Simon ‘Chopper’ Chimbetu
& the Orchestra Dendera Kings
Gramma Records 1997

Simon Chimbetu ( 23 September 1955 – 14 August 2005)
was a Zimbabwean guitarist, vocalist and composer. He
was the founding member of his band Orchestra Dendera
KIngs. He was known by many stage names, including ‘Chopper’,
‘Mr. Visco… read more..

Boterekwa 1989
John Chibadura, Kurera 1985

01 – Pane asipo
02 – Sawara
03 – Hapana chandatadza
04 – Simba nederere
05 – African girl
06 – Vana vaye


John Chibadura and Sungura Boys – Kurera
Musi-Oa-Tunya ZIL 203, 1985

John Chibadura, front

John Chibadura, back

Take a look at this page.
Sungura from Zimbabwe is a style we haven’t seen much yet.
If you liked the Simon Chimbetu album, better try this one too.
Jivin’ east African sound, impossible to remain seated material.
..makes me happy to bring you, cheers..


1 Kurera
2 Mwana asina tsika
3 Kufa hakuna memba
4 Mwana wangu
5 Maggie mukadzi wangu
6 Nhamo ine nharo
7 Ndochema
8 Nhamo yatakawona
9 Hupenyu hwangu
10 Urombo


Simon Chimbetu & the Orchestra Dendera Kings -Boterekwa, Gramma 1989

If you collect worldmusic it is like exploring unknown terrain all
the time. One is learning new names and forms and remains
a student forever. I first learned about chimurenga through the
music of Thomas Mapfumo and fell for it straight away. Then slowly
I started to discover artists like Four Brothers or Oliver Mtukudzi
and Jonah Moyo. Only recently I learned about Simon Chibetu & his
Orchestra Dendera Kings. When I visited Gent in Belgium last week,
I found this LP and some other interesting Zimbabwean music to be
posted soon. To be honest I have not found the difference between
the Zimbabwean styles yet. There’s chimurenga, jit and mbira. The
music of Simon Chimbetu, being Congolese, is also called party rumba
or Zim Rhumba. What coincidence to find my collegue posting this
same time. I guess it was meant to be, enjoy.


1 Usandisiye
2 Future
3 Musoro wachena
4 Pakati pegungwa
5 One way
6 Bvuma mukwasha