Lee Perry Theme Week, day 4
The Congos – Heart of the Congos
Go Feet Records 1980

It was considered the best reggae album ever by many, Heart
of the Congos is re-released on cd for several times. Every time
with different versions and other bonus tracks. Today we have
the original record without any extra’s. Originally from 1977,
this is the 1980 version on Go Feet Records.
Another must have ..

Hij wordt door velen gezien als de beste reggae plaat ooit, Heart
of the Congos is diverse malen opnieuw op cd uitgebracht. Telkens
met andere versies en meer bonus tracks. Vandaag hebben we de
eerste uitvoering zonder alle extra’s. Origineel uit 1977 is dit de
uitvoering op Go Feet Records uit 1980.
Nog zo een die je moet hebben ..

tracks ;

01 – Fisherman
02 – Congoman
03 – Open up the gate
04 – Children crying
05 – La-la bam bam
06 – Can’t come in
07 – Sodom & gomorrow
08 – The wrong thing
09 – Ark of covenant
10 – Solid foundation


Lee Perry Theme Week, day 4
Junior Murvin – Police and Thieves
Island Records 1977

I remember very well how deeply I was impressed hearing Police
and Thieves for the first time as a youngster. In those days I had
no idea that Lee Perry was the sourcerer and wizard behind it.
This is another timeless record produced by the great Lee Scratch
Perry. A must have for every self respecting reggae collector ..

Ik weet nog goed hoe diep ik onder de indruk was toen als jon-
geling Police and Thieves voor de eerste keer hoorde. Ik had toen
nog geen flauw benul dat tovenaar erachter Lee Perry was. Dit
is nog zo’n tijdloze plaat die niet mag ontbreken in de collectie
van elke zichzelf respecterende reggae vezamelaar ..

tracks ;

01 – Roots train
02 – Police and thieves
03 – Solomon
04 – Rescue jah children
05 – Tedious
06 – False teachin’
07 – Easy task
08 – Lucifer
09 – Workin’ in the cornfield
10 – I was appointed


Lee Perry Theme Week, day 4
Jah Lion – Colombia Colly
Island Records 1976

Lee Perry started out at Sir Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd’s Studio One.
“As a free-spirited musical force however, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry had
too much creativity to be constrained as an underling of another
producer; his unlimited artistic vision and individual way of being,
which incorporates an unpredictable and often quarrelsome
temperament, meant he simply had to be his own boss.”
(Trojan’s ‘The Upsetter’, liner notes) In 1973 he built his own ‘Black
Ark studio’ in the garden of his house. From that moment history
was written. Next to recording under his own name, Lee Perry
was a gifted producer and worked with the greatest of artists.
Today we find some of the most famous albums from that
period starting with Jah Lion’s Colombia Colly, listen ..

Lee Perry begonzijn carrière bij Sir ‘Coxsone’ Dodd’s Studio One.
“As a free-spirited musical force however, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry had
too much creativity to be constrained as an underling of another
producer; his unlimited artistic vision and individual way of being,
which incorporates an unpredictable and often quarrelsome
temperament, meant he simply had to be his own boss.”
(Trojan’s ‘The Upsetter’, liner notes) In 1973 bouwde hij zijn eigen
studio, The Black Ark, in de tuin van zijn huis. Vanaf dat moment
werd er geschiedenis geschreven. Naast het opnemen van platen
onder zijn eigen naam, produceerde Lee Perry voor een tal van
gerenommeerde artiesten met veel elan en eigen identiteit.
Vandaag vinden we een aantal van de meest prominente albums
uit die periode beginnend met Jah Lion’s Colombian Colly.
Down, deel en luister met plezier ..

tracks ;

01 – Wisdom
02 – Dread ina jamdong
03 – Hay fever
04 – Flashing whip
05 – Colombia colly
06 – Fatman
07 – Bad luck natty
08 – Black lion
09 – Little sally dater
10 – Sata


Lee Perry Theme Week, day 3
Scratch and Company – The Upsetters Chapter 1
Clock Tower Records Inc. LPCT 0114


In our Lee Perry theme week, today we find Scratch and Company
with The Upsetters Chapter 1 on special request by Tim.
“Lee Perry, one of the most celebrated producers of our time. He
worked with Carl Dawkins, Dave Barker, Bunny Clarke, Dillinger,
Augustus Pablo, Glenn Adams, Max Romeo, Junior Byles, Jimmy
Riley, Davis Isaac, Gregory Isaacs, Keith Rowe, Hugh Roy, George
Faith, Jah Lloyd, Junior Murvin, The Heptones and Bob Marley and
the Wailers. Lee Perry can make a four track sound like sixteen, he
can make a small board sound like a large board. he can make
singers sing. You see, the average person just can’t understand
where he is coming from. He is about ten years ahead of himself
and has been that way for many years, just listen to some of his
arrangements you see, the Upsetter is truly one of the most ce-
lebrated producers of our time. His fame and recordings are
more proof why he is a favorite of literally millions of reggae
music fans around the world” .. read more at backsleeve ..
( Brad “Clocktower” osborne)

Double Seven from 1976
Upsetters discography

tracks ;

01 – The Upsetters – Scratch the Dub Organizer
02 – Johnny Lover and the Towerchanters – Who you gonna run to
03 – Lee and the Blue Bell – Tighten up
04 – Val Bennett and the Upsetters – A serious joke
05 – Brad Osborne and the Towerchanters – Little flute chant
06 – Devion Iron – When jah come
07 – The Upsetters – Stretch walking
08 – Lee Perry and the Black Arks – Come along
09 – Ricky and Bunny – Bush weed corn trash
10 – The Upsetters – Curley dub


Lee Perry Theme Week, day 2
Lee Perry presents Heart of the Ark, vol. 2
Seven Leaves Records 1983

Yesterday I realised, far too little Lee Perry here at the Global Groove.
I’m gonna make up for it straight away by doing a whole week of Lee
Perry, Upsetters and such. This Heart of the Ark, vol. 2 features Lord
Creator, Earl 16, Jolly Brothers, Henrick Nicholson, Righteous, Bro-
therhood andTwin Roots. Nine cool Perry productions on one LP.

Gisteren drong het ineens tot me door, veel te weinig Lee Perry hier
op de GG. Ik ga dat direct rechtzetten door een hele week te besteden
aan zijn werk. Deze Heart of the Ark, vol. 2 brengt Lord Creator, Earl 16,
Jolly Brothers, Henrick Nicholson, Righteous, Brotherhood en Twin Roots.
Negen lekkere Perry creaties op een album ..

tracks ;

01 – Lord Creator – Such is life
02 – Earl 16 – Freedom
03 – Jolly Brothers – Dread dreadder
04 – Henrick Nicholson – Brotherly love
05 – Righteous – Them don’t know love
06 – Brotherhood – African freedom
07 – Jolly Brothers – Cool down
08 – Twin Roots – Jah say love
09 – (vocal) – 4 and 20 dread locks


Lee Perry Theme Week, day 1
Lee Perry, The Mighty Upsetter
Kung Fu Meets the Dragon
Justice League JLCD 5000, 1996

various classic reggae albums
Super Ape from 1976
Return of the Super Ape from 1978

01 – Enter the dragon
02 – Theme from hong kong
03 – Heart of the dragon
04 – Hold them kung fu
05 – Flames of the dragon
06 – Scorching iron
07 – Black belt jones
08 – Skango
09 – Fungaa
10 – Black belt
11 – iron fist
12 – Kung fu man
13 – Exit the dragon
14 – Rockstone dub
15 – The dragon enters
16 – 23rd dub
17 – Rebels dub


Wailing Souls – Fire House Rock
Greensleeves 1981

click on it

Ik kan het zelf haast niet geloven, het is al 38 jaar geleden dat deze
plaat uitkwam. Het voelt zoveel dichterbij. Tja, dat is hoe tijd werkt.
Het dendert als een trein voorbij. Hoe dan ook, Dit is zo’n album dat
als tijdloos kan worden beschouwd, het is nog net zo goed als toen.
Kijk eens wat een team van top artiesten er aan mee heeft gewerkt.
Alweer zo’n elpee die niet gemist mag worden ..

I can hardly believe it myself, it is already 38 years ago this album was
released. It feels so much closer. Yep, well, that is how time works. It
races by like a train. One way or the other, this is such a record that
can be considered as timeless, it is still just as good as it was then.
Take a look at the team of topnotch artists that cooperated.
Another album which can not be missed ..

The Wailing Souls from 1975
Discogs discography

tracks ;

01 – Fire house rock
02 – Run dem down
03 – Oh what a feeling
04 – Kingdom rise kingdom fall
05 – Act of affection
06 – Busnah
07 – A fool will fall
08 – Bandits taking over
09 – Who lives it
10 – See baba joe


The Mighty Diamonds – Right Time
Virgin 1976

Another classic 1976 reggae album is this one. The Mighty
Diamonds’ first release on Virgin. Originally on the Jamaican
Well Charge label. It contains hits like title and opening song
‘Right Time’ and ‘Them Never Love Poor Marcus’ about Marcus
Garvey. Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Ansel Collins, Ossie Hib-
bert and Tommy McCook are some of the wonderful artists
that perform on this legendary album. A must have for
every self respecting reggae lover ..

Hier is nog zo’n reggae klassieker uit 1976. The Mighty Diamonds’
eerste elpee op Virgin. origineel in Jamaica gereleased op het Well
Charge label. Hij bevat hits als titel en openings nummer ‘Right Time’
en ‘Them Never Love Poor Marcus’ over Marcus Garvey. Sly Dunbar,
Robbie Shakespeare, Ansel Collins, Ossie Hibbert and Tommy McCook
zijn enkele van de prima artiesten die participeren op dit legendarische
album. Een plaat die elke zich zelf respecterend reggae
verzamelaar hoort te hebben ..

Discogs discography

tracks ;

01 – Right time
02 – Why me black brother why
03 – Shame and pride
04 – Gnashing of teeth
05 – Them never love poor marcus
06 – I need a roof
07 – Go seek your rights
08 – Have mercy
09 – Natural natty
10 – Africa


Cornel Campbell – What’s Happening To Me ?
Joe Gibbs Music Corporation 1982

Onlangs verscheen de LP en dubbel CD ‘I Man A The Stal-A Watt
met Cornel Campbell van uitgever ‘VP Music Group’. Hij bevat
songs uit de vroege 70’s tot de vroege 80’s. Ik ben altijd liefhebber
geweest van Cornel Campbell werk en de plaat deed me de oudjes
weer eens uit de kast trekken. Deze is uit 1982 en een Bunny Lee
and Errol Thompson productie. Hij opent direkt sterk met ‘Undying
Love’. Verder bevat hij klassiekers als ‘Please Be True’, ‘Queen Ma-
jesty’ en ‘Investigator’. Even terug in de tijd met
‘What’s Happening to Me ?’ ..

Recently we saw the release of the LP and dubble CD ‘I Man A The Stal-A Watt
with Cornel Campbell from ‘VP Music group’. It contains
songs from early 70’s till early 80’s. I have always been alover of Cornel
Campbell’s work and the new release made pull some oldies from the
shelf. This one is from 1982 and a Bunny lee and Errol Thompson
production. It opens with the strong ‘Undying Love’ and further contains
classics like ‘Please Be True’, ‘Queen Majesty’ and ‘Investigator’. A trip
back in time with ‘What’s Happening To Me ?’ ..

Money from 1983
Discogs Discography
Various Classic Reggae Albums

tracks ;

01 – Undying love
02 – Please be true
03 – Queen of the minstreal
04 – Stars
05 – You don’t care
06 – Turn back the hands of time
07 – Queen majesty
08 – The minstreal
09 – They haven’t the right
10 – Investigator


Ranking Joe – Dub it in a Dance
Trojan 1980

In 1980 zat ik tot over m’n oren in de reggae. Met enkele
vrienden was ik niet weg te slaan uit diverse platenzaken
die zich specialiseerden in deze hippe muziekstijl. Een van
onze favoriete winkels was RAF Amsterdam in die tijd. De uit-
bater, Boetje’ was een kenner die de meest geweldige platen
importeerde. Voor zover het budget dat toeliet heb ik toen
vele fijne reggae albums aangeschaft. Dit is er zo een. Hij
heette eigenlijk Joe Jackson, niet te verwarren met die an-
dere. Ranking Joe heeft er velen gemaakt. Dit is de zesde
in het rijtje van Discogs. Lekker diepe groove ..

In 1980 I was completely captured by reggae music. Together
with some of my friends I used to frequent some of the record
stores that specialized in reggae. One of our favorite stores was
RAF Amsterdam in those days. The chief of the place was ‘Boetje’,
an expert that imported loads of wonderful stuff from jamaica.
As far as my budget tolerated I bought as much as possible of
the so beloved sweets. This here record must be one of the
many albums purchased in those days. His real name is Joe
Jackson, not to be confused with the other one. Ranking
Joe made a bunch of records. This is number six in
the row Discogs publshed, nive deep groove ..

Natty Superstar from 1980
Discogs Discography

tracks ;

01 – Clarks booty style
02 – Choice of colour
03 – Beg you to be true
04 – Cold blood
05 – Slackness style
06 – Cock man
07 – Dub it in a dance
08 – Mr. walker
09 – Miss lou
10 – Loving girl


Michael prophet – Serious Reasoning
Island 1980

The record we’ve got us today is a forgotten treasure, Michael
Prophet a forgotten hero. With his crying tenor vocal style he
made some great tunes since 1977. I’ve been playing ‘Fight to
the Top’ for ages at parties, an ever succesful dancefloor killer.
On this album Michael is accompanied by guys like Santa, Chinna,
Ansel Collins, Scully, Tommy McCook, Bobby Ellis, Tony Tuff and
Yabby U among others. Recorded at Channel One Studio ..

De elpee die we hier vandaag hebben is een vergeten juweeltje,
Michael Prophet een vergeten held. Met zijn ‘crying tenor’ vokale
stijl maakte hij diverse heerlijke songs. Het openings nummer van
deze plaat, ‘Fight to the Top’ heb ik altijd met succes op feestjes
gedraaid, een echte dancefloor killer. Michael wordt hier vergezeld
door jongens als Santa, Chinna, Ansel Collins, Scully, Tommy McCook,
Bobby Ellis, Tony Tuff en Yabby U onder anderen. Een
Channel One Studio opname ..

Jah Love from 1983
Discogs Discography

tracks ;

01 – Fight to the top
02 – Hear I prayer
03 – Turn me loose
04 – The gates of zion
05 – Praise you jah jah
06 – Love and unity
07 – Warn them
08 – Conscious man
09 – Give thanks
10 – Serious reasoning