Ray Barretto – Barretto-Power
Fania 1972

Ray barretto, voorkant

Ik moet echt eens wat meer salsa plaatsen, wat dacht je van deze ?
Conga speler Ray Barretto heeft een enorme berg platen gemaakt.
Dit krachtige album is uit 1972, op Fania en komt stevig uit de verf.
Adalberto Santiago doet de vokalen, lekker hoor, luister..

I really should post more salsa, how about this one ? Conga player
Ray Barretto mad e a big pile of records. The one we have today is
from 1972, on Fania and rocks like it’s title already suggests, power-
ful. Adalberto Santiago does vocals, nice, listen..

titels ;

01 – Oye la noticia
02 – Perla del sur
03 – Right on
04 – De que te quejas tu
05 – Y dicen
06 – Quitate la mascara
07 – Se que volveras
08 – Power


Efrain Gonzalez y su Tres
canta Gustavo Rada
Epic 1979

Efrain Gonzalez, voorkant

Efrain Gonzalez was hier al eerder maar na het beluisteren van
beide platen slaat de twijfel toe. Is dit wel dezelfde Efrain Gonzalez ?
Zoveel zullen er niet met deze aparte naam rondlopen maar de sound
is zo anders op dit album dan op het vorige.. Hoe dan ook, hier is de
Cubaanse tres het instrument van zijn keuze en hij brengt er een scala
aan stijlen mee, het beluisteren meer dan waard..

Efrain Gonzalez was here before. However, after hearing both albums
one doubts if this is the same Efrain Gonzalez. There can’t be that many
guys with the same name, would you think ? The sound of this album is
so different from the previous.. One way or the other, on this record
Efrain plays the Cuban tres and brings us a choice of styles,
at least worth a couple of spins..


01 – Desolacion
02 – Que buenas son las costeñas
03 – La cumbia cafetera
04 – Las hermanitas
05 – la figura del sapo
06 – La orgullosa
07 – Mi guajira colombiana
08 – Y no volvere
09 – Hombre negro
10 – Te necesito
11 – Oye caraqueña


Carlos Carvajal y la Colombia All Stars
Live in Central Park, invitado especial:
Piper Pimienta Diaz y Raffi Perez
Discos Toka 1978

Carlos Carvajal, voorkant

Piper Pemienta Diaz

We hebben er niet veel maar vandaag eens een live registratie
van een salsa concert in Central Park, New York 1978. Met speciaal
genodigde Piper Pimienta Diaz die we natuurlijk kennen van los Latin
Brothers. New York was in die tijd de hoofdstad van de salsa brava,
lekker ruig geluid met veel trombone en dikke zangpartijen.
Carlos Carvajal begon zijn carriere bij Peregoyo
y su Combo Vacana.

We haven’t seen a whole lot of them but today we’ve got us a live
registration of a salsa concert in Central Park, New York 1978. With
special guest Piper Pemienta Diaz who we know from los Latin Brothers
of course. New York was the capital of salsa brava in those days, rough
though sweet sound with lots of trombone and great vocal parts.
Carlos Carvajal started his career with Peregoyo
y su Combo Vacana.

titels ;

01 – Cañaveral
02 – Asi se baila
03 – Varon-varon
04 – Amor mezquino
05 – Mosaico del recuerdo


Eddy Son presenta
José Missamou y su Conjunto
Ritmo de Africa !
Eddy’Son Consortium Mondial

José Missamou, voorkant

Afrikaanse salsa ? Ja hoor, dat bestaat ook, bijna alsof het Cubanen
zijn. José Missamou laat het ons hier horen. Hij zong bij les Bantous
de la Capitale en deed ook diverse solo projecten. Op deze plaat wordt
hij bijgestaan door Ntesa Dalienst die ook nog met Franco heeft gewerkt.
Opgenomen in de studio van Verckys in Zaire en uitgebracht door Edddy
‘Son Consortium Mondial is dit een niet te missen stukje geschiedenis.
Kort maar lekker, luister zelf..

African salsa ? Yes sir, it does exist, almost like they are Cubans.
José Missamou shows us on this here album. He used to sing with
Les Bantous de la Capitale and also did various solo projects. On this
record he is accompanied by Ntesa Dalienst who used to work with
Franco’s OK jazz. Recorded in the studios of Verckys and released by
Eddy’Son Consortium Mondial, this is a piece of history you should not
miss. Short but sweet, listen..

titels ;

01 – Ritmo de africa
02 – No te olvidare
03 – Mi historia


Alfredo Linares y su Salsa Star
Sensacionales !!! Sonolux 1995

Alfredo Linares, front

The first song on this album was already at that
Buenissimas vol. 2 we had in the past. Now Alfredo
Linares is finally back with an lp with his Salsa Star.
10 hot tracks for your fridaynight. Get them now.


01 – Tiahuanaco
02 – Ponte en onda
03 – Baila montuno
04 – Solo contigo basta
05 – Nostalgia caleña
06 – Cachumbembe
07 – El chevere
08 – Mi dulce amor
09 – Te esperare
10 – Desconfianza


Bush y su Nuevo Sonido
La Chola Caderona
Discos Fuentes 1977

Bush, front

Good morning groovers, let’s get us some salsa this friday.
A good way to start the weekend. This is Bush, Francisco
Buckley is his real name and he was born in Panama 1940.
Love for music is a thing that runned in the family, he had
several uncles playing saxophone and piano, his mother
used to dance. When he grew up starting a group of his
own seemed a logical step. The album we’ve got today
was released on the Colombian Discos Fuentes in 1977.
Hope you like, get it & spread it..


01 – La chola caderona
02 – Secate las lagrimas
03 – 9 de enero
04 – Un paso pa’lante
05 – Mariana soba, pueblo nuevo
06 – Traicionera
07 – El cucullo montañero


Jimmy Pedrozo con Franklin Ariza vol. 2
Paso la Vida Pensando, Discos Tropical 1985

Jimmy Pedrozo, front

In 1986 Globestyle released the album ‘Fiesta Vallenata’, part of
the series ‘Accordions that shook the world’. it contains a few
songs that captured me from the very start. Lo mas sabroso
by Jimmy Pedrozo & Franklin Ariza struck me like lightning.
I had never heard such music before and it was more or less
the beginning of my search for more. The lp is available here.

Other songs that hit me instantly were the other two Jimmy
pedrozo songs and ‘India Matea’ by Miguel Duran. I’m still on
the look out to find the album containing that song. Yesterday
my buddy Sanjay payed me a visit and a big surprise came
along with him. After 30 years finally I found volume 2 of Jimmy
Pedrozo & Franklin Ariza. In fact, Sanjay is the man that helped
me searching and he found it in Bogota. What a special moment
when listening to it first time. The song ‘Lo mas sabroso’ must be
on volume 1 so the search continues but for now we are so lucky
to be able to listen to “Paso la vida pensando” by Jimmy Pedrozo
con Franklin Ariza y su Conjunto, hope U like..


01 – Paso la vida pensando
02 – La visuaca
03 – Pa’ todo el año
04 – La huella de tu amor
05 – El loro
06 – Sirvientas modernas
07 – Por sapo
08 – Zumba que zumba
09 – Amor de papel
10 – Bello diciembre


the Latin Brothers – Te Encontre
Discos Fuentes 1976

the Latin Brothers, front

Fuentes label b-side

Mario Rincon P.

Colombian salsa would not have been the same without the
music of the Latin Brothers. Still with Joe Arroyo this 1976
album is one that stands out for the sound we all
love. The trombones add rough edges, sweet
background vocals and the swell producing by
Mario Rincon Parra make this album a true
listening pleasure, check it out yourself..


01 – Te encontre
02 – Dudando
03 – Dos caminos
04 – Antioqueñita
05 – Canto por no llorar
06 – Ya no hay amor
07 – Patrona de los reclusos
08 – Quiero ser tu vida
09 – Te fuiste a cali
10 – Calle 13


Sabroso! Havana Hits – Various Artists
Earthworks 1989

Sabroso, Havana Hits, front

A wonderful collection of songs on Earthworks is this
1989 compilation of Cuban hits. We’ve played it so
much I can dream them. Not to miss, get & spread..


01 – Grupo Sierra Maestra – A los rumberos de belen
02 – Celina González – Camina y ven
03 – Orquestra Chepin – El son de nicaragua
04 – Irakere – Rucu Rucu A santa clara
05 – Conjunto Casino – Chilindron de chivo
06 – Conjunto Los Karachi – De kabinde a kunene un solo pueblo
07 – Los Van Van – Anda ven y muevete
08 – Conjunto Rumbavana – Vuela la paloma
09 – Orquesta Revé – Se que tu sabes que yo se
10 – Grupo Monumental – Frutas del caney


Nelson y sus Estrellas –
Regresa el Rey del Ají,
Sonolux 1987

Nelson, front

It is becoming a pile, the records of Nelson y sus Estrelles.
About time to post some. This is an album from 1987, not
his first so to speak, we’ll go back in time later. After
listening to his records over the weekend I decided
to do right and share some salsa with you folks.


01 – Cuando es la boda
02 – Ponte las pilas
03 – El pescadito
04 – Sed de amor
05 – Nuestro son
06 – Salsa con cache
07 – Alardes
08 – El peregrino
09 – Amor mio


El Boogaloo! de Pepe Moreno
Cantinflitas y su All-Star Band,
Delujo / Discos Fuentes, 1976

Pepe Moreno, front

If you ask me to choose between songs and instrumentals, I am
clearly in favour of songs. This record however contains some wild
instrumental parts I really like. I can’t tell you much about Pepe
Moreno, his salsa is hot and Colombian, the lp is on Delujo in
corporation with Discos Fuentes and from 1976. Real name,
Pepe Romero. I’d say, listen to it yourself
and see what you feel about it..


01 – Pepe moreno
02 – A mil
03 – Boogaloo bola
04 – Me voy pa’l peru
05 – Morcilla
06 – Mi hermana
07 – Caramanduca
08 – Descargo yo


Celia Cruz y la Sonora Matancera
sus Exitos del Millon, CBS 1986

Celia Cruz, front

She is so famous that one tends to think the whole world
already has her music, but that isn’t the case off course.
Another lp my friend brought home from Cuba lately and
it’s one I didn’t have. I promised to post them so here is
the third he contributed. With Celia and la Sonora
Matancera you can’t go wrong, always top
quality latin music of which you can find
one other album on this blog, enjoy..
p.s. it makes me remember I saw
her in Utrecht Vredenburg,
january 1986 with Tito
Puente, check video..
( not Utrecht )


01 – Tu voz
02 – Don palucha
03 – La jaibera
04 – Cañonazo
05 – Burundanga
06 – Yerberito moderno
07 – Cualquiera resbala y cae
08 – Guantanamera
09 – Mani tosta’o
10 – Ven bernabe


El Michi y su Combo Bravo – El Taconazo
Zeida / Codiscos 1983

Michi Sarmiento, front

I was in the mood for some salsa and after checking a
couple of lp’s from the top of the pile, Michi Sarmiento
came out as today’s winner. Forget about the album’s
awful cover and turn straight to the music, it does not
compare. Michi’s sound was one of the most popular in
Colombia and this slice of salsa brava from 1983 does
not make an exception. Vocals by Felipe Sembergman
on tracks; 1,4,7 and 9, Hernando Perez on tracks; 2,5,
8 an 10, Michi Sarmiento on tracks; 3 and 6.
Get it & spread it as usual..


1 Antonia
2 Tu lo sabias
3 Fidelina
4 No te vayas
5 San andres
6 Caiman gallinazo
7 La vecina
8 El taconazo
9 El manantial
10 El boton


Saludando a los Salseros
de las Siete Potencias,
Various Artists, ECO / Discos Fuentes 1979

Salseros, front

Okay folks, let’s get back to some Colombian hot stuff.
The opening song by Michi Sarmiento is so good, we
get spoiled straight away when listening to this album.
I am not saying that the rest sucks, no sir, it is party
music from beginning to end. Chico Cervantes, Fruko,
all bueno y caliente. I’ll do a bit more salsa futuramente.


1  Michi Sarmiento – Hong Kong
2  Chico Cervantes – Recordaras
3  Chico Cervantes – Ocaña
4  Grupo Bayamon – Añoranza de mi pueblo
5  Chico Cervantes – Saludando a los salseros
6  Fruko y sus Tesos – El gozon
7  Grupo Bayamon – Yo si la quiero
8  Chico Cervantes – Fe y esperanza
9  Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto Sabanero – Guantaranure
10 Los Bestiales – Palomita mensajera