Lee Perry Theme Week, day 2
Lee Perry presents Heart of the Ark, vol. 2
Seven Leaves Records 1983

Yesterday I realised, far too little Lee Perry here at the Global Groove.
I’m gonna make up for it straight away by doing a whole week of Lee
Perry, Upsetters and such. This Heart of the Ark, vol. 2 features Lord
Creator, Earl 16, Jolly Brothers, Henrick Nicholson, Righteous, Bro-
therhood andTwin Roots. Nine cool Perry productions on one LP.

Gisteren drong het ineens tot me door, veel te weinig Lee Perry hier
op de GG. Ik ga dat direct rechtzetten door een hele week te besteden
aan zijn werk. Deze Heart of the Ark, vol. 2 brengt Lord Creator, Earl 16,
Jolly Brothers, Henrick Nicholson, Righteous, Brotherhood en Twin Roots.
Negen lekkere Perry creaties op een album ..

tracks ;

01 – Lord Creator – Such is life
02 – Earl 16 – Freedom
03 – Jolly Brothers – Dread dreadder
04 – Henrick Nicholson – Brotherly love
05 – Righteous – Them don’t know love
06 – Brotherhood – African freedom
07 – Jolly Brothers – Cool down
08 – Twin Roots – Jah say love
09 – (vocal) – 4 and 20 dread locks


Lee Perry Theme Week, day 1
Lee Perry, The Mighty Upsetter
Kung Fu Meets the Dragon
Justice League JLCD 5000, 1996

various classic reggae albums
Super Ape from 1976
Return of the Super Ape from 1978

01 – Enter the dragon
02 – Theme from hong kong
03 – Heart of the dragon
04 – Hold them kung fu
05 – Flames of the dragon
06 – Scorching iron
07 – Black belt jones
08 – Skango
09 – Fungaa
10 – Black belt
11 – iron fist
12 – Kung fu man
13 – Exit the dragon
14 – Rockstone dub
15 – The dragon enters
16 – 23rd dub
17 – Rebels dub


Quicksilver – Hit me With Soca
Straker’s Records 1981

Granville Straker was born on St. Vincent and founder of the
New York based calypso and soca label Straker’s Records. He
produced albums by artists like Shadow, Chalkdust, Calypso
Rose, Lord Melody and such. Quicksilver is a soca artist from
Aruba who also recorded with Straker’s. Read more at Wiki ..

Granville Straker werd geboren op St. Vincent en was de stichter
van het in New York gevestigde calypso en soca label Straker’s
Records. Hij produceerde platen van artiesten als Shadow, Chalk-
dust, Calypso Rose, Lord Melody en dergelijke. Quicksilver is een
soca man uit Aruba die ook bij Straker’s opnam. Lees meer..

Straker’s Records
Granville Straker

tracks ;

01 – Rosy
02 – Woman soca …
03 – Hit me with soca
04 – St. peters woman
05 – Aruba gone old mas
06 – Wine like me

Bonus Tracks ;

07 – Squibby – The streaker
08 – Shadow – Bass man road march ’74
09 – Lord Melody – Grine um
10 – Chalkdust – Stickman’s lament


Ignacio Piñeiro and his Septeto Nacional
Tumbao Cuban Classics 1992

Glorias de Cuba from 1976
Classicos del Son from 1987
Carlos Embales con Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro from 1990
Discogs Discography

tracks ;

01 – Entre preciosos palmeras
02 – Son que quita las penas
03 – Mustios amores
04 – Me han quemao
05 – De pelota no
06 – Me arrepiento
07 – Lindo yambu
08 – Como voy a sufrir
09 – Que bonito es
10 – A cogerlo
11 – Descanso
12 – No me perturbes
13 – Bardo
14 – No sufran corazones
15 – Viva el bongo
16 – Marisa o rascame aqui
17 – Ay mama inez


Henri Debs, Guy Alcindor, Paul Blamar
Ban Moin Tibôôô !!
Les Immortelles Chansons Antillaises
Disques DebS HDD 515

“The incredible succes obtained in the Carribean by first 2 volumes
entitled ‘Immortal West Indian Songs’ appealed DebS Recordings
to undertake issue of a third volume.

Alike the previous ones, this 33 R.P.M., is a real tribute to fun; most
of its works take their main sources in the dusty files of old days.
Several songs will remind our grandmothers of their love affairs…

The best among the west indian production of artists, Paul Blamar,
who is performing a tremendous come-back. Henri Debs, Guy Alcin-
dor are highly supported by Emilien Antile, Alain Jean-Marie, they
are strolling across our islands looking for souvenirs left by our

Our artists take good fun in returning some of the inheritance they
received, through their works they sing happiness of life on those
islands , where magnificence is found each step and where
inhabitants make your conquest with their courtesy.

As a matter of fact, it is true that emotion, fun and enthusiasm give
to this ‘Musical Monument’ its real dimension.

We may without misleading, predict to this record, tender and
sensual album, exuberant and wheedling, a tremendous succes
everywhere it will be listened to, and we imagine joy and pride
it will cause in Guadeloupe and Martinique, those beloved lands
to which one thing was missing: this original sound evocation.”
(liner notes)

Henri Debs, discography
An Island Story: Biguine, Afro Latin & Musique Antillaise 1960-1972

tracks ;

01 – Ban moin on ti bo
02 – Eulalie
03 – Marie clemence
04 – Ah! mi roro
05 – Z’afe co ida
06 – Ninin
07 – Man balico
08 – Sa belle sa belle
09 – Venn’ mat’las la
10 – Mode la river en pays la


The Impressions – People Get Ready
Kent 1965

The first encounter I had with Curtis Mayfield was through his
splendid album ‘Superfly’. Before Curtis’ solo career he perfor-
med with the Impressions. They made a bunch of nice records
of which today their 1965 album ‘People Get Ready’. Delightful
vocal harmonies, atmospheric soul sound, I love it ..

De eerste keer dat ik Curtis Mayfield hoorde was via zijn geweldige
‘Superfly’ album. Voordat hij in 1970 solo ging was hij deel van de
Impressions. Zij maakten een stapel heerlijke platen waarvan van-
daag hun in 1965 uitgebrachte ‘People Get Ready’. prachtige
vokalen, atmosferische soul sound, ik ben er dol op ..

Curtis Mayfield – Superfly from 1972
Times have Changed from 1972
The Young Mods Forgotten Story from 1969
The Impressions, Wikipedia
Impressions, discography
Curtis Mayfield, Wikipedia
Curtis Mayfield, discography

tracks ;

01 – Woman’s got soul
02 – Emotions
03 – Sometimes I wonder
04 – We’re in love
05 – Just another dance
06 – Can’t work no longer
07 – People get ready
08 – I’ve found that I’ve lost
09 – Hard to believe
10 – See the real me
11 – Get up and move
12 – You must believe me


Martinho da Vila – Origens Pelo Telefone
RCA Victor 1973

Samba is nog altijd een van de meest fascinerende muzieksoorten
naar mijn mening. Vanmorgen werd ik wakker in de wetenschap
dat ik iets van Martinho da Vila moest posten, weet niet waar het
vandaan kwam maar nog voor de koffie had ik zijn platen uit de kast
getrokken. Martinho was van het begin af een van mijn favorieten.
Deze plaat is uit 1973, een jaar waarin veel moois gebeurde op mu-
zikaal gebied, ook Martinho da Vila was op zijn best in die tijd. Deze
elpee is op vandaag blijven wachten en bevat enkele van zijn pareltjes.
Luister naar nummers als ‘Não chora meu amor’, ‘Tudo, menos amor’
en ‘Pelo telefone’, samba snoepjes van de bovenste plank ..

One of the most fascinating kinds of music to my opinion is still samba.
This morning I woke up knowing I was going to post some of the work
of Martinho da Vila. No idea where it came from but already before my
first coffee I had pulled his records from the shelf. Martinho has been
one of my favourites from the very beginning. This album is from 1973,
a year in which so many great records were made. Also Martinho da Vila
was at his best in those days. This elpee has been waiting to get posted
today and contains some of his finest songs. Listen to numbers like ‘Não
chora meu amor’, ‘Tudo, menos amor’ and ‘Pelo telefone’, samba
pearls from the top shelf as we say in the Netherlands ..

Samba dos Bons from 1974
Nem Todo Crioulo é Doido from 1968
Rosa do Povo from 1976
Canta Canta, Minha Gente from 1974
Nova História da MPB from 1978
Meu Laiáraiá from 1970
Maravilha de Cenario from 1975
Batuque na Cozinha from 1972
Martinho da Vila from 1969
Discogs Discography

tracks ;

01 – Tributo a Monsueto,
—–Casa um da vila
—–Larga meu pé
—–Eu quero essa mulher
—–Mora na filosofia
—–A fonte secou
—–Lamento da lavadeira
02 – A hora e a vez do samba
03 – Não chora meu amor
04 – Antonio, joão e pedro
05 – Tudo, menos amor
06 – Requenguela
07 – Pelo telefone
08 – O caveira
09 – Beto navalha
10 – A feira
11 – Som africano
12 – Fim do reinado


Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz
Good Father, Rogers All Stars 1977/1981

“Ladies and gentlemen, Prince Nico Mbarga and Rocafil Jazz
present to you ‘Good Father'”, na het onnavolgbare succes van
zijn album ‘Sweet Mother’ uit 1976 bracht Prince Nico Mbarga
ode aan zijn complete familie. Platen als Family Movement,
Lucky marriage, Sweet Family en deze Good Father zijn duide-
lijk pogingen het succes van Sweet Mother te evenaren. Sweet
Mother verkocht wereldwijd meer dan 13.000.000 kopieën.
We hadden reeds zestien van zijn albums, het was hoog tijd
voor nummer zeventien. Down, deel en luister ..

“Ladies and gentlemen, Prince Nico Mbarga and Rocafil Jazz
present to you ‘Good Father'”, after the huge succes of his 1976
album ‘Sweet Mother’, Prince Nico Mbarga honoured his entire
family. Records like Family Movement, Lucky marriage, Sweet
Family and this Good Father are clearly made to try and equal
commercial succes of Sweet Mother. Sweet Mother sold over
13.000.000 copies worldwide. We had some sixteen of his
albums so far, high time for number seventeen,
get it, spread it and listen ..

It seems many albums are from 1981, some are and
some are re-issues in 1981 on Rogers All Stars.
Check Discogs fro the original years of release.

the Best of Prince Nico Mbarga and Rocafil Jazz from 1983
Music Message from 1981
Music Line from 1981
Sweet Family from 1987
Happy Birthday from 1978
prince Nico Mbarga and Rockafil Jazz from 1978
No Die, No Rest from 1980
Experience from 1979
Panco juju System from 1986
Family Movement from 1981
Lucky Marriage from 1981
Cool Money from 1981
Sweet Mother from 1976
Free Education from 1982
Decency from 1983
Rocafil Jazz from 1976
All Music Biography
Discogs discography
Yahoo images

tracks ;

01 – Good father
02 – Na my choice
03 – Tobe jehovah
04 – Late madam nneka okonkwo


Elias Morón y su Conjunto Vallenato – Playas Embrujadas
Tropical Monofonico LD 1618

Wonderful vallenato from an artist we have seen here on
one earlier occasion. It was on this collector posted four
years ago. Opening song on this album was also selected
by the compilers of the CD ‘The original Sound of Cumbia’,
Soundway Records 2011. Not much is to be found on Elias.
We are happy to bring this record today, a worthy contri-
bution to our vallenato collection. Listen and enjoy ..

Heerlijke vallenato plaat van een artiest die we hier slechts
één maal eerder zagen passeren. Het was op deze verzame-
laar welke we vier jaar geleden hadden. De openings track
van deze elpee werd ook door de samenstellers van de CD
‘The original Sound of Cumbia’, Soundway Records 2011,
geselecteerd. Online is weinig te vinden over Elias. We zijn
dan ook blij vandaag deze plaat te kunnen bijdragen aan
de collectie van vallenato liefhebbers. Luister ..

tracks ;

01 – Playas embrujadas
02 – La hamaca chiquita
03 – Sueño eterno
04 – Amor hechicero
05 – Tierra salamera
06 – Mi jardincito
07 – Las cucuteñas
08 – El puente del magdalena
09 – Triste ausencia
10 – Santana tierra querida
11 – Mimi vaquero
12 – El regreso


The White Eagles of Sabagreia – Yebi Embelemi
EMI NEMI [LP] 0132

Until now, we saw the White eagles International, the Indomitable
White Eagles and the White Eagles of Sabagreia. I found that the
players on the two last albums were totally different. From this
one we don’t know any names. It seems however there are at
least two different groups from Nigeria using the name White
Eagles. If anyone can shine a light on this, would be greatly
appreciated. For now, let’s just listen to another album
of the White Eagles of Sabagreia ..

Tot nu toe zagen we platen van the White eagles International,
the Indomitable White Eagles en the White Eagles of Sabagreia. De
laatste twee hiervan toonden compleet vershillende line-ups. Van
deze weten we geen spelers maar het lijkt er op dat er minstens
twee verschillende bands zijn die de naam White Eagles gebrui-
ken. Als iemand dit zou kunnen ophelderen, heel graag. Tot die
tijd kunnen we slechts luisteren naar nog zo’n plaat met de
White Eagles of Sabagreia ..

The White Eagles International from 19??
The Indomitable White Eagles International Band of River State – Ye Ikpete Kumo from 1986
The White Eagles Band of Sabagreia – Fiokpo Emi from 1985

tracks ;

01 – Yebi embelemi
02 – Sabagreia opuama
03 – Appah nuanikulemi
04 – Simeon oweilakeme
05 – Arimala special
06 – Okpotumieye
07 – Dinanga
08 – Ingoweridongha
09 – Aperi egberiam
10 – Aluku special


Les Ambassadeurs – Proverbs
Marc Records 1975

De dagen beginnen zienderogen te korten in deze tijd van
het jaar. De laatste echt warme dagen lijken voorbij en zelfs
de pepernoten liggen alweer in de winkels. Elk jaar weer even
schakelen als de zomer voorbij is. Wij zomeren echter gewoon
door zoals je gewend bent. Wat hebben we hier ? Les Ambas-
sadeurs d’Haïti, niet te verwarren met de Malinese band. Dit
is hun zesde volgens de discografie op Discogs, uit 1975.
Twee smartlappen krijg je d’r zo bij ..

The days are getting shorter and shorter this time of year. The
last really warm days seem behind us and even some typical
winter sweets are already present in our stores. Always adjus-
ting when summer passes. here at the Global Groove however
summer just continues like you’re used to. What do we have
here ? Les Ambassadeurs d’Haïti, don’t confuse them with
their Malinese counterpart. This is their sixth record according
to Discogs discography, from 1975. Two weepy’s
come along with it, no charge ..

tracks ;

01 – Reflexion
02 – Homenaje a los embassadores
03 – Proverbes
04 – Problem pa nou
05 – l’Amou
06 – Pourquoi
07 – Mauve zanmi


Edgar Peñaloza y su Conjunto, El Artista de Moda
Estrellas Vallenatas vol. 3
Industria Nacional del Sonido Ltda. 1978

Zo door de jaren zijn er al heel wat Colombiaanse accordeonisten
de revue gepasseerd. Edgar Peñaloza is hier vandaag voor het eerst.
Op dit album uit 1978 komt hij goed voor de dag. Edgar is een man
met krachtige stem, zijn vallenatos hebben stevige ritmes en voor
de verandering staat er eens geen meid in bikini op de hoes maar
een fatsoenlijke foto van de artiest zelf. Op het INS, Industria Na-
cional del Sonido Ltda., label welke we nog niet zoveel zagen.
Kortom, een plaat om mee te pakken, down, deel en luister ..

Over the past years we have seen quite some Colombian Acor-
deonists pass by here at the GG. Edgar Peñaloza appears first
time today. On this 1978 album he makes a solid entry. Edgar
is a man with strong vocal abilities, his vallenatos come with
firm rhythm. The sleeve of the record displays a picture of the
artist and no pretty girl in bikini for a change. On the INS, In-
dustria Nacional del Sonido Ltda., label which we didn’t see
a lot here so far. An elpee to check out I’d say,
get it, spread it and give it a few spins ..

tracks ;

01 – La bejuquilla
02 – La mucurita
03 – La vida es una ruleta
04 – Amores escondidos
05 – Cruel ansiedad
06 – Amores
07 – No llores corazon
08 – Estas equivocada
09 – El caserio
10 – Pedazos de amor
11 – Triste ausencia
12 – Andando la vi


Wailing Souls – Fire House Rock
Greensleeves 1981

click on it

Ik kan het zelf haast niet geloven, het is al 38 jaar geleden dat deze
plaat uitkwam. Het voelt zoveel dichterbij. Tja, dat is hoe tijd werkt.
Het dendert als een trein voorbij. Hoe dan ook, Dit is zo’n album dat
als tijdloos kan worden beschouwd, het is nog net zo goed als toen.
Kijk eens wat een team van top artiesten er aan mee heeft gewerkt.
Alweer zo’n elpee die niet gemist mag worden ..

I can hardly believe it myself, it is already 38 years ago this album was
released. It feels so much closer. Yep, well, that is how time works. It
races by like a train. One way or the other, this is such a record that
can be considered as timeless, it is still just as good as it was then.
Take a look at the team of topnotch artists that cooperated.
Another album which can not be missed ..

The Wailing Souls from 1975
Discogs discography

tracks ;

01 – Fire house rock
02 – Run dem down
03 – Oh what a feeling
04 – Kingdom rise kingdom fall
05 – Act of affection
06 – Busnah
07 – A fool will fall
08 – Bandits taking over
09 – Who lives it
10 – See baba joe