Sufferer’s Choice – Various Artists
Attack / Trojan 1988



Zestien maal wordt op deze schijf de lijdensweg van diverse
Jamaicanen tentoon gespreid. De plaat maakte eind jaren
tachtig deel uit van de Producers serie die door Trojan werd
uitgebracht. Ik heb reeds eerder delen geplaatst waaronder
Joe Gibbs and Friends en Clement Coxsone Dodd. Zoek ze met
gebruik van onze zoekbalk links. Indrukwekkende verzameling
songs allemaal. Mis ook deze beter niet, luister snel..

Sixteen times we hear songs about suffering on this record which
was part of the late eighties Producers Series brought by Trojan.
I have posted some of them in an earlier stage among which
Joe Gibbs and Friends and Clement Coxsone Dodd. Find them
using our search-bar at your left hand side. Impressive collection
of songs all together, a must have for every reggae lover..

tracks ;

01 – The Kingstonians – Sufferer
02 – The Ethiopians – Condition bad a yard
03 – Bob Marley and the Wailers – Trenchtown rock
04 – Bongo herman and bunny – Know far I
05 – Lloyd Jones – Rome
06 – Billy Dice – Take warning
07 – U-Roy – Way down in south
08 – Bob Marley and the Wailers – Redder than red
09 – Cornell Campbell – Jah jah me no born yah
10 – Alton Ellis – Deliver us to africa
11 – The Abbyssinians – Yim mas gan
12 – The Now Generation Band – Crank shaft version
13 – Johnny Osbourne – Niah man
14 – The versatiles – Warricka hill
15 – Dennis Brown – The song my mother used to sing
16 – Bob Marley and the Wailers – Nice time


John Martyn – Live at Leeds
a rare evening with John Martyn, Danny Thompson
and John Stevens, Dig It ! Plane 1987



Zo aan het eind van het jaar maken we altijd wat uitstapjes naar
muziek die je hier niet zo vaak tegenkomt. Even los van de tropische
stijlen. Verandering van smaak doet vaak goed en daarom vandaag iets
van vroeger. Dit is een plaat die ik zeer veel heb gedraaid eind jaren 70
en ook later in de 80er jaren. Ik was in de veronderstelling dat ik Solid
Air van John Martyn al eens geplaatst had maar ik vergis me daar. Die
komt zeker nog eens. Nu deze live registratie, opgenomen in Leeds in
1975 aan de Universiteit en origineel uitgebracht in 1976. Dit is de her-
uitgave uit 1987. Ga er eens goed voor zitten, je zweeft er volledig
op weg, super sfeervolle plaat die je niet wil missen..

Towards the end of the year we often take you in directions you’re
not used to here at the Global Groove. Away from the tropical styles
we normally post, variation is the spice of life they say so today some-
thing completely different. This is an album I played very much at the
end of the seventies and through the eighties as well. I thought I posted
Solid Air by John Martyn already but appearantly I am mistaking. That
one will certainly come one fine day. Today a live registration, recorded
at Leeds University in 1975 and originally released in 1976. This is the
re-release from 1987. Sit down and let it happen to you, the music
floats away, very atmospheric experience you don’t want to miss..

tracks ;

01 – Inside out
02 – Solid air
03 – Make no mistake / Bless the weather
04 – Man in the station
05 – I’d rather be the devil


African Head Charge – Drastic Season
On U Sound 1983

African Head Charge, voorkant

African Head Charge, achterkant detail

Houd je van lekker vreemd instrumentaal getrommel
en geblieb ? De meester op dit terrein was begin jaren
tachtig zonder twijfel Adrian Sherwood. Hier hebben we
nog zo’n sterk staaltje bizarre geluiden, congas, bongos,
friction drums, fish, cabassa, keukenpannen, basgitaren,
keyboards, chinese luit, elektrische percussie etcetera..

Do you like some nice and weird instrumental drumming
and blieping ? Absolute master in this territory was early
eighties without doubt Adrian Sherwood. Here we have
another fine example of bizar sounds, congas, bongos,
friction drums, fish, cabassa, kitchenpans, bass guitars,
keyboards, chinese lute, electric percussion etcetera..

titels ;

01 – Timbuktu express
02 – I want water
03 – Bazaar
04 – African hedge hog
05 – Depth charge
06 – Fruit market
07 – Snake in the hole
08 – Many generations


Creation Rebel – Psychotic Jonkanoo
Statik / On-U Sound 1981

Creation Rebel, voorkant

Zo voor in de jaren tachtig was er een explosie aan dikke dub
platen van het prestigieuze On U Sound label van producer
Adrian Sherwood gaande. Mijn vrienden en ik waren er enorm
van onder de indruk en kochten alles wat er maar uitkwam.
Dit is er een uit 1981 van Creation Rebel. Ik herrinner me een
optreden in het Amsterdamse Paradiso waarbij ook drummer
Eskimo Fox van de partij was. We schreeuwden zijn naam zo
hard dat de man schouderophalend naar z’n bandgenoten
keek, zichtbaar in verlegenheid gebracht, het werd een
onvergetelijke avond waaraan ik nog vaak terugdenk.

Early eighties an explosion of fatback dub records from the
prestigious On U Sound label of Adrian Sherwood took place.
My buddies and I were quite impressed by it and bought every
album that was released in those days. The one we have today
is such an album. I remember a night in the Amsterdam Paradiso
when we screamed the name of drummer Eskimo Fox so loud
he was visibly affected and looked embarrassed to his fellow
musicians. It became a memorable evening of which
I think back often.

titels ;

01 – The dope
02 – African space
03 – Chatti mouth
04 – Threat to creation
05 – Highest degree
06 – Mother don’t cry
07 – Yuk up
08 – Drum talk


David Bowie – Hunky Dory
RCA Victor 1971

David Bowie, voorkant

David Bowie, achterkant

Een van m’n jeugdhelden overleed gisteren.
Dit is denk ik de plaat die ik het meest gedraaid heb.

A childhood heroe passed away yesterday.
One of my most precious albums is this one.

R.I.P. David..

titels ;

01 – Changes
02 – Oh! you pretty things
03 – Eight line poem
04 – Life on mars?
05 – Kooks
06 – Quicksand
07 – Fill your heart
08 – Andy Warhol
09 – Song for bob dylan
10 – Queen bitch
11 – The bewlay brothers


On-U Sound Compilation
Wild Paarty Sounds volume one
Various Artists, Cherry Red Records 1981

Wild Paarty Sounds, front

..don’t say it..
..hear it..


01 – Jah Woosh – Woodpecker sound
02 – Machine Gun Hogg & Co. – Eed bound saga
03 – Prince Far I & Creation Rebel – Quanté jubila
04 – The Chicken Granny – Quit the body
05 – Alan Pellay – Parasitic machine
06 – London Underground – Dreams are better
07 – Suns of Arqa – Asian rebel
08 – Alan pellay – Demonic forces
09 – The Mothmen – Afghani dub
10 – Jeb Loy & The Oil Wells – Things that made U.S.
11 – New Age Steppers – Yipee I aah
12 – Judy Nylon – The dice


Merger – Exiles ina Babylon
Sun-Star 1977

Merger, front

Merger, inside

Not long ago I was watching a documentary on Youtube about the
developement of reggae in the UK. I really liked it, the birth of two-tone
for instance, wonderful video which I added below. It’s a great piece of
history I enjoyed a lot. There is one group however of which I would
have loved to find some footage in the documentary. This lp by Merger
was a personal favourite in the early days and I think the group deserves
a place in that story. One way or the other, it’s never too late to give
them the attention deserved so here is 77 which is obviously their
1977 lp. It brings back memories, were you there..?
Get it & spread it..


01 – 77
02 – Ghetto child
03 – Life song
04 – Exiles ina babylon
05 – Understanding
06 – African lady
07 – Have you heard ?
08 – Waterfalls
09 – Massa gana


the Jukebox Rebel presents…
Un Tour du Monde
( en hommage a John Peel )
august 30, 1939 – october 25, 2004

Jukebox Rebel - Un Tour du Monde

Last week I received a mail by one of our loyal visitors from Glasgow,
Scotland. He made a wonderful tribute to the great John Peel as a
contribution to our page. It is nice to pass the mic for a change,
ladies and gentlemen, I give the word to
William, the Jukebox Rebel..

Hello groovers, warm greetings from Glasgow where
there are many music nuts just like Moos.

I say THANK YOU to my host for helping to keep all these wonderful
global grooves alive over the years – and for giving me a chance
to share my mix-tape with you today. It’s a special tenth anniversary
commemoration for the incomparable DJ of the World, John Peel.

Of all the Peel eulogies since 2004, Billy Bragg said it best when he
astutely surmised: “Throughout his career, John Peel defined independent
music. Although he became an institution at the BBC, he was, in effect,
running his own pirate radio station from within the Corporation,
introducing us to music that could not be heard on any other radio show.”
I listened to his nightly shows regularly from 1983 until his untimely
death from a heart-attack on 25th October 2004, taping highlights and
then following them up by purchasing the LP or CD whenever possible.

During the course of his shows, John Peel brought the Planet closer
together, with a weird and wonderful mix of all that was musically
interesting – there were no borderlines in his musical world.

He imbued me with a passion for musical adventure and opened my eyes
and ears to the richness of the artists from all around our planet –
and I could safely say that he is the main reason that I’ve ended up
following the crazy Dutchman on this website.

Most of the selections on this compile were actually featured in the
John Peel show at some stage – and I feel sure that the few exceptions
would also have done so, were they to have landed on his doorstep or
in his time zone.

I hope you can join me for this ’round the world celebration.
Long live John Peel – the original, independent global groover!

Peace out,
The Jukebox Rebel

p.s. don’t miss the text document where I’ll tell you
a bit about the artists and their songs 😉


1. Mieskuoro Huutajat – Kalinka (Finland)
2. King Short Shirt – Tourist Leggo (Antigua and Barbuda)
3. Banda Bajera de San Pelayo – Descarga En Cumbia (Colombia)
4. Huun-Huur-Tu – Aa-Shuu Dekei-Oo (Russia)
5. Boris Karlov – Daichovo Horo (Bulgaria)
6. Thomas Mapfumo and The Blacks Unlimited – Chitima Cherusununguko (Zimbabwe)
7. Les Grammacks – En Quimber On Soucougnan (Dominica)
8. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Taa Deem (Pakistan)
9. Clotaire K – Maqam (France)
10. Manny Corchado and his Orchestra – Pow-Wow (Puerto Rico)
11. Admiral Bailey – No Way No Better Than Yard (Jamaica)
12. Rod Dennis Mento Band – No Body’s Business (Jamaica)
13. Esso Trinidad Steel Band – I Want You Back (Trinidad and Tobago)
14. Selda – Maden Dağı (Deloy, Deloy) (Turkey)
15. The DeZurik Sisters – The Arizona Yodeler (the USA)
16. Vanuatu Women’s Water Music – Rim Rim Siag (Vanuatu)


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