Big Youth – Dreadlocks Dread
Midnite Records 1978


Vorige week was ik te gast bij Raul en Bas van ‘Hot Mama Hot’,
een vynil programma bij Salto Radio Amsterdam. Altijd weer een
heerlijke ervaring met die jongens samen plaatjes te draaien. een
bonte mix van stijlen passeert de revue. Bas draaide wat oude reggae
klassiekers en ik realiseerde me weer wat een geluk ik heb gehad in de
jaren tachtig mijn collectie te mogen opbouwen. Thuis gekomen ben
ik volledig geïnspireerd m’n oude reggae uit de kast gaan halen. helemaal
in de mood geraakt ontdekte ik dat deze kraker op de Global Groove nog
nooit aan bod was gekomen. Hierbij maak ik dat dus even goed. Luister
naar Big Youth en de klassieker Dreadlocks Dread..

Last week I had the pleasure to appear as guest deejay at the studio with
Raul en Bas of ‘Hot mama Hot’ by Salto Radio Amsterdam. Always a huge
joy and fun experience to play vinyl with them guys. An eclectic mixture of
styles passes by every time. Bas was playing some reggae classic hits and I
realized again how lucky I have been to work on my reggae collection during
the eighties. Once I got home I was totally inspired and pulled some old records
from the cabinet. This is when I found out this classic Big Youth album never
found its way to the Global Groove yet. High time to make up and post it.
Download and listen to Big Youth’s classic Dreadlocks Dread..

tracks ;

01 – Train to rhodesia
02 – Dreadlocks dread
03 – Lightning flash
04 – Natty dread she wants
05 – Some like it dread
06 – Marcud garvey dread
07 – Big youth special
08 – Dread organ
09 – Blackman message
10 – Moving on
11 – You don’t care


Scientist – Scientific Dub


tracks ;

01 – Drum song dub
02 – Keep a good dub rubbing
03 – Taxi to baltimore dub
04 – Satta dread dub
05 – Every dub shall scrub
06 – Black a shade of dub
07 – Bad days dub
08 – East of scientist corner
09 – Just say dub… who
10 – Words of dub


Scientist meets the Space Invaders
Greensleeves 1981

Scientist, front

First, light up a spliff, then sit down and suck in
this slice of dubbing adventure. Okay, now light up
another spliff, turn up the volumes of your stereo,
kick aside your furniture and experience some of
the best pounding dub beats ever made on earth.
It was 1981, a flock of spaceships entered the
London atmosphere. Hopeton Brown, better
known as Scientist was luckily around with
the Roots Radics to save the day. Tony
McDermott made the snapshot at a
perfect moment and captured our
young hero in full action.
Sowell, Bingy Bunny,
Flabba, Style & Santa,
Sky Juice & Skully,
Steely & Winston,
Gladdie, they were all
there with Maxie, Banabas
& Crucial Bunny, Linvall Thompson
and Mickie ‘Roots’ Scott,
Dub away…


1 Beam down
2 Red shift
3 Time warp
4 Cloning process
5 Pulsar
6 Laser attack
7 Dematerialize
8 Fission
9 Supernova explosion
10 Quasar


King Tubby’s – King at the Control
Tad’s Records

King Tubby's, front

Tad's label

..wanna get some harddubbing roots..? smokin’ pumpin’
rubbadub by the hardest of dem all ? King Tubby’s
went to England and made his islandsound in the
cold for a change, obscure record with blanco
backsleeve, on Tad’s records, if you know
a year of release, can ya tell us too ?
..gimme some feedback if it hits ya..

about the tracklist, label claims 5 numbers on
each side but b-side only has three. I am only guessing
that the longer track #8 is in fact numbers 8,9 and 10.


1 King tubby’s special
2 Tad’s special
3 Winter dub
4 Raving dub
5 Dread dub
6 Eastwood dub
7 General saint dub
8 Ranimo dub
– Dub up dub
– Nkrumah dub


Various Re-posts
Classic Reggae Albums

Hear this ! In a much earlier stage, still in the beginning of the
old page back in 2008, I was asked to remove these here albums.
Greensleeves was re-releasing some of them and didn’t like me
to give them away. Now my buddy who owns a recordstore in
my hometown told me most of them are out of print at the time
being so I thought, “Good, let’s post them all again and see what
happens.” If you have a problem with either one, the way to protest
is using this disclaimer.
So happy reggae listeners, don’t miss out on these classic lp’s.
I love them piece by piece and want to share them with you all.

Augustus Pablo, front

Barrington Levy, front

Dr. Alimantado, front

Lee Perry, front

Linval Thompson, front

Scientist rids the world, front

Scientist, Pacman, front

Sister Nancy one two

Scientist, Maxie & Barnabas – 3 The Hard way,Silver Camel 1981

3 The Hard Way, front, cd size

Early eighties, dub music was hot. There was Prince Jammy, Mad Professor,
Scientist. Less known names but just as good, Maxie and Barnabas,
Crucial Bunny and Mikey Dread, all masters in dub.
At King Tubby’s Studio, produced by Al Campbell, we find this
champion with Scientist, Maxie and Barnabas. Have you ever
seen a cover with so much impact ? These three dub the hard way.


1 Barnabas – Prophecy in dub
2 Barnabas – Murder
3 Barnabas – Cool rock
4 Barnabas – Bionic skank
5 Maxie – Master piece
6 Maxie – Blood light
7 Maxie – Ganja syrup
8 Scientist – Cultured dub
9 Scientist – The winner
10 Scientist – Feed back dubstyle


The Upsetters – Return of the Super Ape, Lion of Judah 1978

Lee Perry and his Upsetters are back with the Return of
the Super Ape. This 30 year old LP still spins like it
used to do and I still enjoy it like before.
it brings back old memories.


1 Dyon – Anaswa
2 Return of the Super Ape
3 Tell me something good
4 Bird in hand
5 Crab yars
6 Jah Jah ah natty dread
7 Psyche & trim
8 The lion
9 Huzza a hana
10 High rankin Sammy


Augustus Pablo – Original Rockers, Greensleeves 1979

Horace Swaby is his real name but we know him as ‘Augustus Pablo’.
He is the one that made a real grown-up instrument out of the ‘Melodica’.
Before him it was seen by many, being just a children’s toy, but if you
hear what Augustus shakes out of it, it changes your mind. Read the full
back cover story and find out more ! Click on image to enlarge.I don’t
know how many times I played this record, back in the 80’s, but it must
have been a thousand times, to me this is a classic. It is a collector
of ‘Augustus Pablo’s’ work in the seventies. A Killer !
Jah Rastafar I, Haile Selassi I, Irie Irie I.


1 Rockers dub
2 Up Warrika hill
3 Cassava piece
4 Tubby’s dub song
5 Jah Dread
6 Brace a boy
7 Thunder clap
8 Park Lane Special
9 New style
10 A P Special