Kwamy Nico Rochereau
Les Merveilles du Passé 1965
african 360.145, 1984

Kwamy Nico Rochereau, front

Goodmorning this sundaymorning groovers, do you
know that phenomena ? Some lp’s can hit you instantly
when hearing it for the very first time, you are blown away
and think, this is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Often these
are the ones that get boring after a while. The lp we have here
today is one of the other kind, you like it instantly but it gets
better every time you hear it. These are the ones that remain
for ever and never ever bore. How lucky are we to enjoy
this wonderful disc for the rest of our lives ?
..better don’t miss..


1 Kwamy – African club
2 Kwamy – Belinda
3 Kwamy – Kele ya nini saka
4 Kwamy – Faux millionaire
5 Nico – African Fiesta congo
6 Rochereau – Porti caliente
7 Nico – Pablo gonzalez
8 Rochereau – Tuson


12 thoughts on “Kwamy Nico Rochereau
Les Merveilles du Passé 1965
african 360.145, 1984

  1. Hi thank you very much for your great work. We really need blog like these that keep us touch with the music of our fathers. Beautiful lyrics, nothing compared with what is currently done.

    I am also looking for more songs from the “Orchestre Continental”, my father told me about them so now i’d like hear their music.

  2. Hmmm. The download link is dead. is dead, too.

    I hope they’re not coming after you, Moos! You’ve given us so much wonderful stuff that we would never have heard otherwise.

  3. link isnt dead but enormously SLOW… sorry to see this terrible thing happening to yr blog….

    Moos = KING

    thnx fur everything [1200+]

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