All Time Calypso Hits from Trinidadand Tobago, Marble Arch 1970

All time calypso hits

Today we had lots of sunshine in Holland, it made
me feel like having a Calypso post, this one is for
miss Baikinange of SchadenfreudianTherapy ,
thank you for the loads of Calypso you gave us.


1 Mighty Duke – Grenada girl
2 Mighty Power – Is Sparrow really dead
3 Lord Blakie – Souccouyant
4 The Richard “Boyie” Lewis Orchestra – Road march recipe
5 Calypso Princess – Bye bye Blakie
6 Lord Campanero – Children’s games
7 Solid “7” Combo – Go go calypso
8 Mighty Composer – Child training
9 Mighty Power – The millionaire
10 Mighty Cypher – Papers