Willy Adé and his Aiyemitogo Band – Itan Olode
Good Samaritan Sound Studio 1977

In our Joryba-Juju section we find this quite rare album with
Willy Adé and his Aiyemitogo Band. No idea if he is related
to King Sunny. Music-wise it does not give the impression
he is. Once again, the web does not find him and the lp’s
sleeve also remains silent. Its back sleeve displays a quite
tasteless picture of Willy doing a silly guitar trick while
putting his foot on the back of the little man besides
him. One way or the other, the juju has something
primitive I like. Little disturbance
halfway side two ..

In onze Yoruba-Juju sectie vinden we deze tamelijk zeldzame
plaat met Willy Adé en zijn Aiyemitogo Band, Geen idee of
Willy familie is van King Sunny, muzikaal lijkt het er niet op.
Ook over dit album en zijn maker is op het web niets te
vinden. De achterkant toont ons een behoorlijk smakelo-
ze foto van Willy die een flauwe gitaar truc doet met
zijn voet op de kleine man naast hem. Hoe dan ook,
de juju heeft iets primitiefs wat ik wèl mooi
vind. Klein stukje met kras
halverwege kant twee ..

01 – Itan olode
—- Ile aiye itan
02 – Igbesi aiye mi
—- Ile aiye ogun


General Prince Adekunle – Ope Ni Fun Oluwa
Ibukun Orisun Iye 1976



Goodmorning, how about some Yoruba Juju today ?
We had two of his albums so far and it was about time
to follow up on those. Sweet juju music from 1976.
I’d say, get it and spread it as usual..

Goeiemorgen muziek vrienden, wat dachten we van
een stukje onvervalste Yoruba Juju vandaag ? Ja hè,
dat dacht ik al. General Prince Adekunle had reeds
twee plaatjes bij ons en het werd hoog tijd voor
de derde, luister en deel als gewoonlijk..

tracks ;

01 – Ope ni fun oluwa
– Were lo bami se
– House of naira
– Labalaba to fo labalaba wole alaba
– Ayinla oliyide
– Ewelewekuewele
02 – Towo tomo lemi nfe
– Alhaji s. ola kazim
– Ko sewu loro wa
– Ade dayo
– Ile labo sinmi oko
– Odidere ki gbe sajo


Segun Adewale and his Super Star International
I Love You
Kay-Nath Records 1987

Segun Adewale, front

We had one of his lp’s before and two with Shina Peters.
Fortunately this time no christian songs as far as I know.
I love the sound of juju but can’t stand any religious messages.
This album has some hiss at the beginning and side two is
completely out of centre but sounds fairly okay. 1987
Yoruba juju you don’t want to miss, I especially
love the rhythms, how about you..?


1 Oko tun tun
– Mo jere
– Ero
2 Late papa obafemi awolowo


I.K. Dairo M.B.E. and his Blue Spot Band
Unity in Nigeria
Happy Records 1978

I.K. Dairo is called ‘Father of Juju’. On this 1978 LP, he
brings us juju with a unique sound. With his accordeon he turned
yoruba juju into a complete new style. The instrument always
makes me feel at home straight away, it’s warm sound creates an
atmosphere so friendly, there’s no way around it.


1 Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim
– Oko fatimo meta
– Eyin elegan e panu mo
– Oluwa lo m’ehin ola
2 E ba mi wa olo mi
– Omoge ti o m’okunrin
– Olo yin mo fi bara idikoge
– Fun mi ni temi



Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and his Inter-Reformers Band -Immortality, Special Tribute to the Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo,Obey 1987

Another Tribute album in juju style today. Chief Commander Ebenezer
brings it to the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Ebenezer flirts with
western influences on this LP and calls it ‘Miliki Sound’.
Extremely nice talking drums, sweeet juju.


1 Tribute to the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo
2 Enia ti mo feran ju
– Wa sun laiya mi
– Abanije eku ofo
– Ara yin le nda loro
– Oke kan ga joke
– Jesu ni mo fehinti


Admiral Dele Abiodun & his Top Hitters Band -Elemu Nget On, Olumo 1978

Next to King Sunny Adé and Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, this
is one of the greatest juju artists. Very sweet 1978 album
by Admiral Dele Abiodun & his Top Hitters Band. Don’t miss it.


1 Je ka jo jojo adawa system
– Osupa o pe meji
– Baby mi ma foya
– Elemu nget on
– Emi ni aiye a ye
2 Edumare gbe rere ko wa
– Robert Opone
– Olu Ajisegbede
– Rora feso jaiye ori e


Segun Adewale – Ase, S.A.Records 1983

I received a request some time ago for more Sir Shina Adewale, this
is Segun Adewale without Sir Shina Peters. I am not so sure I understand
the lyrics, the music however answers exactly to my critical taste.
On special request, this
is Segun Adewale.


1 Nigeria
– Kenimani
– Emi igberaga
– Jesu loba iye
– Halleluya
2 Owo ni gbongbo ese
– Eleyo e yo
– Ase
– Omo oba lo ndade