Baranoa – Various Artists
Discos Fuentes

Baranoa, voorkant

Discos Fuentes heeft in de loop der jaren heel wat verzamel albums
geproduceerd en niet altijd even origineel in de keuze van nummers.
Ook nu komen er weer wat langs die we al eerder gezien hebben. De
pret zal dit evenwel niet drukken, voor wie het niet wist zal het niet
opvallen. ‘Baranoa’ is er eentje om in te lijsten, een collectie dikke
dansplaatjes die je feestje zeker tot een succes maken..

Discos Fuentes made quite a lot of collectors over the years and
not always very original in choice of tracks. This time we also find
some songs we’ve seen before but still I’m quite sure that will not
spoil the fun. For those who didn’t know it shall not be obvious.
In short, ‘Baranoa’ is a collector with a bunch of dance hits
that will certainly make your party a succes..

titels ;

01 – Carlos Gomez – Baranoa
02 – Toño Fuentes – Very very well
03 – Climaco Sarmiento – El mojarro
04 – Alberto Pacheco – Santo domingo
05 – Pacho Galan – Boca sala
06 – Eliseo Herrera – El coroncoro
07 – Nono Narvaez – Rico jalaito
08 – Toño Fuentes – Mi nena
09 – Rada – El boquineto
10 – Alberto Pacheco – Al amanecer
11 – P.P. – Mario jimeno
12 – Eliseo Herrera – Mis cuatro mujeres


14 Cañonazos Bailables vol. V
Various Artists, Discos Fuentes 1965

14 Cañonazos, front

This is number five in the series ’14 Cañonazos Bailables’
on Discos Fuentes. It’s from 1965 and contains some of
the hottest tracks from that era. 13 stars with 14 songs
for your downloadingpleasure..get and spread..


01 – Eliseo Herrera – La bonga
02 – Roberto de la barrera – El pulgon
03 – Julio Erazo – Yo conozco a claudia
04 – Cristobal perez – La negra celina
05 – Eliseo Herrera – Tres tigres
06 – Isaac Villanueva – Golfo de morrosquillo
07 – Anibal Angel – La hossa
08 – César Castro – El pasmao
09 – Adolfo Echeveria – La paloma
10 – Carlos Holzinger – Don martin
11 – Toño Fuentes – Mi nena
12 – Calixto Ochoa – Pirulino
13 – Lalo Montañe – Rosa maria
14 – Marciano Torres – La pisinga


l’Unité Africaine vol.1 – Various Artists,Pathé Marconi / EMI 1978

l'Unité Africaine vol.1, front

I’m gonna tell you straight away, posting this album is a kind
of compromise. It contains a few things I would not post when
standing on it’s own. Nigerian reggae for instance, I think reggae
should be from Jamaica. And how about rock and roll sung in
wolof from Senegal. As a whole however I think it’s kind of funny.
The collector also contains some typical African styles, like on
the b-side, sweet benga by Victoria King’s Jazz for instance.
It’s a 1978 selection made by Blaise Fayette Mikano who used
to do a great job for Pathé Marconi. I think this LP with songs from
1975, 1977 and 1978 gives us a unique view on Africa’s taste
during the late seventies, listen and tell me what you think.


1 Sonny Okosun – Rain
2 Konn-Konn – Sagak-sagak
3 Abeti Masikini – Mwana muke wa miso
4 M’baye Abdoul – Soko bouge
5 M’baye Abdoul – Douces douces filles
6 Victoria King’s Jazz – Rieko Magftich
7 Trio Ce.Pa.Kos – No title
8 Kouka Celestin – Veve na linga
9 Pamelo Mounk’a – Mabeyey


Etta James – Tuff Lover,ACE 1983

Etta James, front, cd size

Let’s stir the place up a bit. R&B today means a kind of music,
with all respect, not for me. Back in the old days, R&B would stand
for rhythm and blues, honest stuff with stunning instrumentation and
mindblowing voices. Such as this one, if you speak of a woman with
bollocks in her voice, this is her. Etta James, although quite light
coloured and with blond hair, she has a fat black sound like no one has.
Bluesy, New Orleans based rock and roll with crazy saxophones and
Etta’s unique way of singing. check track #2 in which she has
a conversation with a talking sax, greatly performed by Harold Battiste.
It’s all recorded in the 50’s, over half a century ago, don’t you just love it?


1 Tough lover
2 The pick-up
3 By the light of the silvery moon
4 Fools we mortals be
5 Come what may
6 Dance with me Henry
7 Good lookin’
8 Tears of joy
9 Shortnin’ bread rock
10 Baby, baby, every night
11 Then I’ll care
12 Market place


Lo Mejor de 14 Cañonazos Bailables,vol 1, Discos Fuentes

mejor de 14 cañonazos

Now here is something very special, I need to make something clear.
Since this fine music is unavailable in most parts of the world, I am
making a big exeption, normally I would not post a CD which might
still be in the stores, Global Groove doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s
business. Come on Fuentes, spread this material around ! Europe,
Asia and other parts o.t.w. want this too ! Super nice compilation
of rare Colombian recordings, Discos Fuentes’
vaults contain fantastic stuff.


1 La Sonora Cordobesa – El pajaro picon ( Paseaito )
2 Carlos Roman y su Sonora Vallenata – Very very well ( R&R )
3 Los Corraleros de Majagual – El molinillo ( Paseaito )
4 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros – La negra caliente ( Gaita )
5 La Sonora del Caribe – Noche de estrellas ( Cumbia )
6 Los Corraleros de Majagual – Cigarron colorado ( Paseaito )
7 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros – La boquillera ( Gaita )
8 Los Corraleros de Majagual – Festival en Guarare ( Guarare )
9 Climaco Sarmiento y su orquesta – La cigarra ( Gaita )
10 Los Corraleros de Majagual – Del tingo al tango 9 ( Trabalengua )
11 Lucho Bermudez y su orquesta – Hombre al agua ( Fandango )
12 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros – La compatible ( Gaita )
13 Los Corraleros de Majagual – La adivinanza ( Paseaito )
14 Los Hermanos Marquez – Yo conozco a Claudia ( Merengue )