Repeating Problem

Some people keep walking against this from time to time.
If the numbers you fill in to download keep coming back,
do not despair. If you try again on a later moment, it
will probably work as meant. We can’t seem to find out
why this occurs, it just does. Hang on, stay tuned and
eventually your patience will be rewarded ..


10 thoughts on “Repeating Problem

  1. My solution: Come back and retrieve your download during overnight or other slow hours. It’s worked well for me.

  2. Maybe to help out with determing a “pattern”… Sometimes it works at the first try…. If not, it almost always works on the 2nd try.

  3. I tend to open downloads in a new tab by Command-clicking links. On this site, I only click one link at a time, and then fill out the captcha, and then download. If I click more than one link (open more than one tab at a time containing live captchas) and then start filling out captchas, I will have to fill out each captcha twice, because it will reject the first captcha I enter on each page/tab. Maybe that will help some readers? – Love the blog, extremely thankful for the all music. Cheers Moos!

  4. Does your hoster have multiple instances of your server running when under load? It could be a load balancer configuration issue. If so you might need to enable persistent sessions so the codes get sent to the same server for each user.

  5. Moos,

    Your site is a source of the world. For so many years I’ve been downloading here and recommending the sounds you made available. Some of them changed my life, like nigerian highlife. There’s not enough “thank you”s for what you’ve been doing for so long.

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