68


New Age Steppers – Action Battlefield
Statik / On-U Sound 1981


This is something special and different. Another On-U Sound product
from the Adrian Sherwood school. Singer Ari and her crew bring this
reggae like experimental dub sound with a lot of emotion and devotion.
You love it or you hate it, I absolutely belong to the first group.
What do you think..?

Ja mensen, dit is eens iets totaal anders. Nog zo’n On-U Sound produkt
van de Adrian Sherwood stal. Zangeres Ari en haar ploeg brengen deze
reggae gebaseerde experimentele dub sound met veel emotie en overgave.
Je vindt het geweldig of je vindt het niets, ik behoor absoluut tot de eerste van
de twee groepen. Wat denk jij ervan ..?

0tracks ;

01 – My whole world
02 – Observe life
03 – Got to get away
04 – My love
05 – Problems
06 – Nuclear zulu
07 – Guiding star


Singers & Players – War of Words
99 Records 1981



Early eighties we were completely captured by the sound
created by Adrian Sherwood and his On-U sound. The LP
we have here is on 99 Records however but related to On-U.
A bunch of Jamaican artists working in England. 99 Records
was New York Based but if I’m correct the recordings were
made in the UK. Anyway, wonderful music, enjoy listening.
Incredible amd impressive Style Scott drumming..

In de vroege jaren tachtig waren we volledig gegrepen door
de sound van Adrian Sherwood en zijn On-U Sound label. Deze
plaat hoort daar eigenlijk ook bij maar kwam uit op 99 Records,
een New York zuster label. Een zwik getalenteerde Jamaicanen
die in Engeland actief waren werkte samen met Mr. Sherwood
aan deze indrukwekkende serie platen, luister en huiver.
Zwaar indrukwekkende drum capriolen van Style Scott..

tracks ;

01 – Devious woman
02 – Quanté jubila
03 – Sit and wonder
04 – Fit to survive
05 – Reaching the bad man
06 – World of dispensation
07 – 91 vibration


Big Youth – Dreadlocks Dread
Midnite Records 1978


Vorige week was ik te gast bij Raul en Bas van ‘Hot Mama Hot’,
een vynil programma bij Salto Radio Amsterdam. Altijd weer een
heerlijke ervaring met die jongens samen plaatjes te draaien. een
bonte mix van stijlen passeert de revue. Bas draaide wat oude reggae
klassiekers en ik realiseerde me weer wat een geluk ik heb gehad in de
jaren tachtig mijn collectie te mogen opbouwen. Thuis gekomen ben
ik volledig geïnspireerd m’n oude reggae uit de kast gaan halen. helemaal
in de mood geraakt ontdekte ik dat deze kraker op de Global Groove nog
nooit aan bod was gekomen. Hierbij maak ik dat dus even goed. Luister
naar Big Youth en de klassieker Dreadlocks Dread..

Last week I had the pleasure to appear as guest deejay at the studio with
Raul en Bas of ‘Hot mama Hot’ by Salto Radio Amsterdam. Always a huge
joy and fun experience to play vinyl with them guys. An eclectic mixture of
styles passes by every time. Bas was playing some reggae classic hits and I
realized again how lucky I have been to work on my reggae collection during
the eighties. Once I got home I was totally inspired and pulled some old records
from the cabinet. This is when I found out this classic Big Youth album never
found its way to the Global Groove yet. High time to make up and post it.
Download and listen to Big Youth’s classic Dreadlocks Dread..

tracks ;

01 – Train to rhodesia
02 – Dreadlocks dread
03 – Lightning flash
04 – Natty dread she wants
05 – Some like it dread
06 – Marcud garvey dread
07 – Big youth special
08 – Dread organ
09 – Blackman message
10 – Moving on
11 – You don’t care