Rencontre avec la Roumanie
Orchestre Gheorghe Zamfir – Instruments Folkloriques
Electrecord 1970

Every once in a while another record on the Rumanian
Electrecord label comes around. This one shows us the
variety of instruments used in Rumanian folk music.
Pipe, bagpipe, the torogoata, caval, cimbalum, kobsa,
violin with bugle and panpipe are demonstrated on
this album. Various soloists perform with the
Orchestra of Gheorghe Zamfir ..

Eens in de zoveel tijd komt er een plaat langs op het
Roemeense Electrecord label. Deze laat ons kennis maken
met de variatie aan instrumenten die in de Roemeense
volksmuziek worden gebruikt. Fluit, doedelzak, torogoata,
caval, cimbaal, kobsa, viool met hoorn en panfluit worden
gedemonstreerd op dit album. Diverse solisten treden
op met het orkest van Gheorghe Zamfir ..

Electrecord label
Rencontre avec la Roumanie

Gabi Lunca 1983
Gabi Lunca, Marcel Budala, Romica Puceanu 1972
Romica Puceanu & Orchestra Ion Albeteanu 1980
Toni Iordache, Tresors Folkloriques Roumains vol. 1 1970
Maria Tanase III 1984
Maria Tanase I
Romica Puceanu, Cine Nu Stie Ce-i Doru 1975
Sound of the Gypsies

01 – Briul in doua parti
02 – Geampara
03 – Joc de doi la domasnea
04 – Balada lui costea
05 – Severineanca si hora de la isalnita
06 – Maruntelul din cosdeni
07 – Hora de la bildana
08 – Doina de la visina
09 – Briul pe sase
10 – Rustemul
11 – Bratusca
12 – Briul de la isalnita
13 – Joc in doi de la mehadica


Gabi Lunca – Gabi Lunca
Electrecord 1983

Gabi Lunca, (born 1938) is a Romanian singer of urban
lautareasca music. Her father was a very respected violonist,
in the same musical style. Her mother died when Gabi was
very young and this left a major impression on her life. Many
of her songs deal with the ‘mother’ theme. She was married
to the great accordeonist Ion Stan-Onoriu. This record was
made with his orchestra. From 1983, on Electrecord ..

Gabi Lunca, Romica Puceanu, Marcel Budala 1972

01 – Mai neicuta, din pitesti
02 – La casa din ulicioara
03 – Neicuta, de atita dor
04 – Linga o padurice verde
05 – Aseara la noi en sat
06 – Intr-o padure-nverzita
07 – Intr-o zi, la poarta mea
08 – Ieri a fost o zi frumoasa


Gabi Lunca, Marcel Budala, Romica Puceanu
Electrecord 1972

I have made a promise to our blog friend Pete to make
another ‘Seven 7″ Collector’, untill today I didn’t find the
time to do so unfortunately. He reminded me completely
justified yesterday. I promise to make time Pete. Another
request he made me was to post European music. Let’s see ..

Ever since I got aquainted with ‘Lautari’ or Muzica Lautareasca,
I started searching for records on Romania’s ‘Electrecord’ label.
Over the years we had several posts with Romanian music.
Today, we find this album on Electrecord with three artists
performing. Romica Puceanu with her velvet voice, Marcel
Budala and his accordeon and Gabi Lunca. Wonderful music
loaded with Romanian emotional gypsie feel. I just love it ..

Romica Puceanu, Vintule, Bataia Ta 1980
Romica Puceanu, Cine Nu Stie Ce-i Doru
Tony Iordache, Tresors Folkloriques Roumains 1970
Maria Tanase III 1984
Maria Tanase I
the Sound of the Gypsies
Romica Puceanu, Discogs
Gabi Lunca, Discogs
Marcel Budala, Discogs
Gabi Lunca, Wikipedia
Romica Puceanu, Wikipedia
Marcel Budala, Wikipedia

01 – Romica Puceanu – Suparare, suparare
02 – Romica Puceanu – Uite, mama, cade-o stea
03 – Marcel Budala – Ca la nunta
04 – Romica Puceanu – Pe drum de la lixandre
05 – Gabi Lunca – Omul care are noroc
06 – Marcel Budala – Cintec lautaresc de masa
07 – Gabi Lunca – Trenule, cind oi pleca
08 – Marcel Budala – Sirba de la titu
09 – Gabi Lunca – De ce, oare, sint lasata ?
10 – Marcel Budala – Hora de mîna

Orchestra Florea Cioaca ; 1,2,4
Orchestra Constantin Mirea ; 3,5,6,7,8,9,10


Romica Puceanu & Orchestra Ion Albesteanu
Acordeon – Bebe si Constantin Serban
Vîntule, Bataia Ta , Electrecord 1980

Romica Puceanu, voorkant

Goedemorgen groevers, vandaag vraag ik om uw speciale aandacht.
Het was in oktober van 2008 dat ik voor het eerst een plaatje van
Romica Puceanu heb gebracht. Ik was toen al zeer gelukkig
dat ik er een gevonden had. Het heeft nog eens 8 jaar geduurd voor
dat ik wederom tegen een van haar albums aan liep, twee zelfs.
Wat een heerlijk gevoel geeft zo’n moment. Sinds de cd ‘Suburban
Bucharest’, waarop ik haar voor het eerst hoorde, ben ik groot
liefhebber geworden van de muziek van deze bijzondere vrouw, wat
een stem. Zelfs zonder dat ik er een woord van versta weet ze me
tot tranen te roeren. Geef haar eens een kans en luister,
ik beloof dat je er geen spijt van zult krijgen.
Warm geluid en bol van emotie..

Good morning groovers, today I’m asking for your special attention.
It was in october 2008 when I first posted one of the records by
Romica Puceanu. It made me so very happy finally have found one
of hers. It took me another eight years before finding the next album,
two even. What wonderful feeling at such a moment. Ever since the cd
‘Suburban Bucharest’, on which I heard her first time, I am a lover
of the music of this Rumanian lady. What a stunning voice she has.
Even without understanding one word of it she succeeds in jerking
one or two tears from my eyes. Give her a fair chance and I
promise you won’t be sorry, warm sound, full of emotion..
..shame about the few pops in tracks 5 & 6..

titels ;

01 – Vîntule, bataia ta
02 – Munceam vara la ciocoi
03 – Foaie verde-o viorea
04 – Mai voinice voinicel
05 – Rau e doamne, prin straini
06 – S-a strins lumea toata
07 – Intreaba lumea de tine
08 – Toata viata am vrut bine


Toni Iordache -Tresors Folkloriques
Roumains vol.1
Electrecord 1970

Toni Iordache, front

Toni Iordache is a true master on Cimbal. His music
carries a load of suspense like no other. If you are into
sublime instrumentalists, listen to this. I am a lover of songs
and would not post an instrumental album without being
virtuoso. Music for experienced listeners,
don’t touch if you aren’t.


1 Cintec de dragoste
2 Hora de la bolintin
3 Geaba ma mai duc acasa si hora lui Leonard
4 Hora din ialomita
5 Sirba olteneasca
6 Variatuni pe tema ‘Foaie verde si-o craita
7 Hora ca la rudari
8 Cintec de ascultare si Sirba de la Sabareni
9 Ca la breaza
10 Doina de jale


Maria Tanase – Maria Tanase III, Electrecord 1984

Maria Tanase, front, cd size

If you like Romanian ‘Lautari’, this one is for you.
This album was released in 1984, the recordings must be
much older though, she passed away in 1963, not even 50 years old.
I do not understand Romanian but this music is beautiful,
even without knowing what it means she sings, I enjoy Maria Tanase’s
warm voice. For your relaxed sunday afternoon.


1 Lume, lume
2 Trei focuri ard pe lume
3 Un tigan avea o casa
4 Bade, din dragostea noastra
5 Valeleu
6 Hai maica, la iarmaroc
7 Pe deal pe la cornatel
8 Zise muma catre mine
9 Nici acela nu-i fecior
10 Nu vine mindru, nu vine
11 Trenule, masina mica
12 Doina din dolj
13 Cite mute, cite slute
14 Am avut trei mindrulite


Maria Tanase – Maria Tanase 1, Electrecord

My first contact with Lautari was when I bought the CD
‘Suburban Bucharest’. It contains a mixture of old and new
Romanian music. Through that CD I got to know artists like
Romica Puceanu, of which I found this LP last year.
From one artist you come to the next, and that’s how
I discovered Maria Tanase.
It can’t be a coincident that I found part 2 of Maria Tanase’s
CD releases recently, and last week this LP.
Some listener asked for a little pause between all that dancing
music, well this is an album to sit down with and listen.
I hope you can appreciate this rare piece of Lautari.


Maria Tanase, tracks


Romica Puceanu – Cine Nu Stie Ce-i Doru
Electrecord 1975

Romica Puceanu, front, cd size

Romica Puceanu, back_r2_c2

Now pay attention !

I am so very happy to finally have found an original Romanian
pressing of an album, so beautiful, I can cry.
No seriously, Romica Puceanu came to me first time
when I bought the great Suburban_Bucharest.
I was so very impressed by her two songs on that cd, that voice.

Maybe you think; Romanian music, not for me, but don’t mistake here.
Just listen to this heartwarming music and you will understand
why Romica Puceanu had the gypsies weeping all around her.
She started her career singing in bars. At age 14 she was
more or less discovered and guided by the Brothers Gore, with
whom she made several records. On this LP she is backed by
Orchestra Florea Cioaca and on acordeon, Bebe Serban.
I have taken the tracklist from the backsleeve this time
so I can’t go wrong. ( all those symbols )


the Sound of the Gypsies – Various Artists

The principal occupation of Global Groove is to post old and forgotten LP’s.
Every now and then however, we post our own compilations such as this one.
Made for my brother Johan, who lives in Copenhagen, but you Groovers around
the Globe, you can take it too if you like. Gypsie music bursts of flaming
emotion, instrumentalists pur sang I’d say.


1 Aleksandar Sisic – Chelipe
2 Ion Petre Stoican – Hora
3 Vasile Vasilescu – Cantec de Masa
4 Ion Petre Stoican – Hora de la constanta
5 Esma Redzepova – Abre ramce terneja
6 Esma Redzepova – O Ketano
7 La Macanita – Me voy solita a mi cuarto
8 Dzansever – Ki zandana me kamarav
9 Dzansever – So simela ksmeti
10 Gabi Lunca – Omul bun n-are noroc
11 Esma Redzepova – Kerta Mange