the B-52’s – High Fidelity, Play Loud
Island 1978

the B-52's, voorkant

Wat dacht je van deze band ? Uit 1978
alweer, de B-52’s. Aanvankelijk wilde ik het niet horen maar
deze baanbrekende band werd terecht opgepakt door producer
Chris Blackwell en Island Records. Nu terugkijkend weet ik, dit
is pure cult. Why don’t you dance with me ? I’m not no Limburger..
Dance this Mess Around is er een die op elke dansvloer tot z’n recht
komt. Geef ‘m nog eens een paar rondjes en kom tot de conclusie,
dit is hippy hippy forward hippy hippy hippy shake..


01 – Planet claire
02 – 52 girls
03 – Dance this mess around
04 – Rock lobster
05 – Lava
06 – There’s a moon in the sky ( called the moon )
07 – Hero workshop
08 – 6060-842
09 – Downtown


Leo Fuld – Mazzel
Artone 1966

Leo Fuld, front

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Friends introduced me to this guy. The album is named
‘mazzel’, and mazzel is something he certainly had. Leo
Fuld was a jewish folksinger who was born in Rotterdam.
Now he had the mazzel ( luck ) to realise it was best
leaving Holland and move to the USA in 1939. As we
all know he probably saved his life doing so, a little
later Rotterdam was bombed and many died in the
second world war that began in the next year.
Something quite different then you are used
to find here, a little change can’t hurt though.
Wonderful atmosphere, slightly gypsy,
warmest voice, lots of emotion..


01 – Yaas
02 – Momele
03 – Moshiagh
04 – In der finster
05 – My yiddishe mama
06 – Ich sing
07 – Mazzel
08 – Unter boimer
09 – Glick
10 – Kaddish
11 – Wus geween ist geween
12 – Ich hab dich zoviel lieb
13 – Shalom israel
14 – Wo ahin soll ich geh’n


Chivirico – Para mi Gente
Cotique 1976

Chivirico, front

Chivirico Dávila’s real name was Rafael Dávila Rosario.
He was born Puerto Rican, this album on Cotique was
recorded in New York. He worked with many different
artists in many different countries but never gained the
recognition he deserved. Listen to this great album..


01 – Para mi gente
02 – Enamorado
03 – Tumba
04 – Quizas, quizas
05 – Gavilan
06 – Yare, yare
07 – Por equivocacion
08 – La mujer del peso
09 – Cristal
10 – Mar y cielo


Don Covay – Super Dude I
Mercury 1973

Don Covay, front

Don Covay, back

This sunday soulbrothers we’ve got an album by one
of the most influential singers in the field. Even his
weepies are different and breathe a certain coolness.
His work was an inspirational source for many to
follow. I am a fan, that’s for sure. Listen
to the great Don Covay, sweeet..
..and what a title, do you think
the ‘I’ thing refers to reggae
track ‘Memphis’ ?
I and I do..


01 – Overtime man
02 – Leave him pt.1
03 – I stayed away too long
04 – I was checkin’ out, she was chenkin’ in
05 – Hold you to your promise
06 – Memphis
07 – The pinch hitters
08 – Somebody’s been enjoying my home
09 – Bad mouthing
10 – Leave him pt.2
11 – Money ( that’s what I want )
12 – Don’t step on a man when he’s down


George Clinton – a Parliafunkadelicment thang

George Clinton, front

Some time ago I made this compilation of Pfunk tracks.
I tried to pick some of the numbers you don’t hear that
much. When driving your car this is music that makes
time pass easily, grooving on.., enjoy a
Parliafunkadelicment thang.


01 – Parliament – Wizard of finance
02 – Funkadelic – Philmore
03 – Parliament – Handcuffs
04 – Funkadelic – Cholly ( funk get ready to roll )
05 – Parliament – Theme from the blackhole
06 – Funkadelic – Nappy dugout
07 – Funkadelic – No compute
08 – Bootsy’s Rubber Band – What’s a telephone bill
09 – Parliament – Dr. Funkenstein
10 – Parliament – Red Hot Mama
11 – Funkadelic – I’ll stay
12 – Funkadelic – Standing on the verge of getting it on
13 – Funkadelic – Field maneuvers
14 – Funkadelic – Back in our minds
15 – Funkadelic – Hit it and quit it
16 – Funkadelic – Can you get to that
17 – Funkadelic – Loose booty
18 – Funkadelic – A joyful process


Johnny Guitar Watson – A Real Mother
Kessler-Grass 1977

Johnny Guitar Watson, front

Johnny Guitar Watson, backdetail

I was 19 years old when this came out, I remember so well.
The deep underground funky sound of Johnny Guitar Watson
made a huge impression and I must say, I still love it. Back
then we were hanging out in dark smokey seller discotheques
and youthcenters. When listening to it again I can see images
of those days, the girls, the atmosphere, damn, good thoughts.
Let’s take a dive back into the seventies and play this sucker
till we can’t take it no more, the vinyl got hurt a tiny bit over
the years and has a few jumps in the last track, sorry ‘bout
being so careless..


01 – A real mother
02 – Nothing left to be desired
03 – Your love is my love
04 – The real deal
05 – Tarzan
06 – I wanna thank you
07 – Lover Jones


Nils Lofgren – Cry Tough
A&M Records Inc. 1976

Nils Lofgren, front

Okay folks, come back in time with me. Do you remember
half way the seventies we were listening mainly to popmusic.
Guitars were and are still the instrument that can bring us
into extasy. Over the years one records certain guitarparts
in the brain, somehow when they pass by you know every
little sound, every slip of the fingers, it’s like you’re there,
inside that incredible sweet stroke, that pull of the string.
Okay, enough laba laba, the lp I recorded for you to taste
is this one by the magnificent Nils Lofgren. I can dream
this album, listened to it so much in those days, his
skills are unequalled. Something else for a change,
a treat for guitarlovers like yourself maybe..


01 – Cry tough
02 – It’s not a crime
03 – Incidentally…it’s over
04 – For your love
05 – Share a little
06 – Mud in your eye
07 – Can’t get closer
08 – You lit a fire
09 – Jailbait


Shuggie Otis – Freedom Flight
Epic 1971

Shuggie Otis, front

Shuggie Otis

Some nice soulmusic to change the mood, today’s sound is
one that sticks. Once you’ve heard these tracks a couple of
times, there’s no turning back. They are in your head to stay.
It was only decades later I got to hear these songs again. In
2001 Luaka Bop Inc. came with the cd, ‘Inspiration Information’.
It was when I heard ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ again first time. In
1971 when it first came out it ran the charts in my little country
and when hearing it again, it brought back lots of memories of
those days. On this lp, Shuggie is accompanied by his father
Johnny Otis who also produced the album. Next we have
George Duke who died way to early age 67,in august 2013.
We find Wilton Felder on bass and Aynsley Dunbar on drums
to call a few. Wonderful atmospheric drifting off sounds,
Shuggie wrote Strawberry Letter 23 and played all instru-
ments on it, give it a try and you wont be sorry,
get it & spread it..


01 – Ice cold daydream
02 – Strawberry letter 23
03 – Sweet thang
04 – Me and my woman
05 – Someone’s always singing
06 – Purple
07 – Freedom flight

Bonus tracks;

08 – Inspiration information
09 – Sparkle city
10 – Aht uh mi hed


King Floyd – Groove Me
Chimneyville / Cotillion 1971

King Floyd, front

King Floyd

Hello folks, goodmorning, last week I posted an album by the
Impressions telling you I was gonna do some more rare soul
and such. Well today I have an lp by one of the funkiest of all.
The title matches this page as no other, ‘Groove me’ is truly
one of the finest songs in the genre. I remember discovering
King Floyd, his music hit me instantly when listening to him
first time. So don’t hesitate and get this, you wont be sorry.


1 Groove me
2 Let us be
3 Woman don’t go astray
4 Baby let me kiss you
5 Messing up my mind
6 It’s wonderful
7 So glad I found you
8 Don’t leave me lonely
9 Day in the life of a fool
10 What our love needs


The Impressions – Times have Changed
Curtom / Buddha Records 1972

Impressions, front

Curtom label

‘Times have changed’, a statement still appropriate..
It could be you think I only collect tropical music
but that isn’t the case at all. I started my hobby
long time ago during the seventies and began with
collecting pop, soul, jazz and many other styles.
Today I want to bring you an album by a soulgroup
I have always loved a lot. The Impressions with the
late and great Curtis Mayfield have always been one
of my favourite bands. Last week while meeting with
one of the GG’s music providers, we listened to a
‘Best of’ album by the Impressions and I decided to
post some of those obscure soul albums I collected
over the years. This one is for you Alex, enjoy it..


1 Stop the war
2 Times have changed
3 Inner city blues
4 Our love goes on and on
5 Potent love
6 I need to belong to someone
7 This loves for real
8 Love me


Clifton Chenier and his
Red Hot Louisiana Band
Arhoolie 1977

Clifton Chenier, front

Clifton Chenier, backsleeve info

It is not blues, born in the late twenties, squeezebox,
rubboard and French lyrics, we’re talking of Zydeco. The
king of zydeco is Clifton Chenier, he shaped the sound
into this great party music, very happy and irresistible.
Check out this 1977 album on Arhoolie Records, Clifton
Chenier and his Red Hot Louisiana Band..


1 Grand prix
2 Hungry man blues
3 Parti de paris
4 Take off your dress
5 Paty down ( at the blue angel club )
6 Falksy girl
7 Easy, easy baby
8 Tante na na
9 Do right sometime
10 Highway blues


22 Tracks about Football – Various Artists

22 tracks about footbal

Speaking of football, or soccer, whatever you prefer, I decided
to make a collector about it. It begins with a track from a cd
full of 78’s collected by John Peel’s wife. Nice old song, in the
middle we have two African songs, one Colombian and another
oldie with the Marx Brothers. On no.13 we have a track sung by
no one less than Pelé, with Sergio Mendes and on 20 a quite bad
Dutch caranaval song by our own Johan Cruyff, you wont believe
your ears. Most songs are Brazillian and about the famous Rio-club
Flamengo or Pelé, get it & spread it…


1 Albert Whelan – Pass! shoot!! goal!!!
2 João Nogueira e Outros – Hino de flamengo
3 Gasolina – E o juíz apitou
4 João Nogueira – Samba rubro-negra
5 Bezerra da Silva – Flamengo e mangueira
6 Hélio Nascimento – Continuo a ser flamengo
7 Varias crianças – Falando sobre futbol
8 Luiz Wanderley – Rei pelé
9 Pepé Kallé – Roger mila
10 Johnny Bokelo – A.s. biliman
11 Los Teenagers – Pachanga del futbol
12 The Marx Brothers – Professor wagstaff presents the football game ( Groucho )
13 Sergio Mendes e Pelé – Meu mundo é uma bola
14 Wilson Simonal – Obrigado pelé
15 Jackson do Pandeiro – O rei pelé
16 Grupo Fundo de Quintal – Sou flamengo, cacique e mangueira
17 Tim Maia – Flamengo
18 Gilberto Gil e Germano Mathias – Samba rubro-negro
19 Lonnie Donegan – World cup willie
20 Johan Cruyff – Oei oei oei ( dat was me weer een loei )
21 Gringo da Parada – Mengoooo
22 Torcedores de flamengo – Mengoo


John Lee Hooker – House of the Blues Chess International

John Lee Hooker, front

I could impossibly say it like Leadbelly, so I’ll leave it to him.
Leadbelly said it this way;
“Never was a white man had the blues, ’cause nothin’ to worry about.
Now, you lay down at night. You roll from one side of the bed to the
other all night long. You can’t sleep.
What’s the matter ? The blues got you. You get up and sit on the side
of your bed in the mornin’. You may have a sister and a brother, mother
and father around, but you don’t want no talk out of ’em.
What’s the matter ? The blues got you. Well, you go and put your feet
under the table, look down at your plate, got everything you want to
eat, but you shake your head, you get up.
You say, “Lawd I can’t eat and I can’t sleep.”
What’s the matter ?
The blues got you. Wanna talk to you.
Here’s what you gotta tell ’em:
“Good morning blues, blues how do you do ?
Good morning blues, blues how do you do ?
I’m doin’ all right, good mornin’, how are you ?
I lay down last night, turnin’ from side to side,
Ohhhhhhhhhh, turnin’ from side to side,
I was not sick, but I was just dissatisfied.”
John Lee Hooker is another man who knows what it is to have the
blues, and how to tell it.
Proof that he can do so with individual style and dramatic force and
surging swing is amply displayed in this collection, which must be
regarded as one of the great blues albums of recent years.”


1 Walkin’ the boogie
2 Love blues
3 Union station blues
4 It’s my own fault
5 Leave my wife alone
6 Ramblin’ by myself
7 Sugar mama
8 Down at the landing
9 Louise
10 Ground hog blues
11 High priced woman
12 Women and money


Tim Hardin – This is Tim HardinAtco 1967


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