Choc Stars – Oka Polisson Chauffe
Espera 1990



Op verzoek van Harris, vandaag deze Choc Stars uit 1990.
We hadden er al vijf uit de jaren tachtig. Klaarblijkelijk
was er een soort deal met Skol Bier, de marktleider in
Guinée en Congo-Kinshasa. De zangers Ben Nyamabo,
Carlito, Debaba en Zemano spoelden er de keel mee..

On request of Harris, today we have this Choc Stars from
1990. We had five already from the eighties. Appearantly
there was some kind of deal with Skol Beer, the market
leader in Guinée and Congo-Kinshasa. Singers Ben Nyamabo,
Carlito, Debaba and Zemano cleaned their throats with it..

tracks ;

01 – Belle de jadis
02 – Tonton skol
03 – Salama-bibi
04 – Suka eza na nyonso


Zaïko Langa-Langa – Nkolo Mboka vol. 5
C.I.D. 1987


Yes, more Zaïko. This group never disappoints, sweet vocals,
subtle rhythms, a never ending pace, very danceable. We had
us a bunch already. Get this one too to
complete your collection.

Jaa, meer Zaïko. Deze groep stelt nooit teleur, heerlijke vokalen,
subtiele ritmes, ze houden de vaart er altijd in, zeer dansbaar. We
hadden er al een reeks. Down deze ook om
je collectie te completeren.

tracks ;

01 – Dalia
02 – Mokili ya nzambe
03 – Mama celina mobateli
04 – Matumoli


Alia Music présente
Pépé Kallé, Kabasele Yampanya
et l’Orchestre Empire Bakuba du Zaïre
et Vous Souhaite Bonana 85
Alia Music 1985


Uit 1985 komt deze elpee met de Olifant uit Zaïre, Pépé Kallé.
Kabasele Yampanya luidt zijn eigenlijke en prachtige naam. De
plaat is gesigneerd door zijn compaan en promotor Dizolele
Tonadio. Altijd weer groot luisterplezier met deze gigant..

This album comes from 1985. The elephant from Zaïre he was
called, Pépé Kallé. His real and beautiful name is Kabasele
Yampanya. The record is signed by his pal and promotor
Dizolele Tonadio. Always a pleasure listening to this giant..

tracks ;

01 – Bitoto
02 – Fungola ngai
03 – Article 15 beta libanga
04 – Mbata namokongo


le Grand Père Bozi-Boziana
Joly Detta et Desse
avec l’Anti-Choc – Zongela-Ngai
AMG Production 1989


Attention lovers of soukous, today’s entry concerns one of the
most popular groups of the eighties with Bozi-Boziana and
Anti Choc. Jolie Detta is also present, nice. The sleeve of the
album did not provide a whole lot of information, to learn
more about Bozi, check his Wiki page bozi/wiki

Voor de liefhebbers van een stevig stukje soukous hebben we
vandaag deze schijf met Bozi-Boziana en zijn groep Anti-Choc.
Ook Jolie Detta is van de partij. De hoes van de plaat geeft verder
bar weinig informatie en online vond ik ook al niet te veel. Kijk zelf
naar zijn Wiki pagina bozi/wiki

tracks ;

01 – Zongela-ngai
02 – La sirene
03 – Sissi gwema
04 – Darse likotino


Verckys présente :
Langa Langa Stars et Choc Stars
Editions VEVE International 1983

Langa Langa et Choc Stars, voorkant

Twee bands verenigd op één elpee vandaag. Uit de studio’s van
Verckys in Kinshasa hebben we hier de Langa Langa Stars en de Choc
Stars die beiden deel vormden van de clan Langa Langa. Er zit en complex
stuk historie achter deze groepen. Ga het net op om deze te achterhalen
want ik doe niet eens een poging. Fantastische semi soukous uit 1983. Ik
ben gek op de ‘Voix Cassé’, de gebroken stem van Dindo Yogo in track 1&2
maar de hele plaat is heerlijk, luister zelf en kijk wat jij ervan vindt..

Two bands united on one album today. From the studios of Verckys
in Kinshasa we have the Langa Langa Stars and the Choc Stars who
were both part of the clan Langa Langa. The history behind these
groups is a complex story which I’m not even going to try tell you.
Go online and dig it up yourself. Fantastic semi soukous from 1983.
I love the ‘Voix Cassé’, the broken voice of Dindo Yogo in track 1&2
but the whole record is delightful, listen
and make up your own mind..

titels ;

01 – Langa Langa Stars – Moyeké
02 – Langa Langa Stars – Mzembo élengui
03 – Choc Stars – Tshala
04 – Choc Stars – Labara


Kanda Bongo Man – Malinga
KBM 1985

Kanda Bongo Man, voorkant

Voor liefhebbers van kaarsrechte soukous hebben we vandaag
Kanda Bongo Man op het menu. Met het sprankelende gitaarwerk
van Diblo en Rigo Star en Domingo Salsero op de trommeltjes. De
vorige plaat van deze man trok gretige aftrek hier op de groef dus
ik ga er vanuit dat deze het ook weer goed zal doen. Als vanouds
rammelt de biet stevig door, tijd voor een dansje wellicht, als je
er van houdt dan. Voor een schijf van zo’n dertig jaar terug klinkt
ie als een klok dus daar hoef je het niet voor te laten. Ik zeg
pak ‘m en donder nummer vier weg. Op de halleluja na
een lekker stukje Afrikaans rammelwerk.

English is still being spoken in the comment section.
Use a translator for the rest of the notes.


01 – Malinga
02 – E, mame
03 – J.t.
04 – ô. eternel
05 – Aimé


Anytha-Ngapy “productions” présente
l’Orchestre Choc Stars –
Premier Amour, Anytha-Ngapy 1989

Choc Stars, front

Choc Stars, back detail

Is that a sweet voice or what ? Choc Stars are here with
Carlito, Roxy Tsimpaka, Defao..after posting the dusty
African Fiesta album I wanted to make up with one
that sounds clean and fresh. Four great songs that start
with ‘Premier Amour’, not my first love but it’s a jewel.
Listen and agree, sweeet stuff..


01 – Premier amour
02 – Meditation
03 – Celio
04 – Na ndimi na niokuama


La Zaïkomania
l’Amour du Travail Bien Fait
Bono Music 1989

Zaïkomania, front

Bebe & Marius

Another group coming forth from Zaïko Langa-Langa is this one.
La Zaïkomania made this album in 1989. Recorded in Verckys’
24 track studio in Kinshasa, it sounds fresh as if recorded only
yesterday. Zangilu Popolipo’s guitar and the young voices of
Bebe and marius make this lp a true joy to listen to. Better get
it and give it a couple of spins, I’m quite sure you’ll agree..


01 – Olasi
02 – Wadeni
03 – Lutonzol
04 – Pajora


Afro Rythmes présente,
Afro Rythmes 1981

Kanda-Bongo-Man, front

Good morning, how about some soukous to start up the week?
Kanda Bongo man is here first time with this 1981 slice of hot
African vinyl. With Diblo on guitar, what can go wrong? Listen
and make up your own mind, get & spread as usaual..


01 – Iyole
02 – N’sambi-carol
03 – Amina
04 – Mazina


Disco les Vedettes Shaba présente
Empire Bakuba – Livre d’Or, Papy Tex
Disco les Vedettes Shaba 1986

Empire Bakuba, front

We had us a few records with Empire Bakuba already
but this one is somehow different. It tells us frontman
is Papy Tex instead of Pépé Kallé. His name doesn’t
even appear. I am sure to hear him a few times though.
Papy Tex wrote the tracks on this album and comes
out strong to my opinion. I dare say this is a
typical Empire Bakuba slice and it rocks
like always, listen and dance away..


1 Livre d’or
2 Pebi ya pembe
3 Litama
4 Ce n’est pas ma faute


Afro Rythmes présente Orchestre Stukas
Lita Bembo, Afro Rythmes 198?

Orchestre Stukas, front

Orchestre Stukas, on the floor in Club Rex

Lita Bembo’s Orchestre Stukas always finds a happy
listener. Only last week, one of our loyal visitors told me
how much they had changed his life. Well Matthew, I guess
this is your lucky day, I just found us this killer album
by them at the last big record fair in Utrecht. I think
it is super nice, hardly possible to stay in your chair,
those guitars keep going and going, man I bet
you’re bound to break loose, haha..
I challenge you..

I was playing this lp and studying the sleeve when my eye
fell on the words “photos réalisées au Rex Club”.
Was this really true? I know that place..I’ve been there..
Wow, it must have been in 1982 when I was on a trip to Paris by bus for
the weekend. We were with a large group of volunteers, all workers behind
the bar in ‘de Tagrijn’, a youth-center and stage in my old hometown.
It was on this trip that we accidentally ended up with a little group of four,
we were with two boys and two girls but just collegues and good friends.
Initially we thought we were going to a reggae-club. Some dread in the
subway had pointed us there. We came in a bit early I think, it was still
empty so we took a drink and waited for what became one of the greatest
nights of my life. When people started to fill the place, reality opened up
before us. We were the only white visitors in this wonderful African Club.
I remember like it was yesterday, saturday night at Club Rex, Rue des
Bonnes Nouvelles. A night, complete with Mister and Miss elections,
& dance competition. Now I come to think of it, it must have been just
around the time when Lita Bembo and his buddies were there.
We drank, smoked and danced till closing time, made plenty
of friends, oh my, it was such a wild, funny and happy
experience, I could never forget.. wow & damn..
how time flies, astonishing discovery..
I loved it there. Felt as black
as can be..


1 Guelord – 4 saisons
2 Muana pauvre
3 Djodjo
4 Lupiano


Global Sampler vol. 45 – Various Artists

Global Sampler vol. 45, front

Global Samplers are made to help you orientate
and navigate through our older files. This one points
back to the period before mid februari 2012. It contains
strictly African tracks, hope you like..


1 Ambassadeur International – Seydou bathily
2 Les Choc Stars – Ponini eza mpasi
3 Sir Victor Uwaifo & his Melody Maestros – Akwete
4 Les Bantous – Banoko ya mokili
5 Asiakwa Brass Band – Wo tese mawu a didi
6 Orchestre Sinza – Wa ba kandi tetoka
7 Orchestre Stukas – Esta bibisha
8 E.T. Mensah and his Tempo’s Band – Tea samba
9 Docteur Nico et l’Orchestre African Fiesta – La palomar
10 Kwamy – African club
11 Empire Bakuba – Sombokila
12 Rock a Mambo – Mi cancion
13 Tabu Ley et l’Afrisa International – On a raconté
14 Celestine Ukwu Philosophers National – Okwukwe na nchekwube