Groupe Folklorique Martiniquais
Directeur Loulou Boislaville
Celini Disques RCG 10032

From Martinique today this oldie with Groupe Folklorique
Martinais, under the lead of Loulou Boislaville. Celini Disques
brings a record on which some folklore like Biguine, Valse
and Mazurka. No year of release is known ..

Discogs, Groupe Folklorique Martiniquais
Discogs, Loulou Boislaville

01 – Grand mais grand
02 – Bête à fé
03 – Martinique trop belle
04 – La calanda
05 – Ti valse nou a
06 – Missié michel
07 – Trois valses
08 – Mazurka classique
09 – Serpent maigre
10 – Trois promenades


Pedro Laza y su Banda, Discos Fuentes 1979 plus Bonustracks

Pedro Laza, front

Today I thought I’d post us some Colombian music. ‘Navidad Negra’
which I addad as a bonustrack is a good example of music they
play in Colombia with Christmas. Pedro Laza is the man who wrote
lots of such songs. On ‘El güiro’ vocals by Daniel Santos, on ‘La
cosecha de mujeres’ vocals by José Maria Peñaranda.
On ‘Cumbia en el monte’ vocals by Pascual Rovira, on ‘Navidad Negra’
vocals by Tito Cortes. On ‘La calle 13’ and ‘La negra caliente’
vocals by Crescencio Gamacho.
As for me, I can play this type of music all year through, such
happy sound should be for always.


1 El tachuelo
2 La rabadilla
3 El San Anterano
4 La champeta
5 Playa blanca
6 Aurora
7 Mosaico
8 Puya Bayunquera
9 Tu recuerdo
10 Las mañanitas

– Bonustracks;

11 Navidad negra
12 La negra caliente
13 Cumbia en el monte
14 El güiro
15 La boquillera
16 La cosecha de mujeres
17 La calle 13