Zimbabwe Frontline – Various Artists
Earthworks, Virgin Records 1988

All Zimbabwean Music

01 – Thomas Mapfumo – Pidigori
02 – Four Brothers – Rudo imoto
03 – Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena – Ndatambura newe
04 – Zexie Manatsa and the Green Arrows – Muti usina zita
05 – Oliver Mutukudzi – Ndanga ndabaiwa
06 – Patrick Mkwamba and the Four Brothers – Emeriya usanyengedzwe
07 – Susan Mapfumo and the Black Salutarys – Dzvoko
08 – Robson Banda and the New Black Eagles – Nyimbo yakwasu
09 – Jonah Moyo and Devera Ngwena – Taxi driver
10 – Lovemore Majaivana – Kuleliyanizwe
11 – The Real Sounds – Non-aligned movement
12 – Master Chivero – Vapanduki


Lee Perry presents
The Jolly Brothers
Con(s)cious Man
Roots Records / Seven Leaves Music 1992

If I hear the song ‘Conscious Man’ I go back in time. It must have
been around 1980 I first heard the song, it brings back memories.
Now I’m a little confused about something. I have always experienced
it as a Lee Perry production. On the 1979 album ‘Consciousness
the producer of the song is claimed to be Tony J. On this record
that was only released in 1992, it is credited to Lee Perry. Now
who really was the producer? On this page I read Lee Perry did
the job in 1977. If anyone can clear up the matter, please do.
Meantime listen to these sublime Perry recordings
with the Black Ark Players ..


01 – Conscious man
02 – Brotherly love
03 – Have a little faith
04 – Back biter
05 – Cool down
06 – Babylon a fight rasta
07 – Dread dreader
08 – Play play
09 – Oppression


the Upsetters – Rhythm Shower (1972)
Trojan Upsetter Box Set lp2
Trojan 1985

Much is said about the quality of this rare record.
This is a copy of the 1985 release on Trojan, The
Upsetter Box Set, Album 2. Whatever you think
of it, it is a record the true Lee Perry collector
would never want to miss. Read all the comments
on Discogs, listen to it and make up your own mind ..

From the other two albums in the box we have
different copies. I’ll do the vinyl another time ..

Er is veel gezegd over de kwaliteit van deze plaat.
Dit is een kopie van de 1985 release op de Trojan
Upsetter Box Set, album 2. Wat je er ook van vindt,
het is een plaat die de serieuze Lee Perry verzamelaar
nooit zou willen missen. Lees alle comments op Discogs,
luister ernaar en vorm je eigen mening ..

Van de twee andere platen in de box hebben we
cd uitvoeringen, ik zal de vinyl later nog eens rippen ..

Discogs, Rhythm Shower
Discogs, Upsetter Box Set

01 – Dillinger & the Upsetters – Tighten up
02 – Sir Lord Comic & the Upsetters – Django shoots first
03 – the Upsetters – Uncle charley
04 – the Upsetters – Sokup
05 – the Upsetters – Double power
06 – the Upsetters – Lover version
07 – the Upsetters – Rumpelsteelkin
08 – Dillinger & the Upsetters – Skanking
09 – the Upsetters – Kuchy skank
10 – Dillinger & the Upsetters – Connection
11 – the Upsetters – Operation


Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
Judgement in a Babylon
Trojan Records 1981 / 2004

Today, dear music friends, we pay tribute to Rainford Hugh
Perry, better known as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. He died in Noel
Holmes Hospital in Western Jamaica age 85 yesterday.
Lee Perry was a legend and a pioneer in reggae music.
He worked with Bob Marley, Junior Murvin, Max Romeo,
Junior Byles, The Congos, The Heptones, Jah Lion, just to
name a view. I saw him quite a number of times and was
a huge fan of his groundbreaking work. Let’s all play
his music for at least a week. There are so many
wonderful records to enjoy. Condolences to
his family and friends. RIP dear Scratch ..

Chicken Scratch Again
with Dub Syndicate, Time Boom X De Devil Dead 1987
Africa’s Blood
Super Ape 1976
Return of the Super Ape 1978
Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread 1978
Blackboard Jungle Dub 1981
The Upsetters Chapter 1
Heart of the Ark vol. 2 1983
Kung Fu Meets the Dragon 1996
Upsetters, Double Seven 1976
All posts concerning Lee Perry

01 – Judgement in a babylon
02 – One drop

Bonus tracks;

03 – Lee Perry – Pussy galore
04 – Upsetters – Rejoicing skank
05 – Lee Perry – Bathroom skank
06 – Upsetters – Bingo kid
07 – Lee Perry – Django
08 – Upsetters – Dub it
09 – Lee Perry – Madhead
10 – Upsetters – Bus a dub


Efrain Gonzalez y sus Muchachos
canta Jorge Araque
Fabuloso LPF-2117

Efrain Gonzalez y sus Muchachos play a mix of styles on
this album from 197?. There’s vallenato, there’s tropical
de Colombia and some tracks lean towards the parranda
style combining strings and accordeon. I like it a lot. For
all you latin folk lovers, don’t skip this rare record ..

Efrain Gonzalez y sus Muchachos spelen een mengeling
van stijlen op dit album uit 197?. We vinden vallenato en
tropical en sommige nummers neigen wat naar de parrranda
stijl, snaren en accordeon combinerend. Ik ben er gek op.
Voor alle liefhebbers van latin volksmuziek, pak ‘m mee ..


Efrain Gonzalez y su Tres
Parranda Costeña
Los Corraleros de Bogotá 1971

01 – Palomita blanca
02 – Mi novia
03 – Rosa blanca
04 – El malibu
05 – La cama de tijera
06 – El inventario
07 – Maria espejo
08 – Los tres burritos
09 – El tigre mono
10 – Melodia india


Alhaji (Chief) Sikiru Ayinde Barrister
and his Progressive Fuji Commanders
Aiye !, Sik-Oluyole Records Ltd. 1980

For all the fuji lovers in this world, today we find another
album with one of the masters in the field. Enjoy listening
to Alhaji (Chief) Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and his
Progressive Fuji Commanders ..

Fuji Garbage Series III 1989
Fuji Garbage Series II 1988
Ore Lope 1981
Nigeria 1983
Eku odun 1982
Iwa 1982
Military 1984
Ijo Olomo 1983
Fuji Garbage 1988

01 – Destney world
02 – Late alhaji Ayinla omowura
—- Apala fuji system
—- Alhaji azeez amoo


Ashanti Brothers Band of Ghana
led by Osei K. Vasco
Rogers All Stars 1983

Het is alweer elf jaar geleden dat we een plaat van ze
haden. De Ashanti Brothers komen uit Ghana, dit album
is echter opgenomen in Nigeria op het ‘Rogers All Stars’
label in 1983. (label zegt 1982)Net als hun ‘Kill me and Fly’,
die we dus eerder hadden is dit een pracht highlife elpee.
Mis hem niet en luister met plezier ..

It has been some eleven years ago since we had one of
their records. The Ashanti Brothers are from Ghana, this
here album however was recorded in Nigeria on the ‘Rogers
All Stars’ label in 1983.(label says 1982) Just like their
‘Kill me and Fly’, this is a fine highlife album.
Get it and spread it ..

Kill me and Fly 1978

01 – Enoma nkoweri
02 – My good friend
03 – Abusua ne wo bra
04 – Menko medo


Ensemble Empat Serangkai – Burung Tantina
CNR 1966

Today a very short post. I digitised this 7″ single for an
acquaintance. One of the ladies is his mother. It is the
second single with Ensemble Empat Serangkai. We had
the other one in april 2016. One of the sons of another
member reacted very happily then. Hope you like this
little gem. Enjoy listening everybody ..

Een korte post vandaag. Ik heb deze single voor een kennis
gedigitaliseerd. Een van de dames in de groep is zijn moeder.
Het is de tweede single met dit ensemble. De andere heb ik
gepost in april 2016. De zoon van een van de andere dames
reageerde toen verheugd. Luister met plezier ..

Tjerlélé 1966

01 – Burung tantina
02 – Waktu hudjan sore-sore


Musa Olwete Migori Super Stars – Super Terera
Kenya Music KBS 002

The sleeve of this obscure 12″ record does not give us a
name. Who are the ones that play on this little gem ? I used
Shazam on my phone to find out the band is probably ‘Musa
Olwete Migori Super Stars’. Since this is the only thing we have,
I assume this is the right information. if you think differently,
please be so kind to tell us. Shazam gives side one the title;
‘Marggaret Akinyi Jaber’, however the sleeve does give
three songtitles. What to do ? I just took the titles from
the sleeve and the bandname from Shazam. You tell me ..

btw, this slice of benga is dedicated to Ngoni Chivizhe and
his old army buddies, enjoy it and dance the mujiba for me ..

Migori Jazz Band, 73

01 – Super terera
02 – Aweyo
03 – Miss marry


Les Grands Succés Africains
Special Mounk’a Pamelo, vol. 9
Pathé Marconi EMI 1977

Until now it remained on the shelf, but because I posted
vol. 1 yesterday, I’m bringing this vol. 9 today. Let’s say it
is for your sunday prayers. Personnally I’m no fan of re-
ligious songs. However, I am a fan of the works of Pamelo
Mounk’a. Part from the two religious songs there are six
others that make up for the two, to my humble opinion.
Btw, did anyone like Orchestre Mando Negro Kwala Kwa ?

Tot vandaag bleef deze plaat stijf op de plank staan, maar
omdat ik gisteren vol. 1 heb gepost breng ik vandaag deze
vol. 9. Laten we zeggen dat hij voor je zondag gebed is.
Persoonlijk ben ik geen voorstander van religieuze songs.
Ik ben daarentegen wel liefhebber van de muziek van Pamelo
Mounk’a. Los van de twee religieuze nummers staan
er nog zes andere op die dit weer dubbel en dwars
goed maken, naar mijn bescheiden mening ..

Discogs, Orchestre le Peuple, Trio CePaKos
Discogs, les Bantous de la Capitale

Josia Jee, avec les Bantous de la Capitale 1986
Showman, La Métamorphose de Pamelo Mounk’a et les Redoutables 1985
Selimandja 1980
Pamelo et les Bantous, Resurrection de Masuwa 1982
with Rochereau & Mbilia Bel, 20 Ans de Carrière 1983
Propulsion 1983
Self Titled 1981
Samantha 1982
Bantous Jazz 1985
Les Bantous de la Capitale 1976
Trio Ce.Pa.Kos, Orchestre le Peuple 1977
Les Bantous 1970
Orchestre le Peuple, Trio Ce.Pa.Kos 1977
le Peuple, Trio Ce.Pa.Kos 1975
All albums with Les Bantous de la Capitale

01 – Alleluia mounk’a
02 – Amen maria
03 – Louise
04 – Mes larmes
05 – Me ji
06 – Mabeyey
07 – Mr. kanza
08 – Conscience


Orchestre Mando Negro Kwala Kwa
Les Grands Succès Africains vol. 1
Pathé Marconi EMI 1974

We had them on several occasions, Orchestre Mando Negro
Kwala Kwa. In the ‘Grands Succès Africains’ series we also had
several albums. I placed the links below as usual. On the great
Pathé Marconi label and from 1974 ..

Orchestre Mando Negro, Discogs
Les Grands Succès Africains, Discogs

Seven 7″ from Congo vol. 3
Seven 7″ from Congo vol. 5
Hit Parade Africain vol. 3 1973
Stars of Zaïre Verse Two 1977
l’Afrique Danse 1973
Holiday in Afrika

Les Bantous, Les Grands Succès Africains vol. 3 1975
Passy Mermans, Les Grands Succès Africains vol. 6 1976
African Kings au Gabon, Les Grands Succès Africains vol. 8 1977

01 – Voiture ya occasion
02 – Matumoli
03 – Melanie
04 – Anantso
05 – Massamba m.j.
06 – Akam-amifirme
07 – Milangi
08 – Regine


Varieté Africaine vol. 5 – Various Artists
Editions Namaco 1977

To compensate the lesser quality of previous post, I’m
giving you another, little better quality, East African record.
This is a Kenyan collector on Editions Namaco with three
great benga bands. Daniel Owino Misiani is present with
his Shiratu Luo Voice Band. We also find Orchestra Sega
and Orchestra Gem Lucky Band. Sweet benga from 1977 ..
(Shiratu must be Shirati ofcourse)

Om de slechte geluidskwaliteit van de vorige plaat wat goed
te maken krijg je vandaag een tweede post van me. Ook deze
is van oost Afrikaanse origine. Een Kenyaanse verzamelaar
met drie top benga bands. We vinden Daniel Owino Misiani
met zijn Shiratu Luo Voice Band. Ook van de partij zijn
Orchestra Sega en Orchestra Gem Lucky Band, lekker ..
(Shiratu moet natuurlijk Shirati zijn)

Daniel Owino Misiani, Wikipedia
D.O. Misiani, Discogs
Gem Lucky Band, Discogs
D.O. Misiani, Piny Ose mer, The World Upside Down 1989
Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band, Benga Blast ! 1989
D.O. Misiani and Shirati Jazz, My Life and Loves 1988
D.O. 7 Shirati Jazz, the East African Hit Parade 1975
Orchestre D.O. 7 Jazz, Elizabeth 1976
Daniel Owino and the DO-7 Shirati Jazz Band, Sheroline 1977
D.O. 7 Shirati Luo Voice, Kenyafrica! vol. 4 1976
D.O. 7 Shirati Jazz, Rose Atieno 1988
Shirati Luo Voice Jazz, Ikwokirikwo Hits of East Africa 1972
Orchestre Sega Sega, Kenya Partout!, vol. 6
V.A., Kenya Hit Parade
Seven 7″s from Kenya
Kenya Partout! vol. 3 1976
Orchestre Varieté Africaine from East Africa 1978
Varieté Africaine vol. 6 1977

01 – The Shiratu L.V. Band – Shiratu 75
02 – Orchestra Sega – Patrick wagumba
03 – Orchestre Gem Lucky Band – Kobul jamaliera
04 – Orchestre Sega – Auma nyaboro
05 – The Shiratu L.V. Band – Moni wa dismas
06 – Orchestre Gem Lucky Band – Peter Nyanjom


Super Hits from East Africa – Various Artists
Polydor POLP 062

Four tracks from East African groups on this vague record.
Two by the great Mbaraka Mwinshehe, one with Michelino
Mavatiku Visi and one with Milimani Park Orchestra. Not any
information on the sleeve, a little background hiss. To go short,
the sound quality could have been way better, plenty to wish
for but still worth a few spins I’d say ..

Op deze wat vage oost Afrikaanse plaat vinden we vier nummers.
Twee met de geweldige Mbaraka Mwinshehe, een met Michelino
Mavatiku Visi en een met Milimani Park Orchestra. Geen informatie
op de hoes, wat achtergrond ruis. Kortom, de geluidskwaliteit kan
heel wat beter, de plaat laat genoeg te wensen over, maar toch is
hij het waard enkele keren te beluisteren ..

Mbaraka Mwinshehe records

01 – Michelino Mavatiku Visi – Kelani
02 – Mbaraka Mwinshehe – Koleta
03 – Mbaraka Mwinshehe – Tamaa ya kuku
04 – Milimani Park orchestra – Sauda unatia aibu


Don Evans – Don Evans
Techniques 19??

I recorded the first track for my reggae compilation series
Reggae Monster Originals. It was on vol. 4. Tyrone ‘Don’
Evans was one of the Techniques, during their revival in
1982, find ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love’ (1983) here. This album
from ? is on the ‘Techniques’ label. Tracks three and four
open with a strange hiss, sorry for that ..

De eerste track heb ik al eens gebruikt voor m’n compilatie
serie Reggae Monster Originals. Dat was voor vol. 4. Tyrone
‘Don’ Evans was een van de Techniques na hun heropkomst
in 1982. Vind hun ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love’ hier. Deze plaat komt
uit het jaar ? en staat op het Techniques label. De nummers
drie en vier openen met een vreemd sissend geluid,
sorry daarvoor ..


01 – Telling me
02 – Push on
03 – Move on
04 – Come rain or shine
05 – Will you
06 – Seven heavens
07 – Fight for your right
08 – To be a lover
09 – Where did I go wrong
10 – Lately I found out