M.D. Shirinda & Gaza Sisters – M.D. Shirinda
Buffalo / Universal Records 1981



Something we did not see here earlier is Shangaan. Shangaan
are a minority clan of the Tsonga ethnic group. It is a bit complex
explaining the whole background story, if you are interested, just
take a look here. This music is part of the Zulu, South African
culture. It is difficult to hear the difference with Mbaqanga.
I think we must be South African to understand. One way or
the other, the music is very enjoyable, listen..

Een Zuid Afrikaanse stijl die we hier nog niet eerder tegen kwamen
is Shangaan. De Shangaan zijn een minderheids clan van de Tsonga
ethnische groep. Een tikkeltje te complex om hiet uit te leggen, als je
geïnteresseerd bent kijk dan hier. Deze muziek valt onder de Zulu,
Zuid Afrikaanse cultuur. Het verschil met Mbaqanga is wat moeilijk
te horen, ik denk dat je een Zuid Afrikaan moet zijn om dat te horen.
Hoe dan ook, heerlijke sound, Luister zelf maar..

tracks ;

01 – Hambi mhake
02 – Mabazi
03 – Vandzi lumbeta
04 – Engelinah
05 – Mavunwa
06 – Nghena shirinda
07 – Ndzi rivaleri
08 – Tihosi
09 – Shikombelo
10 – Tshiketa ku rila
11 – Tiko raka hina
12 – Shikoka


Zulu Jive, Umbaqanga
Urban & Rural Zulu Beats
from South Africa
Various Artists, Carthage 1984

Zulu Jive, voorkant

Hallo, als er iets opvalt in Zuid Afrikaanse muziek is het wel
de eeuwige opgewektheid. Ook al passeren er thema’s die
minder vrolijk stemmen, de muziek klinkt altijd alsof er een
feestje gaande is. Uit 1984 stamt deze schijf met onvervalste
‘Umbaqanga’ ofwel zulu jive zoals de titel al doet vermoeden.
Laat er maar een dansje op los hoor..

Hello, eventhough themes are sometimes a bit less on the
happy side, South African music always sounds as if there’s a
party going on. From 1984 w’ve got this slice of ‘umbaqanga’
or zulu jive as the title already suggests. Music made to dance
to, so let go, the makers sure meant you to..

titels ;

01 – Aaron Mbambo – Selishonile ilanga
02 – Joshua Sithole – Sedelini thina
03 – The Rainbows – Futhi
04 – Shoba – A smbe diye e goli
05 – Joshua Sithole – Uqalile ukuba nomona
06 – Shoba – Obaba nxase be thandana
07 – Joshua Sithole – Sisi nomdi
08 – Aaron Mbambo – Sambambha ushemeni
09 – The Rainbows – Mashonisa
10 – Joshua Sithole – Lento oyenza kimi


Moses Mchunu – Babulala Umuzi Ka Baba
Mavuthela Production 1981

Moses Mchunu, front

“During the mid-70s and early 80s, Mchunu was one of the
leading vocalists in the raucous Zulu ‘jive’ style, which
gave way to mbaqanga. Mchunu’s band typified its appeal,
featuring driving rhythms and instruments such as guitar,
violin and concertinas, together with powerful blues-based
vocals. He has released a number of albums that have sold
strongly throughout South Africa, but none have managed to
sustain an international reputation.”
Taken from All Music at the world wide web.
Until now I haven’t been posting a lot of mbaqanga simply
because I don’t own and know that much. I knew Moses
Mchunu from that great collector that was released in
1985, the Indestructible Beat of Soweto, so when I
stumbled upon this lp, I knew what to do.
The jive is so stirring, it’s impossible
to ignore, dance music of the
first kind, enjoy..


1 Kabulala umuzi ka baba
2 Kulezo ntaba
3 Zophela i’mpondo zenyanga
4 Yashisa igugu intombi yami
5 Umona usuka esweni
6 Musukukhala
7 Sibanqoba ngamunye
8 Uyayibona lentombi
9 Gijima mfana
10 Usitshela amaganyana
11 Siyavuma
12 Yekelani inzondo


Mahotella Queens – Izibani Zomgqashiyo,Earthworks 1977

If you are into Zulu Jive, the South African music of the people,
you better don’t miss this one. This is one of their best albums.
The Mahotella Queens are here with their backing group, Makhona
Zonke Band. They are also accompanied by their ‘male groaners’
Robert Mbazo Mkhize, Potatoes Mazambane or Joseph Mthimkhulu.
The Queens are Emily Zwane from Brakpan,
Thandi Radebe from Dube ( Soweto ),
Beatrice Ngcobo from Durban,
Thandi Nkosi from Emdeni ( Soweto )
and Caroline Kapentar from Bloemfontein.
They are considered the best Mgqashiyo entertainers in Southern Africa.
Maybe someone can explain to us why on the cover they speak of five
queens while pictures show only four of them ? Strange.
An early post this saturday, so much football I don’t want to miss,
we, The Netherlands, shall play Japan this afternoon and later we get
Ghana – Australia and Cameroon – Denmark. Great day of sports
in South Africa, let this music make you dance through it.
By the way, just the cover we need today, lots of orange, catch my drift ?


1 Zibuyile nonyaka
2 Yadilaka intaba
3 Asambe mntakamama
4 Uthuli lwezichwe
5 Bekumnandi
6 Demazana
7 Ziyatshitshimba izintombi
8 Vuka uzibuke
9 Siqhamuka kwazulu
10 Xola mama
11 Ifa lenkosana
12 Asambeni bafana


‘Thunder before Dawn’, The Indestructible Beatof Soweto volume two – Various Artists,Earthworks 1987

Indestructible Beat vol. 2, frornt, cd size

Remember ‘The Indestructible Beat of Soweto vol. 1’ ? This is
the second volume and it’s called ‘Thunder before Dawn’. Another dose
of Zulu Jive, played by several groups and just the thing for today. Burn it
on cd and play it everywhere tomorrow, the day the worldcup of football
starts the big tournament in South Africa. Just within a stone’s throw from
Soweto the South African national team plays Mexico to open the games.
I hope it will become a huge international football fiesta, just happy news
and beautiful matches, let’s all go for that ! Happy Games !


1 Amaswazi Emvelo and Mahlathini – Utshwala begazati
2 Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo – Thuto ke senotlolo
3 Dilika – Amazimuzimu
4 Abafakasi – Wakwami
5 Johnson Mkhalali – Sunsine boots
6 Jozi – Phumani endlini
7 Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo – Kwa volondiya
8 Makgona Tshole Band – Vula bops
9 Amaswazi Emvelo – Jabula mfana
10 Amaswazi Emvelo and Mahlathini – Siwuhambile umhlaba
11 Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo – Ngasebenza ngedwa
12 Malombo – Motshile


Miriam Makeba – Makeba Sings, RCA Victor 1965

Miriam Makeba, front, cd size

Miriam Makeba 1932 – 2008 , R I P

Monday, November 10,
Last night, 76 years old, Miriam Makeba died after getting
unwell on stage, she was still performing.
I would like to pay my respect to Africa’s most famous
female singer of all time with this LP.
For the full story, I’ll link you to this_article.


1 Cameroon
2 Woza
3 Little bird
4 Chove-chuva
5 Same moon
6 Kilimanjaro
7 Khawuyani-khanyange
8 Wind song
9 Khuluma
10 Let’s pretend
11 Beau Chevalier
12 Maduna


Various Artists – the IndestructibleBeat of Soweto, Earth Works 1985

From the early eighties we have this South-African collector of Zulu
Jive, it was a huge hit when it came out. Recorded between ’81 and
’84. Check the explaning stories on the backcover.


1 Udokotela Shange Namajaha – Awungilobolele
2 Nelcy Sibele – Holotelani
3 Umahlathini Nabo – Qhude Manikiniki
4 Amaswazi Emvelo – Indoda Yejazi Elimnyama
5 Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo with Makgona Tshole Band – Emthonjeni Womculo
6 Udokotela Shange Namajaha – Sobabamba
7 Moses Mchunu – Qhwahilahle
8 Amaswazi Emvelo – Thul’ulalele
9 Nganeziyamfisa no Khambalomvaleliso – Sini Lindile
10 Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo with Makgona Tshole Band – Ngicabange Ngaqeda
11 Johnson Mkhalali – Joyce No. 2
12 Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Nansi Imali


African Mixture

This compilation contains several African styles.
Soukous, like ‘Tchico’ for instance, Chimurenga, ‘Four Brothers’,
#’s 3-5 are from Tanzania, Afro-Cuban by ‘Etoile de Dakar
( with young ‘Youssou N’Dour’ ), Juju with ‘King Sunny’
Better start dancing already !


1 Orchestra Makassi – Mambo Bado
2 The Four Brothers – Rudo Imoto
3 Fadhili William – Malaika
4 Pichen & Tsotsi – Pole Musa
5 Fadhili William – Taxi Driver
6 The Four Brothers – Tsiga Mureza
7 Tchico – Jeannot
8 Pablo Lubadika Porthos – Madeleina
9 African Brothers Band – Me Poma
10 Somo Somo – Mosese 2000
11 Thomas Mapfumo – Juanita
12 Orchestra Mazembe – Mbanda ya Mobange
13 Bopol – Samedi Soir
14 Rochereau – Gagner gagner
15 Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata
16 Etoile de Dakar – N’guiro na
17 King Sunny Adé – Penkele
18 Patrick Mkwamba & the Four Brothers – Vambozha Vauya